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  1. I didn't get that update either; in fact, I got a phone call from the local office a few days before the interview telling me to bring my spouse. Also worth mentioning that my I-751 file wasn't physically at the local office, he was scrolling through it on the computer, so I assume it was all scanned in.
  2. Bring your spouse, chances are it will be a combo interview. Mine was. They weren't able to approve my N400 on the spot, apparently they have to approve the I-751 first (but it was actually only approved two days before the oath ceremony).
  3. Finally ended my journey. Took my oath on 01/20 and applied for my first passport today. Still feels so surreal. Congrats to all those who have also finished the journey and good luck to those still waiting!
  4. Received my oath ceremony date. I now officially have an end in sight and can start counting down the days.
  5. Received a status update today...:Oath Ceremony Notices has been Mailed'. Looks like its going to be after the new year. Would have preferred it sooner, but at least now I have a date!
  6. What's the average timeframe between when the status changes from 'Oath Ceremony will be Scheduled' to 'Oath Ceremony Notice has been Mailed'? My status changed on 12/10, I'm so close but now I'm just antsy to get it all done and over with. Anyone with previous experience on the timeline for the Tampa field office would be helpful too.
  7. In that case on the 'bright side' your status will be legal while the application is pending. Wait until your inquiry date, and/or reach out to your state representative and ask them to intervene on your behalf?
  8. I've filed all of my applications with a lawyer but still did my own homework via this forum. One thing I've heard multiple times now (including from my lawyer) is that USCIS is basically not adjudicating I-751s anymore...they just wait for you to apply for N-400. The I-751 is at the very bottom of the list of priorities for them. Whether that's true or not, no one will know, but I find it interesting that I've heard it multiple times now, including from someone who deals with USCIS on a daily basis.
  9. I had my N-400 interview last week Thursday. It was a combo I-751/N-400 Interview. Both petitions were approved. However I only see the status of N400 has changed online to 'Oath Ceremony will be Scheduled'.
  10. Another step closer. Status changed to 'Recommended for approval...' to 'Oath Ceremony will be Scheduled' over the weekend (surprised to see USCIS working on weekends). Hoping the oath ceremony will be soon. The IO said they sometimes call people instead of mailing out a notice if the oath ceremony date is too close for the mail to arrive in time. Fingers crossed. However no movement on the status for the I-751; but I'm not too worried about that. The N400 is more important and we had the combo interview.
  11. Had my interview today. It was one of the first ones of the day, so we didn't end up waiting too long. The IO was really nice and personable. He conducted the I-751 interview first with my spouse. Asked us a few questions about how we met etc. Then asked me a few questions about her family. He approved it and we gave a few updated bank statements etc. as updated support. He then moved on to the N-400 interview, my spouse was able to stay in the office. He asked me 6 civic questions (got them all right) and then I had to write out one sentence. He asked a few questions from the Yes/No list and then had me confirm the spelling of my name etc. He said I've been approved, but he has to approve the I-751 in the system first before he can approve the N-400 so I will see the status change online and will be mailed a letter for my oath ceremony. Can't believe this journey is (almost) over.
  12. Received a call from USCIS yesterday saying that my spouse has to come with me to the N400 interview. I assume this means it will be a combo interview since the I-751 is pending...I haven't seen any changes in its status though. Anyone else have had this, or heard about this happening?
  13. As an update; received a call from USCIS requesting that my spouse come for the interview as well. I assume this means it will be a combo interview.
  14. Thank you. That is what I was going to do. Not sure if they will let her into the office with me, but worst case she will be waiting in the car in the parking lot.
  15. I have my N400 interview later this week, but I also have my I-751 pending still. A lot of people have commented about having a combo interview, but my notice doesn't say anything about it being a combo interview, nor has the status changed online. It still says 'I-751 Case has been received'. Has anyone else had experience with a non-combo N400 interview?
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