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  1. i did not got rfe for it, i kept on pushing through congress thats how i knew. i made infopass appointment as mentioned earlier my officer was kind enough to take my old medical and approved it. It happens very rarely.
  2. Today i just became permanent resident thank you family for all you have done !!! if your in nyc my suggestion is going to infopass and inquire about your i485. I went there yesterday my officer was kind enough to take my medical and she told me she was gonna approve me if i am not missing anything. I have been crying since i did not hear any update. My head was being so heavy ALLHAMDULILAH IN GODS NAME i just got approved. I wish succcess for all of you
  3. i thought is the FO who decide if rfe needs to send or not? so it is nbc?
  4. isnt it 15 months? also, do you know from deficiency notice how long it might take for us to know if we are getting interview or rfe
  5. no i have not @Demise could you comment on why a lot of people gotten the update?
  6. i also put 2 inquiry please keep me posted i have not heard back either
  7. can anyone tell whats going with fingerprint applied to all the cases? is it glitch
  8. congrats can you tel me please when you got deficiency notice before you got rfe for medical? i got deficiency notice now waiting for them to send me rfe i am from nyc
  9. Family i got my deficiency notice for i485 which was issued in august 23rd how long is the wait to get an RFE for medical? Please let me know ! i am tired of this journey
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