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  1. If you haven't paid your fees as of yet and filled out AOS & DS-260 you won't be able to upload anything
  2. Any news on your case yet ?
  3. You can call them but to expedite you need a good reason. Mines was based on my youngest who had two surgeries recently. The didn't want to expedite the other two cause I didn't submit evidence for them but after I spoke with nvc an embassy they said to request expedite due to financial burden of travelling twice for separate interviews, which they approved
  4. Girllllll, I'm ecstatic... Just got email for medical for the kids. April 26 two weeks after is interview May 10
  5. I'm aware a few countries aren't able to upload documents. They will receive it just make sure you are able to track the package. Call them to verify if they want mail or to upload online just to be sure
  6. We are all here to help each other. They don't allow mailed packages anymore since they went paperless.
  7. You won't see that section until "start now" highlights in red. When you click on those you will see where you will upload documents once you have completed the forms.
  8. One of my kids was expedite last Monday it showed read on the 27th an the updated yesterday got email today My other two were expedited this Monday said ready the Tuesday and then update yesterday email today. Time varies especially the embassy it is sent to
  9. Yeah their cases were expedited
  10. Documents go to the interview