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  1. You are right, i just checked Expedia too - while it requires to enter the country your passport belongs to, it doesn’t require to enter the passport number:
  2. May I ask which passport information your wife uses when she buys tickets to exit the US? While showing both makes the most sense, which passport info are tickets usually booked with? I am having a dilemma about future travels now that I have both citizenships - Russia and US
  3. I didn’t even notice the notation until i read your comment. I see it now, what a relief! Congrats to you as well! 🤗
  4. The status changed to ‘Naturalization certificate was issued’ today! Yay! Now i can move on 😂
  5. So looks like everyone’s status is still ‘Ceremony notice was mailed’ since nobody mentioned anything oh well, that’s good enough!
  6. That’s the most terrifying one haha! I think a status update is what calms my nerves down, knowing that they have updated everything on their end for sure. Logically it doesn’t make sense, but emotionally can’t help but always worry with USCIS! 😄
  7. I know this is a very weird/silly question, but while dealing with USCIS over the years, I got used to checking and ‘depending’ on the online case status. I have a case tracker app and refreshing the page became a habit to me. Today I finally took the oath and became a US citizen. I am very happy that this journey is over and my naturalization certificate is in my hands! But I was wondering, what happens with our online status once the ceremony is over? Are we supposed to receive a ‘final’ case status update, telling us the certificate was issued or does it just stay at ‘ceremony notice was mailed’? Just curious.
  8. It was pretty easy, i had I-751 pending as well so the officer conducted a combo interview. I brought a hefty folder with me and wasn’t asked for any of the documents except my new marriage certificate (i got remarried). I was out of her office in about 30 minutes
  9. Just wanted to give my update, it might be helpful to someone. I filed I-751 in September 2019 I then filed N-400 in July 2022 Just had my combo interview on 17th of January. Both applications approved, the ceremony is next week. I-751 was originally sent to Potomac, then it got transferred to NBC and later Jacksonville, FL where the interview was held. Overall, almost 2,5 years of waiting for I-751 and 7 months for N-400!
  10. Thank you! Yeah, it was very brief, the officer didn’t ask to look at any evidence or anything, i am just waiting for the status to change online, it will give me more peace of mind!
  11. Thank you! It was at 12:45pm, and it was a very busy office, so i would probably agree that they may not be able to do everything the same day, but you never know!
  12. And it’s done! The interview was today and i got approved. I am from July thread, however i see people from Jacksonville in this one so i wanted to update those who are still waiting. It was not a same-day oath ceremony, they scheduled mine for Jan 25th. My I-751 was also processed (approved) today, however, when i check the status of both applications, only N-400 shows updates (the most recent one - oath ceremony notice was mailed). I hope that’s normal?
  13. Interview done! The oath ceremony is scheduled for January 25th!! Whew, one more week and my journey will be over! My I-751 was approved as well, however, when i check my status, only N-400 shows updates (last one - Oath ceremony notice was mailed). Is that normal? Also, DaveandAnastasia, happy birthday!
  14. Good evening, Long story short - my ex stole my identity after our divorce and filed taxes using my SSN as if we were still married. I fixed it and IRS allowed me to file a completely new return without amending it. It came with due tax (i’m self-employed), so I requested to have a payment plan to pay it off. The process lasted for over a year and my payment plan never ended up processing. Whether it is due to covid backlog or other issues, i am yet to get my installments to kick off. So, instead of waiting, i’ve been paying it off myself and i have finally finished all my payments today. The problem is that i made my last 2 payments after Dec 23, and in case you don’t know - IRS website has been under maintenance which doesn’t let us get our accurate balance. Same goes for payments - they show up pending, not posted and will be until the week of Jan 23rd. Well, my interview is tomorrow. I am planning to bring printed out screenshots of payments, letters from IRS agreeing to the installment plan, account transcript of the tax year.. what else? Will this be a problem that the final payments show up ‘pending’? It’s hard to prove that the balance is paid off when it doesn’t reflect on their website. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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