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  1. Had my Oath today!! I am so happy and thankful for all the help this forum has provided during these years. On the day of my interview 11/3/2022 I was offered a same day Oath but I was traveling abroad on 11/19 so the recommendation was to travel first. A few days later I received my oath letter for… 11/19…. Yes, same day my trip was starting. So I wrote a letter excusing myself due to international travel. Finally my oath was rescheduled for today 2/11/2023. ATL field office. Everything was very smooth! I wish you all the best in this journey!!
  2. Hello July Filers! I had my interview today (ATL Field Office). Everything went smooth. Officer went through my file and reviewed questions with me. I wish I could remember exactly the test questions but I was nervous and now I only remember I was asked name of first President, current President and Vice President. There was a same day Oath ceremony but I mentioned when we reviewed my time outside of the country that I have an upcoming travel very very soon. When approved they told me I will receive a letter in the mail with my Oath invitation. I will update everything in my timeline! Thank you to this forum for the valuable help and information. My journey is almost over!
  3. Hi! I just checked your timeline. Congratulations on your approval. I’m on a similar situation. Could you please let me know what you did? Did you ask to reschedule oath or mention that at the interview? Thanks!!
  4. Hi! Can anyone confirm if Atlanta does same day oaths? How can I request that? Ty
  5. Hello! I got my naturalization interview letter for the first week of November. Way faster than expected. I have a few questions because I need to be prepared. Already have an international trip on Thanksgiving for family reasons to my home country. Let’s suppose my interview is successful. 1- How can I find out if ATL office has same day oath? How to request it? 2- In case my oath is scheduled after my trip… do I still travel with my GC right? Trying not to stress with the timeline but hey I’m a worrier by nature. Thank you!
  6. Hello! My interview was scheduled for first week of November. How do I find out if my field office (ATL) offers same day oath?
  7. Hello I just received notification of my Bio Appointment for the end of the month. Filed N-400: 7-6-2022 NOA: 7-6-2022 Received Bio Appointment Letter: 7-8-2022 Bio Appointment: End of July 2022 Local Field Office: Atlanta GA
  8. So, I filed my N-400 under the 3 year rule. Filed N-400: 7-6-2022 NOA: 7-6-2022 Local Field Office: Atlanta GA Let the waiting game begin!
  9. Hello! I am waiting to file my N400 this month. My USCIS account is currently not accessible as I don't have my authentication app anymore in my phone. I opened a help request but so far, no news. It seems I will have to create a new USCIS account to file. Hope it gets resolved soon as I am determined to file in July.
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