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  1. Hi!!! We traveled last year waiting our IR1/IR2. I entered the USA with ESTA (my European passport) and the kids entered with their argentinian passports and the B2 visas. I brought copies of our NOA2 just in case but we were only asked at the border how long were we staying and how much money we carried. I entered the US in july, left in August, had my interview in September and finally moved in late September. Be prepared to always explain the situation.
  2. Not really. It is true that a joint sponsor is always very helpful, but in my case, my husband was my only sponsor and we were still able to move together. It all depends what type of work your sponsor has. He was able to sponsor me as self employed and showing his previous tax returns, letters of what he does, etc.
  3. Hi Esteban! We lived in Argentina for a long time with my US citizen husband (who came to Argentina very young too). I filed for IR-1 because I have been married for more than 2 years. I definitely recommend getting married and file for CR-1 as everything will be smoother and you will be able to work immediately after arriving. It is not true that your wife should move before you! The process ahead is extremely stressful and long to be separated, I am thankful we could be together and wait in Argentina. We came all together at the same time (US husband, me, and our IR-2 visa kids). There are some steps your wife will have to follow to show intention of re-establishing her domicile here and also you will have to keep an eye on the tax documents needed and the income requirements for your sponsor. But if you are organised and follow the process you won’t have any problems. Feel free to PM me in spanish or english!
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