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  1. Hello! I received my naturalization certificate yesterday! I am now a dual Canadian/American citizen!!! I feel like I keep reading and hearing some conflicting information on passport etiquette. Since I am residing in the USA- do I leave and enter the states (when I am going to visit Canada) on my USA passport? Could I use my Canadian one? I feel like they would wonder why I am living in the USA and using my Canadian passport with no greencard? My other question is that I really want to be able to go home for Christmas. I’ve heard that if you have travel within 14 days you can get an emergency passport appointment and sometimes get a same day passport… But how do I book my flight when I don’t have an American passport yet? I’ve heard that you must leave with the same passport you enter with? I’ve heard I cannot leave the country until I have my new passport even though I have my Canadian one? When I am flying do I need to bring both passports?
  2. Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing great! My RFE response was received on May 11 2022. I have been patiently waiting. Today (sept 9), I talked to an agent and they said since it has been outside the 60 day timeframe, they will file a service request and I got the referral number. They told me to wait 30 days. There wasn’t any change on the status (should there be? Like “inquiry received?” Or is an inquiry different from service request?) Does anyone have experience with an agent-filed service request ? How long did it take? Good news? Any thoughts? (VSC: PD Aug 2021. US Citizen filing for Spouse)
  3. Hi guys. I am a us citizen and i wanna apply for my brother, his wife and his 2 children( may be they will cross 21 until they will have interview). So how can i apply for them? I mean to say should i fill up i130 form separately for each of them and pay separately for each of them? Or is there any option on i130 form that i can fill all their forms on 1 single form. Please help me guys.
  4. I am an expat with a warrant for my arrest in the states, also I am married with two children who are both also citizens, but unfortunately my wife is not a citizen and haven't applied for an i130, she filed for a visa and got denied, she wanted to visit the states for 2 weeks during the spring vacation and her visa was denied , they didn't give a reason but can it be possible that it's due to my arrest warrant? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi All, My Question is I have applied citizenship from one state and my interview is done in Sep 2021 The decision is yet to be made decision is pending What happens if i move to another state. Any answers
  6. Does anyone have a list of questions that they would normally ask the parents during the immigration interview? For IR5.
  7. My wife got a divorce 5 months now and we just got married a month now and she went back to usa . Can she apply for me there so i can come live with her or she have to wait a year to do so Because i heard that she have to wait for a year to pass since the previous marriage. before she can apply to bring her current husband to the state
  8. Hello, I did apply for my parent's visa IR-5 in July, 2019. Case was transferred to NVC after all the required documents were correct. I did submit all necessary documents to NVC and paid their fees. Cases were delayed because of the pandemic. Both of my parent's cases were document qualified on November, 2020. Now everything is open in Mumbai and still didn't hear anything about the interview. Tried to email and call many times but never got an answer. I found out that I am expecting and my due is February, 2022. I last saw them in 2017. They are old and having very hard time emotionally without me in this pandemic and situation that they cannot come here. I am the only child of theirs. I cannot even go to see them as I am pregnant and having difficulties managing house and job and appointments. Can I request NVC to expedite these cases because of these reasons? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Hello everyone, I need your advice. Thank you for taking your time in reading my post! So my younger brother has an expired greencard, he is scared to get it re-new because he has a felony and is afraid of getting deported & getting the application rejected. Here is another curveball both of our parents became America citizens before we were 18, but didn’t bring us along with their citizenship, Who are both divorce at the time of citizenship. Can he still renew his greencard & still have the process go through?? Many thanks for taking your time writing your advice!
  10. Hi everyone, we can apply for my N-400 in late September/Early October, our I-751 has been pending since October. We will file at our local office in SLC, UT. Has anyone seen the timelines shifting for N-400 at all? I am BEYOND homesick and really need to go home to Australia for a year or so once we get my dual citizenship. I am seeing 13-18 months from filing on the current tracker. Obviously this is SUCH a first world problem, but it would be so great to see everyone's experiences of late with their citizenship timelines, so I can have a 'home time' date to look forward to. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!
  11. Application for Naturalization (N-400 ) Citizenship Interview / English / History and Government Test- interviewed at Boise, ID. The officer only asked for my Passport, Green Card and Drivers license. Then he started the civic test after he got it all photocopied. I applied September 2020 Biometrics reuse December 2020 Interview today February 19,2021 Questions: 1. What major event happened on September 11,2001, in the United States ? 2.The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S Constitution. Name one of the writers? 3.Why did the colonists fight the British? 4.What are two ways that Americans can participate their democracy? 5.Under our constitution, Some powers belong to the states. What is one power of the states? 6. If the President can no longer serve, who become the President? * Reading test - What did the Declaration of Independence do? * writing- Said that the United States is free ( from great Britain ) Now waiting for my Oath Ceremony ❤️
  12. So, I am currently in the F2b category - my father is my sponsor and he is a green card holder. I have been DQ'd and am in queue to interview at the Montreal consulate. Since they're so backed up right now, I won't be getting one anytime soon I think. My father will be a U.S. citizen soon - he got his biometrics done yesterday on Feb 24, 2021. He now awaits his interview and oath ceremony. As soon as this is done, should I apply to transfer to the F1 category? Will it be quicker?
  13. How to find out whether our priority date is current or not. Please help me to clarify it.
  14. Is it true that you can not file for any immigrant for 10 years if you divorce a US citizen, who you were married to during naturalization (applied with 3 years rule)?
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