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  1. IIRC it's generally been at the end of the following month, i.e. August stats published at the end of September.
  2. Can you clarify what you mean when you refer to the 'portal for Russia and Poland' > 'don't sign in but go to the word portal above and choose Poland' ? What portal? Sign in for what? Are you referring to the data matrix timelines here on VisaJourney? Thanks
  3. I've written/called two United States senators and my local congressional representative. Same answer from all - basically: "take it up with the NVC/State Department"
  4. Requested transfer from Warsaw to Almaty two days ago. Fastest correspondence chain since I've been in the process - only took a few hours. The answer was generally polite but in BOLD type it was denied: "Greetings, Thank you for contacting the Consular Section of the U.S. Mission in Kazakhstan. In response to significant challenges related to staff shortages and huge backlog of immigrant visa applications, the U.S. Mission in Kazakhstan is limited in its resources to process visa services. We provide visa services on a limited appointment basis as resources and local conditions allow. Therefore, given current space, capacity constraints and Consular section’s limited resources and huge backlog we are unable to accept your case transfer request."
  5. For StevenInAtlanta: Any updates on the sh*tshow you've been forced to endure? Have you crossed paths with any other couples with similar cases while there? Hoping the BEST outcome for you guys - and encourage you to hang with it. *side note - with the 'September 19th' policy looming it looks like you may be one of the final few who are processed through Warsaw in the foreseeable future.
  6. I hate reading stories like this. My Russian wife and I are in a queue SOMEWHERE in time behind you - awaiting an interview date - and this just gets my blood boiling. I honestly think you COULD NOT design or create a system or experience that is more frustrating and demoralizing. For example - would it have been so difficult to inform you AHEAD of time that only the spouse would be allowed to be inside the embassy? As you wrote - couldn't the C.O. just say "hang on a moment. I can scan that directly into your case files at CEAC"? Why defer to the administrative blood clot at the NVC? No way to contact? I understand the need to screen but why not give someone like you a PIN or password in order to bypass the phone bot and talk to a REAL person? Friends, relatives, etc. keep saying "be patient" "it will all work out", etc. Yes - but (for example) while you've been waiting in Warsaw - at least 1000 illegals PER DAY have crossed into the USA. Highly doubt anyone hassled them about a slight change in the appearance of a birth certificate. After almost two years in this process (yes many have been here longer) - I've learned one thing. The federal government (and many state/locals) care MUCH more for non-citizens who enter the U.S. illegally than the trials and tribulations of any U.S. citizen and those pursuing legal immigration. Not even close. That is all.
  7. Of course if you ask politely they' MAY answer you by late October 🤦‍♂️
  8. Great question to ask. Unfortunately I can see no incentive or pressure whatsoever to do so from within or outside of the State Department.
  9. Rather disappointing news (as if there's not enough already) - it appears that the number of CR-1/IR-1 visas issued in Warsaw has dropped dramatically in both June and July when compared to the welcomed surge in March - May. March had a high of 63 issued and a backlog of 122 (roughly two months at that rate). May had 54 and a backlog of 188 (roughly three months backlog) and July showed only 18 issued with a backlog of 200 - representing 11 months at that pace. Source: The U.S. Department of State’s Monthly Immigrant Visa Issuance Statistics.
  10. re submitted documents Not being a wise@ss - but are you absolutely sure that you actually submitted them? It's a two stage process. Easy to overlook the second. I've done it - even though I've correctly submitted them in the past. I didn't catch it for almost two weeks. Step one is to "add a document". Your account will show that you have added it but then you MUST hit/press the red "SUBMIT DOCUMENTS" prompt. Again - it's an easy mistake to make - I did it after over a year into the process. Cheers
  11. Not exactly the same situation but close. After 75 days, NVC asked for 1099's and a marriage certificate on my step daughter's CEAC account page (she's 13 BTW) but not on her mom's. Also said that mom is DQ but added that I don't qualify and need a joint sponsor. I make MANY times the 125% threshold and have - let's just say - assets. It's like they are paying the interns go to happy hour and then start sending rfe's. Makes no sense whatsoever.
  12. Leaning toward intentional anti-Russian bias. Look at the decision to move the consular process to Poland - WITHOUT special assurances or a 'carve out' type visa for Russian citizens to attend the interview. It's obvious to anyone with a brain that the process is intentionally difficult. Add to that the seemingly sudden spate of administrative "#######?" type of questions and requests that many applicants and petitioners are receiving. Although anecdotal in nature I've read of numerous accounts of requests for misc. documents while at the same time telling someone that their case is "DQ". Additionally - there seems to be a spate of determining ex-post facto that an petitioner/applicant doesn't meet the financial guidelines for support, etc. Specifically in our case (I'm a U.S. citizen petitioning for wife/step-daughter - both Russian citizens - child is 13). Wife's CEAC account listed as her as "DQ" on July 22nd 2022. Follow up e-mail stated that the case would be sent to the embassy for admin. processing. CEAC shows that it is still at NVC. Along with that came the infamous "FE" note stating that we don't meet the financial criteria. Not flexing but I meet that criteria X 5+. In addition on 13's case notes they asked for copies of my 1099's AND a copy of our marriage certificate but not on the wife's. ####### is that about? If they accept the FULL 1040 - the 1099's are included. Additionally - why in the WORLD would that ask via my step-daughter's account to show a copy of a marriage license? After all - would the case EVER get to the NVC for processing if USCIS had questions about this? If nothing else this seems like deniable harassment. Responding to an FE essentially resets the clock at least 60 and usually 75 days due to the mind numbing way in which cases are processed. Again - I see this as 'deniable' harassment - disguised as incompetence. Regarding the suggestion that Russian citizen interviews are being not being scheduled for CR/IR-1 in Warsaw - it's difficult to day. The report is anecdotal from one small group. Nevertheless I find it SIGNIFICANT. I've determined that this slow processing is apparently WORLDWIDE. But where's the evidence you ask? Look here: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html Look for Foreign State of Chargeability Visa Class Issuances >>> Immigrant Visa Issuances >>> by Foreign State of Chargeability June 2022 (FY 2022) I've found this site to be somewhat useful regarding issuance of visas worldwide. The data can be seen by two methods. One is by place of birth and the other is by which "post" issued them. Unfortunately the first is NOT consulate specific for the place of birth (i.e. unknown which post handled which nationality). As with most government agencies the data is stale (only through June 2022) but it shows trends. In the screenshot example you can see that in June there were only a total of SEVEN CR-1's issued worldwide for Russian citizens, ONE CR--2 , 17 IR-1's and 12 IR-2's. The Philippines in contrast issued over 400 of the previously cited categories in the same month. Finally - we will pass the 500 day milestone next week re: submission of our petition - and as with many on this forum - there is NO end in sight. Not to dilute the above points - but approximately 2.5 million illegals have entered the United States in the 500 days since we submitted out petition - and as a group we're being nitpicked over 'stale' documents and already submitted tax returns and marriage certificates - and people wonder why we are frustrated and angry at the process. That is all.
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