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  1. Thank you very much, we will also try to make one affidavit for me and my son and I hope for luck. Can you show your final cover letter for all forms?
  2. Almost a month has passed, is there any news, have they accepted your form? I also want to make one affidavit for 2 people, but I’m a little worried
  3. this means you have already been to the NVC and they sent your petition to the consulate
  4. In the last six months, anyone from Belarus managed to obtain a Schengen visa at the Polish visa center for the purpose of visiting the US consulate?
  5. Are you talking about submitting a petition or going through an interview at the consulate?
  6. Are you sure? Did the consulate ask you this form only for the main applicant, but didn’t take it for the child?
  7. It seems to me that the first option is suitable for spouse visas, which create an account on CEAC and upload all documents online.
  8. are you choosing an immigrant visa? The process of creating an account did not take me long
  9. Congratulations!!!! The process is moving in the right direction! I checked yesterday, my case was created on September 19, exactly a week before sending.
  10. I sent a second request on Sunday, but I'm not sure if there will be a response to it, because yesterday they unexpectedly sent K1-FTP to my fiance. We're going to Poland! (Belarusians are sent to Poland) yay noa2 August 28 (August 26 in hard copy) September 26 k1-ftp
  11. you shouldn't, but you can. I did this because I wanted to be calm, that they received my file and then everything depended only on my consulate. I'm guessing it will take a long time for the case number
  12. this must be done for spousal visas. you only need to check the status. Elena, NVC received my case. noa2 August 28 (26 on paper form). I sent a request on Sunday and received a response today.
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