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  1. UPDATE FROM WARSAW POLAND US EMBASSY INTERVIEW COMPLETED, VISA ISSUANCE DELAYED So we are now in Warsaw Poland, we completed the US Embassy interview last Tuesday, that was 1 week ago as I type this update. The total interview time took about 2.25 hours. Most of the time was just waiting for her number to be called once inside. The interview was scheduled for 8am, we arrived at the embassy at 7:45am there were already about 30-40 people standing in line. There was a line coordinator working the line and we were separated into two lines one for the non-immigrant visa folks, and one for immigrant visa folks. I was not needed/allowed to go inside with my wife during the interview. She was inside by 8:15. I had to wait 2+ hours on the street outside. Nowhere to sit, no coffee shop, no cafe near by. While inside she was given a number. When called she presented her documents to an immigration officer, a woman that spoke good Russian, she reviewed the documents and said 'its all in order' gave her documents back and asked her to sit down again and wait for her number. About an hour or more later she was called to the 2nd official, a man with not so good Russian. He spent less than a minute reviewing her documents and asked her two questions: 1. How did you meet your husband 2. How long have you known your husband Though she had every document requested in the instructions to be sure to bring with you, he asked her to return to the hotel and upload her updated birth certificate and police report and he indicated they would then process her visa quickly and she could pick it up at the mailboxes ETC. We went back to the hotel, scanned and uploaded the two documents within 1.5 hours. The need to do this was understandable since her original police certificate expired because of the long delay between moving her case from Moscow to Poland and the delay in obtaining an interview. The need for the birth certificate update was because my wife decided she wanted a brand new birth certificate that was in perfect condition, her original was partially not perfectly readable in the area for her birth city....so she got a new one and the officer noticed they were different so its understandable to upload the new one. LESSON LEARNED: If any of your documents expire or change, its a SUPER GOOD IDEA to upload them before your interview so that they are already in the system before your interview. Why the official couldn't just copy and upload them or put them in a folder I don't know but its not part of their process apparently. The official assured her that if she did this quickly (the upload) they would quickly process her visa and it would be available for pickup in a few days at the mailboxes etc. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.... We have extended our stay an additional week in Warsaw, and this has been expensive to change flights, get a hotel for an additional week, food, etc. It's near impossible to get anyone on the phone that can tell you anything more than to just wait. We check the CEAC web site profile several times a day for an update, nothing after a week now. No email communications from the embassy, no communications at all. The Warsaw embassy has several ways to communicate with them. This includes live online chat, Skype and web phone call. The live online chat turned out to just be a robot and I was unable to actually get my chat routed to a human. I wasted about 30 minutes repeating my wife's name, passport number, birthdate and email address to the robot only to at the end be told it was a holiday. It's Tuesday morning and not a holiday in US or Poland I got no response to the Skype message I sent even after adding the correct Skype account to my contacts, no response at all The web talk phone call just took me to the same voice response system that calling the number on the website provided Called the number on the site +48 22 307 1361 (see below) Finally got a human on the phone this morning, talked for 20-30 minutes, he answered questions and was quite patient but could not indicate how long we might have to wait...that is how much longer we will have to wait. No indication whatsoever how much longer. The problem is that obviously we need to get back to work, we do not have unlimited funds to stay in Warsaw for an indeterminate time. To compound the issue, the embassy has my wife's passport and she obviously can not leave Warsaw/board a plane without it. We can get her passport back by doing a request for it to be returned, this can take 2-3 days, and if we do that we (apparently) do not have to return for an interview, BUT she will have to submit her passport again using the correct form and the support agent told me several times that the passport can ONLY be mailed from the mailboxes ETC location in Warsaw! It can not be mailed from any other location! Are you sure I asked him several times! MY level of frustration is just off the scale, apparently you can't just walk down to the embassy and explain your situation to anyone, there is no way to expedite your request or processing, you can only get your passport back and start all over or sit and wait an unknown amount of time. If this is what happens when you have a simple immigration case where the parties have known each other for 7+ years, been married for 5+ years and appear with all original documents as requested, I can't imagine what a hard case must be like. At this point we are wondering if we can stay an additional week....and the only advice we have to offer is to be sure if any of your documents changed to upload the updated version to the CEAC site well before the interview. If they do not need to be updated, DON'T...they were already approved. There is no need to update documents that are not expired (like a police report) and that have already been accepted and approved. Any sage advice would surely be appreciated.
  2. HI all, I could really use some insight. My fiance is Russian, but he has dual citizenship in Kyrgyzstan. Originally we were planning on filing through the Warsaw consulate but with everything going on, we were thinking maybe it would be better/faster to go through the Kyrgyzstan Consulate in Bishkek? Has anyone received a K1 visa through Bishkek? What was the timeline like? With everything going on, I'm just trying to get him here as soon as possible. Would it be better to just fly to Georgia and get married there?
  3. Hey all. Wish I'd been able to make it here sooner and on better terms, but I'm in a bit of a pickle. My name is Friedrich and I'm applying for a K1 on behalf of my fiancee and two K2 visas for her daughters, age 16 and 11. NOA1 November/04/2021 NOA2 January/19/2023 The NVC submitted everything to the embassy in Warsaw and I received an e-mail today saying to fill out form DS-160s for everyone within 48 hours to continue our case. We had planned to submit our DS-160s and then try transferring her case to Jerusalem, El Salvador, Bishkek, or anywhere plausible that would take her case as it would be cheaper than getting them Schengen visas and bouncing around Europe to pass illegally into Poland. The problem we're facing is that since August, the Russian Foreign Ministry has suspended the issuance of biometric travel passports indefinitely and her youngest doesn't have one. Since February, my fiancee's inquiries have only been answered that they may open services again at the end of March, but as of yet nothing. The 48-hour window the Warsaw embassy gave to file is not happening. Non-biometric passports are still being issued but from what I understand this is not good enough. What are our options? What do I even say to the embassy? Really feels like the whole world is against you sometimes. I really congratulate each and every one of you who's stayed the course through all of this.
  4. Hello VJ, My wife's paperwork just got DQ. Can anyone one tell me on average how long does it take for them to schedule a visa interview in Warsaw? Also does she have to go to the interview alone? Can me and my child join? Is getting a visa to Poland impossible? Can I switch my interview to Turkey? Thank you
  5. Hi, could you please share your PD, DQ and if interview scheduled dates for family based categories (F2A and etc.) ?
  6. Hi! I was wondering if anyone faced with a similar situation. I am a sponsor for IR5 visas for both my parents. The petitions were approved. The interviews were conducted at the US Embassy in Warsaw, Poland. The interview went fine; however, the officer requested additional information. We sent everything requested in the next two days. Initially, my parents understood that both their application are subject to administrative review. However, after submitting all the information, we've learned that only my dad's application is. Although my mother's application requires no additional information or documents, the consular officer refuses to grant her a visa until my dad's administrative proceeding is complete. I find it a little odd (perhaps, not proper?) given that we submitted separate petitions, applications, fees, AOS etc. Why would my mother's visa has be withheld because of my dad's admin review if both of them are independent applicants? Curious if anything has any insight. We've been trying to expedite their visas for many months, and having another delay is just beyond frustration. I have a newborn at home and need to undergo a medical procedure asap, and having at least one of my parents around helping with the baby will be a huge help. I tried to write to them, but the US Embassy in Warsaw refuses to grant my mom's visa until my dad's admin review is complete.
  7. When scheduling an appointment, you get the option of Resident or Non-Resident. If you pick Non-Resident, you can schedule a date in March 2023. If you pick Resident, (my fiancé is a polish citizen) then I get the message "there are currently no appointments available." I have been checking almost every hour in the last 4 days. I also called in a few days ago to see if they could book it for me but they got the same message as me and told me to check once a day until it becomes available. Am I suppose to pick non-resident even if she is a resident? Has anyone been able to schedule an appointment for their K1 in Warsaw sometime recently? When can I expect appointments to become available? How far in the future will appointments be for residents?
  8. Hi guys, is there anyone here who got expedited in Warsaw embassy? I got approved for expedite polish embassy and received this email. What does it mean? Have you received an email like this too? Do I have to do anything before my interview? My interview is in about a month and I submitted all of my documents to ceac website so this email confused me.. however I got expedited before being DQ! Is that the reason they sent me this email? Tell me your experiences please!
  9. I am a Hungarian-American dual citizen and I'm married to a Russian citizen with 2 kids. We have started the US immigration visa process a little bit over 2 years ago. At that time we indicated the Moscow embassy for the final interview. However, things have changed quite a bit since and their cases got automatically moved to Warsaw last December. We got the final approval on documents from NVC in March. But so far no word about scheduling their interviews. In the meanwhile, we moved to Hungary in February - just in the nick of time before the war started. They got immigrant visas to Hungary (only took 2.5 months) so we can stay here as long as we need, in safety. My question is whether it would make sense to request their cases to be moved from Warsaw to Budapest. - Would it make it faster, considering that the Warsaw embassy is probably overwhelmed with all the cases transferred there from Moscow? (my wife and kids do speak English, so if there's no Russian speaking staff that's not a problem) - Is there some way to find out what are the wait times in Warsaw and in Budapest? I tried to find out information about this calling the Budapest embassy and also submitting a query to NVC but so far no luck finding out anything. Any data or lead to getting information on this would be appreciated! 😀
  10. Hi, has anyone recently gone into Warsaw for an IR1 interview/ heard back about a date? We were DQed on Jan 25th and are anxiously waiting for our interview date.
  11. Hi, my wife just got DQ for our IR1 visa. Our interview is supposed to take place in Warsaw. Can anyone share their interview timelines - from DQ, to interview date notification, to actual interview? I would really appreciate it. For context, our PD date is from 2012, and my wife is a Polish citizen.
  12. Hello, I would like to start a thread where people who filed in Moscow, Russia transferred their case to Warsaw, Poland due to the US Embassy in Moscow being closed and the US-Russia relationship being a little iffy at the moment. We could all share how our process is going to help others out. I do have a question. If we want to use our parents as Sponsors, will they be Co-Sponsors or Household Member? I read somewhere that there are two ways to go about this. For example, if I'm living with my parents at the moment and would like to use my dad to help me out financially; which steps should I take? Thanks.
  13. Can you guys please share your DQ time, etc? Does anyone from DQ August 2020 gets interview invitations in Warsaw? our DQ September 10th 2020 still nothing
  14. Has anyone ever tried to complete the medical exam before their interview at the embassy was scheduled and, if so, did doing so result in any problems during the interview or during entry to the United States? This question is in connection with a CR-1 application being processed via the Warsaw embassy. The medical exam was completed before the case even became documentarily qualified by the NVC and the interview has still not yet been scheduled to-date. That said, the interview should be scheduled during the six month window within which the medical exam is allegedly valid for entry to the United States. While the State Department website recommends scheduling the medical exam once the interview is scheduled, there does not seem to be anything strictly prohibiting one from doing so earlier; in any event, it would be helpful to know if anyone else has attempted this and whether doing so was successful or resulted in a problem. As an aside, the embassy-approved doctor did not provide any sealed, hard-copy results; should they have or are the results somehow transmitted electronically between the doctor and the embassy?
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