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  1. I would imagine that's it. With the wet ink signature.
  2. Congratulations! Do you know why it was an 8 week wait?
  3. Seems like Interviews are about 3 months after DQ
  4. Thank you. I wasn’t sure how different the process was between nvc and the consulate scheduling it. I appreciate your quick reply!!
  5. I just got a new passport with my married last time. I have already been DQ with my old passport with my maiden name. Should I upload this on my ceac ? Or should I just bring the new one to the interview?
  6. How do those who have been expedited at NVC get their ILs and typically how long are they sent out? I had a conditional expedite approved that after DQ they would expedite my case to post. I got DQ last Friday, and this Wednesday they sent my case to post and it shows IN TRANSIT. How does one get their interview date/time ? By mail or email since it won't be coming from NVC?
  7. I checked and it says “In Transit”, so they definitely sent mine. No change on hers. I emailed the consulate asking for further clarification on what can be done now
  8. So as you all know, we got approved a conditional expedite In April that once DQ they’d send our cases to MTL for expedited processing. My daughter got an FE for one missing document Thursday, and Friday I myself got DQ. I emailed NVC to request expedite on my daughters case at nvc level so we can keep our cases together. I got a response saying they can not expedite at NVC level and that they would keep both cases at NVC until my daughter is also DQ. Now today I got an email with MY case number stating my case has been approved for expedited processing and they are sending it straight to the consulate. I wonder if they got our two cases mixed up and meant to send my daughters to the consulate? Our numbers are off by 1 digit. And of course, there is no one to call. I emailed NVC back and replied straight from their email asking if they meant my case or my daughters.
  9. May I ask how shortly after you submitted it that it was approved? I sent the document on Thursday and submitted, right after getting the email
  10. Guess I’ll join here too considering I sent our FE in a few days ago.
  11. I just heard back from the NVC. They say they do not expedite at nvc level. Which stinks considering we’re approved our expedite once DQd after we submitted the docs in April. It pretty much doesn’t matter now having that expedite Our 6 year old son (Already a US citizen) will be missing out on some crucial therapy in Atlanta that he can’t get here anymore, and the older he gets and longer he goes, the more he regresses 😢 It’s breaking my heart knowing that he will have to go through this considering my stupidity and not submitting my MC on my daughters case. I absolutely feel like the worst Mom and have some major major guilt going on right now.
  12. Correct, petitioner and applicant need all divorce decrees , and a copy of their marriage certificate
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