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  1. How do you sign the i130 when you’re filing electronically? I thought If you submitted it online it didn’t require a signature - and now I’m panicking! Sent the i130s in March electronically for ir1/ir2
  2. I’m pretty sure when we applied in March we just entered our regular TD bank Visa card and it went through.
  3. Hi All, My husband petitioned for my daughter and me and we sent it in online in the middle of March. We got both NOA1s dated with the same PD day of the same day both from Nebraska. The date on the USCIS account was also with the same day as well. I logged on today and noticed that the date changed to April 13 for both cases. I contacted Emma, and asked to speak to a live agent. The agent told me that my case was transferred from Nebraska to Vermont, and my daughters has remained at Nebraska. Couple of questions. 1) Why would both of our dates change? 2) Why would they separate the cases to different service centres? 3) Seeing the processing times on the USCIS website , each of those two service centers have two very different timelines. How does that factor in if one gets approved much quicker than the other - when it comes to NVC etc? Id like to have the medicals/interviews done at the same time. Now I'm a tad worried. Any input would be appreciated!
  4. I’m confused. On March 18 we submitted online, and the same day we got a receipt notice with IOE numbers , with a PD date of the same day, and on the bottom of it, it says Nebraska Service Center. So this isn’t the NOA1? Does this mean Nebraska is our SC that’s listed on our receipt notice?
  5. Has it always been that just Montreal dealt with IR1s? Wondering how Montreal will deal with the backlog coming up or if they will have other consulates help with interviews later? I can’t imagine Montreal opening up anytime soon for interviews.
  6. Does anyone use anyone that you’d recommend? We finally sent in the I130’s Wednesday and received the NOA the next day (same PD date as the day we sent it in). I know nothing about taxes on both sides , and after reading a bit here it has me worried and what steps we should be following and have someone help us with it when the time comes. Once we get to the NVC stage my husband will leave back for the US to reistablish his domicile and transfer to his employers office down there (they have offices across the globe and they will allow him to transfer). I’m worried about what we should be doing in terms of selling the house, rrsps, resps, RDSPs, and the $ from our home when it sells, etc. I feel like I’m in deep here trying to understand it. Unfortunately in NS not many accountants are knowledgeable on both sides.
  7. Hi everyone, Planning on submitting i130s today online for my spouse (Ir1) and non us citizens step children. We’re all in Canada. I’m assuming since it’s online we only need one passport of the petitioner and upload it twice? And does my spouse I’m sponsoring and step children need theirs now too?
  8. I wasn’t sure if it just automatically sends applications to random centres online or if someone will actually see it’s a family and maybe keep the applications together
  9. My USC husband is about to file the i130s for myself and my kids (his step kids) online. When we submit it online, will they all go to the same service centre for processing? I’m terrified one will get Nebraska while others go to a quicker one, lol.
  10. My son was diagnosed with autism. Is this going to cause any delays at the medical or the process? My husband will have good medical insurance prior to going down for the family.
  11. Is a Marriage certificate from previous marriage needed? Or just the divorce certificate?
  12. Thank you. Ill put the N/A. We both currently live in Canada. But when we visit my family we never need travel documents for her other than her passport which doesn't get stamped. Thanks.
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