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  1. Hi guys. I had interview 13th Jan and the CO asked me some questions and he had that yellow form ready even before I start the interview with him and had signed beside CO-Sponcer and after the interview he told me that I need co- sponser or your wife 2018 tax when you have it ready send it to me by Aramex. And he was going to keep my passport then he said you know what keep your passport with you tell you have everything ready and send it to me with the needed documents. so on 14th of FEB, I sent the needed documents and by Aramex and by end of the week the embassy send me all the documents and my passport and asked me to scan the documents on the system. So I did. How long it could take them to review the documents? Also is it not good sign to give me the passport back which he was going to keep it but hechanged his mind because he doesn’t know how long it will take me to send him the needed documents?
  2. Hi Everyone, My name is Claire. I'm from Cork Ireland and I'm getting married to my fiance in 10 weeks in Ireland. He is a US Citizen. We hope and plan to move back to the US together. Can anyone advise on where we should start? How do I get a Case number from the US Embassy in Dublin? How do I get an appointment after we have our marriage certificate? Are we chosing the correct visa type? I-130? Will I be able to return to the US with my future husband after we get married? I hope someone can guide us in the right direction. Thanks Claire
  3. Visa approved!! Timeline: NOA1: Feb.9,2017 NOA2: July 25,2017 Sent to NVC: Aug 1,2017 MNL case number: Aug 12,2017 Paid AOS and IV: Aug 15,2017 (Sent the expedite letter as well) DS 260 done: Aug 18,2017 Medical: Aug 22,2017 (I went really early and my medical was done in 1 day) Expedite approval and papers sent to Manila, Case status ready: Aug 23,2017 Interview: Sept 5,2017 - Approved!! VOH: Soon!! Interview experience : My schedule was 6:45 but went there at 6 am, I went straight to the guard and showed my interview appointment letter, he told me to go inside and fall in line which I did, we waited for 30 minutes and they let us in (naawa siguro kasi sobrang lakas ng ulan). Second set of lady guards or assistants, idk what they are gave us zip lock bags for our passport, the bio of your passport should be showing. Also show your DS 260 or 160 because they will put a sticker. Follow the line and go inside the embassy. Inside the embassy, you will go through 2 scanners, just be courtious and follow instructions of the guards because they get irritated easily... Next step: I waited inside for the Pre screening windows to open. And when it was my turn the lady was very pleasant. Her questions were: Hi how are you? Answered I'm fine, and you? She said she's OK. Asked for my DS 260 and passport. What's my name? Who is petitioning me? A:My husband (his name) Asked how we met. Asked for the original documents (CENOMAR. MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. BIRTH CERTIFICATE. AOS. NBI, MEDICAL RESULTS) And she asked questions about ourselves. She said me and my husband are very lucky because we are both single, same age and same hobbies which is online gaming and animes and we are both Filipino. Told me to proceed to the window for finger scanning TIP: BEFORE YOUR INTERVIEW, MOISTURIZE YOU HAND ALWAYS KASI MAY PALYA YUNG FINGER SCANNER NILA. Finger scanning experience : I've read a lot about this guy that he gets irritated easily!! The person before me was asked to stand aside because their paper isn't ready.. So he took mine instead and asked my name and date of birth then asked me to press my left four fingers without the thumb and I did, isang click lang scan agad (always moisturize your hands sis) then he said very good, now right hand please, then I did as well, and thank God, one click lang ulit na scan na, then asked to press the scanner with my two thumbs and BAM na scan ulit!! he was pleased and he even did a small talk, He smiled and asked so where are you going? And I answered San Diego, California sir, and then he said wow California girl and I gave him the best smile I can give to someone, he told me good luck and I said thank you, and have a good day sir. Next step is the final interview. I wasn't really nervous, as long as you know your relationship is genuine ang dali lang ng tanong. The interviewer was a beautiful American woman, she asked me to swear an oath and have my fingers scanned then I gave my ds 260 TIP: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS BE PREPARED TO GIVE YOUR DS 260. And LISTEN TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS BECAUSE THE PEOPLE BEFORE YOU WERE GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS LIKE PREPARE YOUR DS 260 AND HABANG NAKAUPO KA IPREPARE MO NA RIN PARA PAG TURN MO NA, PASA AGAD!! DAPAT ACTIVE KASI GUSTO NG AMERICANS MABILISAN BECAUSE TIME IS GOLD FOR THEM.THEY HAVE A LOT TO DO AND YOU HOLDING THEM UP WILL MAKE THEM IRRITATED. she asked me the standard questions that the Filipina consul asked me.. Name? Husband's name? Job? Where does he live? Have I ever been outside the country? My age? And then she stopped asking and was doing something with her computer.. I am a very chatty person so while she was fixing her computer I complimented her eyelashes because she was wearing extensions and ako kasi mahilig rin ako sa make ups and beauty stuff, she said thank you, told her I'm planning to get one as well, then she told me that I better get one before I go to America cuz it's expensive there.. And then she said, OK Lora I'll be endorsing your visa for approval. Expect your visa to be delivered within 2 weeks. I was like.. Ok mam. Uhhh that's it?? She said yea, just get a pamphlet and update your delivery information online Me: um so I can go home? Her: Yes, and tell the good news to your husband. I bid her good bye and thank you and told her to have a nice day. TIP: Always be pleasant and pro active. They really appreciate applicants who can answer questions right away, ayaw nila ng paulit ulit and smile, be confident and as much as possible,dont get an interpreter.. Because you will be migrating to America, it's natural that you should know their language. And the best tip is have faith, prayers really do move mountains. Pray to whoever your God is may it be Allah or Buddha or Jesus, as long as you pray hard and be a good person. Good things will come to you! "And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" - The Alchemist. Thank you so much for this group and shout out to my mommy and angel Katrina Martin. Thank you for guiding me and I will forever be thankful with what you did. I love you sis and may all the blessings and good karma be given to you and your family.
  4. Assalaamualaikum. I have a little situation. I had my interview last month at us embassy Islamabad, Pakistan for IR1. They kept my passport and asked me for domicile for my wife and tax paper of joint sponser (IRS paper) which i already had but they reject to receive them that time and said me to send us with your wife's domicile. We sent them written domicile and some proves for domicile and IRS Papers. After 4 days i got call from embassy and they told me the domicile you have sent is not accepted, my suggestion is that your wife go back to usa. You sent us exist stamp and her pic in front of post office. I did the same job. My wife left pakistan and i sent them stamp n picture of her with us post office. After 4 working days i checked my status on CEAC and my date was updated. And after 3 days including holidays date was again updated and then yesterday on 2 may, date was again updated but my wife got a email from embassy stating that:
  5. Background I am Canadian. My husband is American. My interview appointment was on Dec 18, 2018 at 8am. Before arriving, I made a binder with plastic sleeves and tabs of what is included in the pre-interview checklist. This was not as necessary for the officer as much it just helped me stay organized. My husband took me to Montreal and we drove up and made a trip out of it. I recommend driving up to the embassy the day before the interview to see where to park the day of and where to stand. The Appointment Day My appointment was at 8 am. We arrived at 7:04 am. We parked in parked in lot across building for $15/day early bird price. After 8am it is $18 for the whole day. It was hard to find parking if you have an appointment before 9:30 am because the streets need to be cleared from 8am-9:30am for city cleaning. One family arrived right when we did. Stood in line till 7:45 am. VJ bloggers said to stand on the side with the yellow columns but that didn't matter because the building security guard asked us to line up across the right side of the building. Once we were allowed in we were asked to go to the back of the line since we didn't have a 7:30am appmt and they wanted to prioritize the early ones. So we told everyone in line, if you have a 7:30am appmt move up. And then everyone was kind enough to let us stand in front of the 8am group since we were there early. When we went in, there was a lady who greeted us and asked us for our appointment time and our passports. She handed us a laminated document that indicated our call number and what we need to have ready for the officer. She asked out of the two who was the beneficiary and the petitioner. Then we went to security. The security guy asked us to place our items in the bin like at the airport. Did not have to take shoes off. You hand in ur phone and keys to the officer and get a ballot to pick it up when you leave the building. We went downstairs and waited like everyone else. Then an officer came and told us we r going up to floor 19 and when we arrive we will sit and wait for our number to be called. Our waiting began, it was 8am. When my number was called the lady just asked for all my documents to verify them and passport photos. Confirmed my Canadian address, phone number and then asked me the petitioners phone number and address. She took my finger prints. And then told me I am good to go and to sit and wait again and the officer will call my number for the interview. The lady officer called my number and I went up. She made me take an oath of honesty on the finger print scanner. She said you were born in Pakistan I said yes. Questions she asked me: How did you two meet? Who is the petitioner? What does your husband /petitioner do for work? Where does he live? How often do you get to see each other? What is your highest level of education? Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Does your husband cook or do you cook? (meant to be a trick question) Have you ever been denied entry to the US? How long have you ever stayed in the US? Have you ever stayed in the US longer than 6 months? Then all of a sudden she pulled out two sheets and said welcome to the US and that our immigration packet is now electronic so we don't take anything to the border. If you have travel plans and are worried about getting your passport back in time, do mention it to the officer. By 8:50 am, we were done. Side Notes: - Items I brought but; They did not even ask for the photocopies of the the original documents. They did not ask for a printed interview appointment letter. They did not ask for CEAC print outs. They did not ask to see petitioners photocopy. They DID ask to photocopy his W-2. They did not ask to see relationship evidence.
  6. Hi,does anyone have an idea of how long it takes before the consulate in Nairobi contact you regarding scheduling an interview? An how much does it usually cost for it in Nairobi Kenya? I would also like to know about the medical part(cost and how long it takes for them to send the results to the embassy )thanks for the help.
  7. Hi everyone! I want to ask, does my fiancé really needs to send me an original copy of i134 or is scanned copy okay? Will only need this as part of the packet 3. Not sure if consulate in PH would even ask for it since it’s part of the requirement we submitted in 1st stage of petitioning.. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I am a Korean living in Hong Kong with working visa for work I plan on living in Hong Kong until I can get my K-1 Visa done and before I move to states Currently my fiance and I are preparing for the I-129F form but it asks which US embassy I will be going into for interview Is it okay if I put Hong Kong US embassy since I will not be able to go back to Korea every time? What do you think is safer? Thank you!
  9. Hi guys, any one here knows about the validity of CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage)? I got mine last January when our immigration lawyer asked for it. It was just now that I realized it is 10months old and not sure if US Embassy will require me to get a new one. I called them and ask and they said they don’t really have a discrepancy about it. They don’t know if it’ll be accepted or not. But they ofcourse, suggested me to get a new one. My appointment date is next week and not sure if I can squeeze it in. As on Monday, I’ll have my medical exam already. As far as I know it takes 3 business days to get it from PSA (Philippines Statistics Authority). Gosh. I’m gonna cry! This is stressing me out. thanks
  10. Hi guys, I just want to ask which comes first? medical or scheduling of an interview? I’ve read a lot of threads saying once I receive my case number I can already schedule for an interview. But I am quite lost now.. Here’s the thing, under ceac my case is “IN TRANSIT”. Do I need to wait for it to be “READY” before going to the next step or not? How will the flow be? #1. medical exam - MRV payment - schedule of interview - actual interview or is it #2. MRV payment - schedule interview - medical exam - actual interview thank you in advance.
  11. Hello, My fiancee has her interview scheduled for this coming October 12th 2018. We have been told that as of september 11 2018 that the embassy is requiring a letter of Eligibility before they are allowed to enter the building.. I have spoke with many people.. some say they got inside without being asked, only had their appt letter, their passport and screenshot of the NVC case Ready status. But then i spoke with other people.. not any of them first hand, meaning they heard from someone that heard that someone said that they were not given passage without the letter..( i think they call this gossip ). Im just looking for real answers from the people that have experienced interview within the last month in Manila...thx
  12. Hello everyone. This is mostly my own fault, but here's the story: I went to an 8am B2 visa interview on August 22nd at the US Embassy in London. I am a Swedish-Iranian dual national, I went to a university in the US and lived there for three years on an F1 visa. I thought even though I'm an Iranian national and Trump's travel ban it should be fine since I'm a dual national. The interview was OK, the officer did ask a lot of questions about what I do when I'm in Iran (sightseeing, see family), have I ever worked there (no) etc. He also didn't seem to think I had enough money for the trip, but I pointed out I am staying with friends and family and I'm not planning to do anything extravagant (£1,500). He did end up saying something along the lines of "I'm approving your visa, you can expect it to be with you in a week." I was ecstatic, and I bought my flight tickets that day for September 17 - October 1st. Huge mistake clearly, and I have learnt my lesson. It's been 16 days, 12 working days since my interview and my visa is still in "Administrative Processing" and it says it can take several weeks. My flight is in 10 days, but if we include the weekends, I only have five days until my passport is sent back before my flight. I emailed them and they said my visa was in the "final processing stages" but obviously they did not give a timeframe so they can drag it out for however long they want. I'm now thinking I should have applied for ESTA first, but I was led to believe that there was no point since I travelled to Iran in 2016 and 2017. So maybe they were right? No idea, but I'm feeling really anxious now because I spent £600 (yes quite cheap, check out Norwegian Airlines, but I'm only an NHS admin employee and we don't make much), and it's non-refundable. Thankfully Norwegian's rescheduling policy isn't terrible, I'm just horrified at reading some of the AP stories online. People waiting months and even years. All I wanted to do was hang out with my friends and go to the beach, jeez. If it doesn't arrive in time, I'm going to have to consider heading off for a last minute trip to Scotland instead since I have time off work. But what do you think the probabilities are that I'll get it next week? Honestly, I'm regretting even thinking about going now. Sorry for my long rant.
  13. Can anyone confirm lockers near the us embassy for cell phones? My fiancee has an interview this Thursday and how do you uber back if you don't have a cell phone. I heard there was lockers across the street but can't find that post again. Thanks for any help.
  14. Hi I am conscious this is a public forum so need to be careful with the level of information here but I desperately need help. I have had my UK medical, my interview is in less than 2 weeks and my fiance just got fired. I cant quite believe it myself. I have a completed affidavit that was all correct at the time of completion I had ready to take. Do I cancel my interview and hope he gets a new job by the time my medical expires? If it was to expire, how long can I sit ‘in limbo’ before they abandon the case or deny the application? I know I need to enter the US before the medical runs out IF I got approved and face another affidavit. I am struggling to find any assistance on changes of circumstances and of cause they do not help by phone. The only helpful information is that rescheduling my interview is free and they hold the fees for a year to rebook. (So worst case we start over and hope at least this bit wouldnt need paying over) I am finding all the co sponsor hard to understand and just need $$ figures to know who to approach and how to approach it. Finances are a personal thing! I really didnt want a co sponsor to be responsible for me. Realistically only his Mom may be able to sponsor but I dont think she may make enough as it says she has to cover both households? She lives with her husband in her home (he’s retired) and we would reside elsewhere so how much does she need to earn? She’s self employed. On assets only, I understand we need like $100,000 of liquid assets and we don’t have that. We would sell everything if we had to to try but it won’t solve the immediate problem. Have I failed with a couple of weeks to go and face starting over and losing all the costs paid out so far? I have cried for 3 days solid. Any advice is appreciated as I had pretty much sold up and was ready to go in the next 8 weeks. I cant even face telling my friends and family.
  15. i am a us citizen. today my wife had my interview and she got passed on it. she received a card which says to make profile and choose pickup location. as long as i know we can pick up location on non-immigrant visa. i tried to make profile but goes to apply for non immigrant visa form. the card is here
  16. Hopefully someone can help, I know there is no way to know how long it takes for administrative processing under 221g to be completed as each case is different. However I have been checking with USCIS and can see that my case was received at the end of February (2018). Once we know USCIS has a case, does anyone know what the wait time could potentially be? It has been nearly 4 months since I received my notification of revocation from the US embassy in London. Thanks!
  17. I filed I-130 petition with USICS, March 9th 2017 for my Husband to come home with me in Georgia. My I-130 petition was approved by USICS in August, 2017. NVC sent our case to Embassy in Ghana for my husband immigrant visa processing to come to the US. My husband interview was in January. He was denied visa under 212 (a) (4). I wrote US Embassy in Ghana and my Congressman also wrote the Embassy on my behalf, asking Embassy to show proof to support their decision that my Husband will BECOME a public charge in America. The US Embassy first response to me was that my Husband was denied under 214 B Non Immigrant Visa and his case is closed. They listed on their website that visa was refused. I responded back to the US Embassy in Ghana that he did not apply for a non-immigrant visa. I advised them my I-130 petition was approved by USICS for my husband to live in the USA permanently. February, 7th 2018 US Embassy reply to me and my Congressman thru email and their call center informed me to send my husband Passport and any documents of my own choice. My Husband is Ghanaian. I am American, born in New York City. I advised the US Embassy in Ghana and also my Congressman sent letters to US Embassy that I filed for immigrant visa, my I-130 Petition was approved and I helped my husband overcome public charge by submitting IRS tax transcripts, 401K account showing $25k, NYC Pension account that is vested at $30k, life insurance policies at $200k, 2017 annual income of $31k, bank accounts, investment accounts and Affidavit of Support. Our Family household size is 2. My parents are deceased and no children. I never lived off of welfare or anytype of Government assistance. My total debt, car, house, student loans credit cards is at $51k. I am paying monthly on reducing my debt. I owe no back taxes and I am a law abiding US Citizen. We own property and land in Ghana we have bank accounts in Ghana and my Husband is a professional Footballer registed with Ghana Football Assoc and under contract until June, 2018. We are not poor and USA welfare cannot support our lifestyle. So the US Embassy telling me that my Husband will BECOME a public charge is a blatant bold faced lie! We asked the US Embassy in Ghana to give us a written explaination on what documents did the CO use to come to the conclusion my Husband will BECOME a public charge in the USA. To date no answer from Embassy. The only response from Embassy in Ghana to me and my Congressman is that his visa case is under review and in que for a CO to review. Its the end of March now. Still showing on their website as refused and still no answers from US Embassy in Ghana. What is my next move? Please help. Thank you. I am a college graduate. I want a family and the US Embassy is delaying Us. They have no legal basis to deny my Husband visa for him to enter the US legally. If my Husband was in the USA he would of had his green card since August when USICS approved my I-130 petition. The US EMBASSY in Ghana is a unlawful, unethical place. They are abusing their authority and destroying Families. Enough is Enough. I will fight all the way to the Supreme Court of the US to end this injustice that this Embassy in Ghana is doing. Nothing we did was for free. We paid immigration fees, affidavit of Support, medical, police certifications and $355 for that visa. I will fight!!
  18. Hi I need help, my interview is on March 1, and I need to get police clearance from singapore, anyone know how to get a letter from the embassy saying it’s needed? Anyone had the same situation? What did you do? Where did you go for the fingerprint scanning? I am applying for an appeal to get my COC, i have lived in singapore for exactly 12 months because I was on the job training when i was in college. Thank you guys!!
  19. Hello! I had my interview at the US Embassy Manila yesterday, and they told me to get a DNA test. My petitioner is in the states and im here in the Philippines. The embassy sent me an email saying that I have to wait for them to send the instructions for the DNA testing, do I really have to wait for that? or can my mom just call the aabb accredited lab in the states already?
  20. Im a filipina currently working in saudi arabia. My fiance is also filipino but US citizen. We want to file for K1 visa in saudi arabia. But my question is, if my visa is approve, is it possible for me to go back first to philippines before goin to US even we process the visa in saudi arabia? Thankyou for the help 🙂
  21. Hi all! This is my first time posting in a forum but I wanted to ask if anyone has ever been to The American embassy in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and if it would be safe for a family with two children. My husband has his interview in January 2018 and I would like to be there with him for support, and honesty because we've never been apart. But we are a bit concerned about the safety of the city. If I were to go with him than we would also have to take our two young boys (one is 11 months old and the other is 6yo). My husband has a friend who recently traveled to Ciudad Juarez to have his interview done, and him an his wife were actually held captive until they gave a certain amount of money!! 😰 I want to be there for my husband but I am scared of putting my family in danger. Has anyone ever taken their family there, because another family member needed to be interviewed? Please let me know your experiences, because I need to start planning now if I have to bring my whole family thank you!
  22. Hey everyone! My fiance and I finally have our interview scheduled at the U.S. embassy in BOGOTA. wooooooohooo! For people who have already completed this process, how many business days did it take for you to get your visa once you were approved? Also, is it faster to pick it up or have it DHL delivered within Bogota? Thank you in advance!
  23. 8/1/17 - Received the email below: Case records indicate a call-in letter was mailed to the Applicant on 27-JUL-2017. Consular Section U.S. Embassy – Accra, Ghana I have been emailing asking if an electronic copy can be sent to me, the petitioner because of the sub-par postal mail system in Ghana. After 10 days with no response, they finally responded. 8/10/17 - Received the email below: The overwhelming majority of our applicants do receive their call in letters. If Applicants do not receive their call-in letters within 1 month of mailing, they are advised to email us and we will give them instructions on how to retrieve it person. We do not email call-in letters. Consular Section U.S. Embassy – Accra, Ghana So since I will not be receiving an electronic copy of the letter, here are my questions: What is a call in letter? What does it mean? What do they typically say? Is this something thats different per case or everyone's letter is the same? Per VG, no one ever actually receives this letter OR they receive it long after they have already interviewed. In this case I've read that we are to print the email chain between embassy and I and the CEAC case status update and just go to embassy and pick up the packet. My fear is that those effort will be in vain since we dont have the letter. Is there a specific day of the week and time where they allow us to pick up these packets? Is there a cost associated with picking this up? Does this mean my husband has an interview date? Can anyone shine any light on this "call in letter" process?
  24. Help! My wife, who is a Russian Citizen living in Russia, has been trying to reschedule her interview and her sons (my stepson) with the US Embassy in Moscow. We have been married more than 2 years and I am an American Citizen. Originally we had an appointment for her and for our son to be interviewed together on October 12. But she had to cancel that and as we try to reschedule, nothing is opening. We have been trying for several weeks to find an opening but nothing comes up. We are desperate since we have been apart for over 2 years. What can we do? I am an American Citizen and while I do not want to sound arrogant, I thought that would count for something in this process. Advice please?
  25. Hello guys, I am a US citizen and mom is from Nepal. We are going on a family vacation to Japan and I would like to apply for her US tourist visa from there if my extended vacation is approved. Since she doesn't speak English well, can I become her interpreter for visa interview?