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  1. End of the day, it's only a couple more pieces of paper. I'm taking everything that we submit (or at least a photocopy, if originals aren't required.) Seems like a simple way to avoid being placed on AP.
  2. I would echo what @TBoneTXsaid about at least trying. Also, while I completely empathize with cyberknight's situation, I have also been in touch with a couple who went through the same embassy in February as well without issue, and there have been a couple other folks as well. My wife and I will be there in three weeks, so hopefully can give our account of it as well.
  3. Do you have any connection to Kyrgyzstan? Typically NVC won't just let you choose which embassy you can apply at 'just because'. There are some exceptions, for instance recently prior have transferred to Almaty (myself) and Jerusalem (others), but that's the exception and not the rule - you have to contact the embassy yourself. I haven't seen any reports about people able to transfer their case to Bishkek here or in other chat groups.
  4. while I'll let @CyberKnight13 reply to this himself, I believe he is talking about CEAC, since that is the official portal where all documents to be considered must be submit.
  5. That was one of the reasons my wife and I decided to try transferring to KZ, what if the embassy needed longer and her Schengen began to run out - seems like we got lucky with her case being accepted for transfer, a lot less stress for us in general.
  6. seems like you'll be waiting about 2 months or so for interview date, which is then another 1.5 mo after that. I hope your parents can get those dates ahead of the Schengen interview/appt, as I believe the schengen visa is issued based on particular dates?
  7. Well, some members who were trying to apply to any embassy possible (as Warsaw is hard to get to) said that El Salvador actually accepted their transfer. If I was you, I wouldn't want to get into the queue in Mexico, ever I've heard the wait for an interview is massive. Whenever the case goes to NVC, then you just need to test your luck with Kazakhstan, Israel, maybe Serbia. Patience is key in this whole process...
  8. Yeah I've heard that float around, but so far I've kept everything by-the-book, literally, and had no problems. I can tell you in April if they ask for them 😆 at least, out of Almaty consulate...
  9. No, these documents don't need an apostille but they do need a notarized transition (at least for Almaty post.) I believe it's the same for other locations https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/step-5-collect-financial-evidence-and-other-supporting-documents/step-7-collect-civil-documents.html
  10. Yeah I thought about that this week. I've already mostly got my taxes finished, I have a simple situation except that this year for "ease of filing" I'll do it Married filing Separately, which means I gotta print it out and mail it in, probably do all that next week. Not sure how long it takes for tax transcripts to show up, but I'll have a copy of the return and my W2/1099s.
  11. Good news, we finally got my wife's interview date! We also got April 18th!
  12. I didn't realize there are two locations, but now that I look at Almaty's page I realized there are two street addresses mentioned. I think most likely we'll go for the Mukanova location as it seems more central, but yeah @CyberKnight13 I'd be happy to know if y'all were able to do Xray onsite or not. Cheers!
  13. Sounds about right, based on my conversation with @Moscowmojo, his wife did not receive any paperwork, it was all digital. Btw, he also mentioned that the x-rays take place at a different location - I'm guessing your wife completed those as well?
  14. Congrats for you both! I'm still waiting to hear back from Kazakhstan after the transfer in Jan 30th (original DQ Dec 20...) I can only think that the case just missed the deadline for February
  15. Just out of curiosity, if you were to do the math (and of course, hindsight is 20/20), how much have you spent on travel doing the in/out to stay legal with the 30 day runs, versus just getting the residency visa? Also, if you were to interview in Warsaw/Jerusalem/Almaty, do you have an estimate of how much you'd be spending for flights+hotels+other expenses in those places? You might find that just ponying up the cash for Serbia, if she's already got a lease or place to live there, is closer to breakeven. Just to give a different perspective on it.
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