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  1. My case updated to issued today. It went from Ready->Administrative Processing (AP) ->Issued.
  2. I am still waiting for the Issued. Interview was on oct 5th date changed on the 6th and then on the 8th went to AP. It has been on AP since. I emailed the embassy yesterday and was told this morning that the visa is ready to be printed and there is nothing else needed from me. Mind you im still in AP. I know you will be anxious until you are here in the States but try not stress too much. You were verbally approved and if something was wrong you would have seen a refused or received an email from the embassy telling you so.
  3. Hi! You will probably need a joint sponsor. Friend of mine had an interview recently in Bridgetown and sponsor was needed although spouse currently earned enough.
  4. @CS_Bradshaw Thank you! Congrats to you as well. My status still says Ready and the date changed to Oct. 6. Im not sure whats supposed to happen next
  5. Hi all interview was on 10/5. Hubby was approved!! I've also updated my timeline with all the details. Was wondering does all status change from Ready to Issued or is there another status in between?
  6. @Watch Guy I noticed that as well. Im not sure what the Barbados embassy is doing because it makes no sense to me. Im hoping that the month of September they switched focus. For all that is interested in this data https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics.html
  7. What forms are included in the medical packet for a CR1 VISA at the embassy?
  8. For the Record I have a CR1 case. I am only updating here so that the other members that are at the Barbados embassy will have some sort of visibility. As of right now it seems like any details on the US embassy in Barbados is top secret.
  9. @Greenbaum yes that was sent this morning as well.. i didn't notice it in the attachment. I just updated my timeline to reflect.
  10. A little update here: Docs Submitted: Sept 3 Expedite Requested: Sept 6 Review email from NVC: Sept 14 DQ: Sept 21 Expedite Approved: Sept 22 Cancel appt email: Sept 22 Case In Transit : Sept 23 Case Ready: Sept 24 Interview: Oct. 5 I have an expedited case.. but maybe you should email the embassy and see if you can schedule your interview?
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