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  1. sure. first we did a bunch of research online and decided which visa we wanted to apply for (i-130 spouse). I downloaded the i-130 and other forms from the USCIS website including the i-130 instructions. I did more research on websites like this and youtube videos. Then I spent maybe close to 60 HOURS! filling out all the forms very carefully based on the provided instructions. I printed out the forms and additional evidence/documents they ask for and sent it in! I decided to do it by paper because I had already filled out all the forms on pdfs on my computer and when I went to try and file online i realized I would have to completely start over, I also like the control of format that a paper application gives you, and my experience proves that online is not necessarily faster. my packet shipped in three days and I had a notice of action that it was received two days after that. the packet was something like this: -cover letter -electronic notification form -I-130 form -addendum 1&2 ( I have a long address and employment history that didnt fit on the i130 form so I created new pages according to the 1-130 instructions for additional information (I labeled these additional sections as addendums as I saw someone else do on a youtube video)) -i-130 A form (information about beneficiary spouse) -addendum 3&4 ( my spouses additional employment and addresses) - addendum 5: ( I created this section as basically a table of contents for my evidence of bonafide marriage/documents/proof of real relationship) - proof of us citizenship (birth cert) - proof of family relationship (marriage cert) - two passport photos of me ( didnt need photos of spouse because she is not here in US) -evidence of joint tenancy ( bank statement showing both of us paying rent in the same place at same time (a period of 2 months)) -evidence of combined financial resource (we were lucky to be able to open a bank account together in Australia extremely easily, we attached a bank statement with some highlighted transactions and handwritten notes next to shared costs; plane tickets/fuel/groceries) - third party affidavit ( letter from someone telling their knowledge of our relationship, we did two, both from one of our sisters) - plane boarding passes showing we traveled together - photographic timeline of relationship ( photos of us together in different places, tried to use some in front of landmark/unique places or with each others families/ friends to help identify the context) ( we were lucky to have traveled a lot together in the year since we met and photographed a lot of our travels) we used around 20 photos printed out at walgreens and I hand wrote on the back a brief description of the approximate date, who, and where. I definitely spent a LOT of time making sure the forms were all VERY thoroughly answered, neat, and well organized. Maybe this had something to do with the quick approval because I did my best to make it simple to navigate and fully complete, but who knows how it got done so fast. my spouse and I met a year and a half ago on working holiday visas in Australia. we were together basically from when we met until she left the US right before I filed the application. we decided to get married in USA while she was here visiting and meeting my family. The marriage in Colorado (on a road trip) took about 20 minutes and required only our passports, $30, and no witnesses. now she is back in Australia until further notice... I am now starting on the NVC process and figuring out what to do about not having filed taxes in years. Hope this info helps! Just keep researching online and follow the instructions that they provide you on the USCIS website.
  2. no nothing special at all really. we got married in the US in january and dont have kids. Really have no idea how this happened... wish everyone else gets a fast approval too!
  3. No i filed by mail to phoenix lockbox. sent to potomac service center.
  4. Hi my i130 was just approved and im working on AOS. I (petitioner/sponsor) have been living and working outside the US since 2016 (now I am back residing in US but not working yet). I am concerned because I have not done a tax return since maybe 2015 or 2016... anyone have a similar experience filing without tax returns? Or can point me to some relevant information? I am thinking of attaching a paper that explains I was not required to file because I did not work in the US during that period (based on something I read on a tax services website) I will have a joint sponsor to help cover the gaps in my records.. ill continue researching but any similar experience or advice appreciated. Thanks!
  5. UPDATE found my password and logged into USCIS Account. Found NOA2 document confirming again Approved April 16, 2020
  6. update: found my password and logged into USCIS account where I found NOA2 document. Approved April 16, 2020
  7. I am guessing NOA2 is still in the mail as it was only approved yesterday. But USCIS website shows my I130 application status as (case approved on April 16, 2020). and no there is nothing special/urgent/unusual about our application/case... The NOA1 shows that they received my I130 application on March 16, 2020. Exactly ONE MONTH processed and approved. Seems very unusual to me too. I never heard of that in my research of other peoples experiences.
  8. recieved email from NVC that they recieved my approved petition from USCIS. assuming that the notice from USCIS is still in the mail but USCIS website shows my I130 status: (Case Approved on April 16, 2020) my NOA1 shows they received the I130 on March 16, 2020. Exactly 1 month processed and approved...
  9. I sent my I130 application to phoenix lockbox on March 9, 2020 (recieved NOA1 soon after, sent to Potomac center) and today I recieved an email from NVC and checked the status, it says approved as of April 16, 2020. Has anyone else had such a quick approval? I was expecting 7-12 months. Is this virus related...
  10. wow. So i sent my application March 9th and today the status now says approved as of April 16!!! has anyone else been approved in one month? I was expecting 7 months to a year...
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