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  1. In Australia, those who had their interviews cancelled in March are being re-scheduled. I haven't received any email yet, so I am making the assumption that they will try and clear those applicants before opening up to the rest of us. Which I think is fair, it would have been devastating having an interview cancelled back in March.
  2. Thanks. I was surprised I got it tbh, I only wrote 200 words, attached my NOA1 receipt and said I would be travelling for 2 months. Thanks, I am worried about being pulled into secondary, even though I have nothing to hide it just seems like such a nerve wracking experience. I also don't want to be sent back and then have to pay for quarantine without even seeing my partner. How long did they interview you for?
  3. I just got an exemption to leave Australia to visit my partner. I haven’t done the interview or medical yet in Australia due to the closures obviously. Does anyone have any tips of what documents I should take with me to show that I intend to return to Aus? My trip will be for 3 weeks and then I have 2 weeks in quarantine in Brisbane. I have my full time work contract and my casual work contract, but I don’t have a rental agreement as my work supplies me with accomodation. I fully intend on returning because I don’t want to screw up this process and have to restart.
  4. Hi! Not sure if you have had any luck yet with your exemption. I recommend putting your travel date within a week of applying for your exemption- you will get your approval or rejection faster that way. Once your exemption has been approved, it is valid for 3months (some people are saying it's valid until you use it). Make sure you put your return travel date years from now as well. A lot of people have had to apply 8 times and then on the 9th try they get it. It also depends on the officer reviewing your application.
  5. Sorry to jump onto this- my partner had been a student for 4 years, he started working as an intern the start of july and has a 4 year contract. He is over triple the amount required for the two of us but doesn't have any tax returns for the last 4 years. Should we get a co-sponsor? I keep hearing different advice.
  6. That's a tough one, maybe reach out to your local MP?
  7. Yes, I spoke to someone and their interview was re-booked for the end of November, that was the earliest they could get. Just wanting to get a grasp of how delayed everything will be and if there's even a slither of chance that I would be able to get an interview for this year once my NOA2 is approved. Also had another person say that they got the notification that their paperwork was being sent to the Syd embassy, things are moving 🙂
  8. Because I had no idea how to, I went to the country specific area and clicked on the Aussie flag, but I couldn’t find the area to create a forum. I find the format on this site a bit confusing to be honest
  9. Hi, Thought I would start this thread for those who are now able to book in appointments at Sydney embassy. If you have been able to, could you please put down the earliest date that you have been able to book in with? Just to give everyone an idea of how big the backlog is/ expected timeline. Thanks 🐨🇦🇺
  10. I was so worried that Sydney was going to get affected by Victoria's outbreaks! I am glad they are re-opening as it's the only one that processes k1
  11. My fiance and I met when he was studying in Australia. We were together for 8 months before our relationship turned into a long distance one.
  12. Right?! I hope the outbreaks won't affect us, but I am doubtful. Might be time to move to NZ and swap embassies at this rate haha
  13. New Zealand Embassy is re-opening July 20th for routine visa services.
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