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  1. 2 weeks after still no ANY updates, no reply about the emails etc.. I don't know what we can do more
  2. Hi, I just got my K1 visa but the nightmare starts... it's written CWOP on it; I don't understand at all the officer during the Interview approved it. On NVC it's written. "Issued". I got a letter with my passport, "After reviewing your case, this office finds that your visa requires additional processing. We will inform you by email or phone w'ere ready to print your visa". I am all in tears I want to be with my fiancée Does anyone know why this kind of thing happen? My fiancée emailed them but we are waiting on a reply. Thank you
  3. Hi, I am filling out a new DS-160 however I have a question concerning this question : "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?" I started a K-1 Visa in 2017 in an ex-relationship (went until the payement after the NVC transit, no interview, no medical appointment). Should I say yes and explain I started a K-1 in a relationship that didn't work or I have to say no? Thank you
  4. Hello, So I have my interview in a month for a K-1 Visa. So my fiancée doesn't meet the required money (by very close unluckily) but her dad is co-sponsoring us. We did the papers (I got them today through mail) but I think we messed up for her dad we filled the I-864 instead of an I-134 (we thought only the fiancé had to do this form). Can someone confirm or unconfirm that both sponsors have to do a I-134? It's pretty confusing online Apparently the 864 is maybe for the "previous" AOS that Biden cancelled, etc... Thank you !
  5. Hello it's hard but we try to keep faith. Only UK people I know got interviews. I might pay the fees for the embassy since Trump reopened (for a day? lol) the borders - who know's maybe Biden will process the pending interviews
  6. Hello everyone happy new year With all this delay I am kind of lost with what I have to do; I checked the Embassy in France and I don't see the message saying they stopped doing K1 (Hopefully they resumed tthem!)
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