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  1. Thank you guys ! We don’t wanna pass through all the process after it seems long and complicated .
  2. Thanks a lot for the info guys ! I was wondering if you have any idea about whether going to Rabat or Tangier to get ability to marry statement ? I live near Tangier so would I be able to get that from there since the consul of external affairs building resides there ?
  3. My petitioner needs a statement from the police office stating that she has good conduction status so from where you guys think we should be getting that from Tangier or Rabat ?
  4. You guys are the best I cant thank you enough
  5. I get you ! but im the requirements for CR1 for the petetioner it says report from the police and the FBI ? Is it really i;portant to have all that ?
  6. Couples from Morocco how did you got the reports ( what reports did you needed ?) if so ! how ? where ? Thanks !
  7. Thanks ! I really apprecite your help
  8. I see ..thanks again for the info . it such relief to think that there is always support from people like you guys .
  9. Thanks a lot for the info . Do you have any idea about whether the applicant parents should attend the wedding or not ?
  10. With a K-1, the legal marriage must take place in the US..... So do you mean that K1 is faster than CR1 ?
  11. Could someone advice which is better the K1 or the CR1 ? I knew my gf a year now and she only met my family but I have not met hers .. would that be a problem for the process ? we are also a 9 years age difference . Should the marriage in MOROCCO include the whole family and friends or just the parents and close friends ?
  12. Wow that is amazing .. we are trying to do that as well . Thanks a lot for support much appreciated
  13. That is a problem ..we communicate in French , English and Spanish so I think that is an advantage
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