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  1. I saw this and have a question. We know of a couple in Pakistan who got a green card through sponsorship from their son, who is a citizen. All they do is fly back and forth. The man still works at his job in Pakistan. Their main residence is in Pakistan, but all they do is visit back and forth. How do they maintain a green card?
  2. I also will add my husband to my policy when/if he gets here. I talked to our central office people, who gave me a copy of our rules that say that spouses/children can be added due to a life-changing event. Getting a visa to come here is considered a life-changing event, so I will have evidence that he will have health insurance. Can you do that?
  3. You should be able to add your spouse, as this is a "life change" event.
  4. Noooo, they just assigned our paperwork to someone. I was just wondering how long it takes to get from Nebraska to NVC. And then once you pay all fees, how long that takes. I wish you guys would here something...it's just ridiculous.
  5. How long does it usually take from approval at Nebraska to NVC finishing with papers? Thanks!
  6. Are you saying you got an NOA1 or that you actually sent in the papers in Jan, 2019? I sent mine in over a year ago (Aug, 2018) and they are just now assigning them to a person. What is your reason for expediting?
  7. We found out that our papers have been assigned to someone at Nebraska after over a year. My husband will be in Germany for work by the end of September. I am hoping we get an interview in Germany. Do they allow the spouse to go in with the beneficiary?
  8. Our senator's office called Nebraska yesterday. They said our paperwork has now been assigned. Our date was August 7, 2018. Anybody have any idea how long it takes from Nebraska to finished at NVC?
  9. Right now, the Nebraska Service Center is taking over a year to assign a case. We applied Aug. 7, 2018, and haven't heard a word. Good luck!
  10. No, they just tell my senators that looking at papers is now at 11-13 months to just open them.
  11. I rest my case about your rudeness. You must take offense at everything. I'm done.
  12. That's what our lawyer said the first time he heard our story.
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