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  1. I got an ITIN for my husband and it only took about 3 weeks to get the number then three weeks to get the refund but the most difficult part was the bank not cashing it until he signed it cause it was made out to my name AND his name. So how did you get him to sign it?
  2. Love To Teach

    Section 8

    Correct answer: Non-cash or special purpose cash benefits that are not considered for public charge purposes include: Medicaid and other health insurance and health services (including public assistance for immunizations and for testing and treatment of symptoms of communicable diseases; use of health clinics, short-term rehabilitation services, and emergency medical services) other than support for long-term institutional care Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Nutrition programs, including Food Stamps, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program, and other supplementary and emergency food assistance programs Housing benefits Child care services Energy assistance, such as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Emergency disaster relief Foster care and adoption assistance Educational assistance (such as attending public school), including benefits under the Head Start Act and aid for elementary, secondary, or higher education Job training programs In-kind, community-based programs, services, or assistance (such as soup kitchens, crisis counseling and intervention, and short-term shelter Dang, if NONE of these is considered being a public charge, what the heck is? If somebody needs all of this help, how in the world can they afford to travel to meet a future spouse, pay all the fees, and support the person? This is ridiculous!
  3. I can't find our CR-1 in these lists. Does anyone know why? We do have a timeline. Just realized I made a mistake on our timeline. Now corrected.
  4. We have a lawyer in the US and one in Pakistan. The one in Pakistan says this happens a lot. BUT the problem is he was terrorized into writing a coerced dictated false confession saying he was still married to his ex. He was actually terrified that someone could and would hurt his family. He almost lost his health. Thank God he moved to Dubai and has a job he loves. I don't know if we can ever overcome it. He and his ex and kids have been to court testifying they are and have been divorced, but still they turned down our rebuttal. It's almost if they can get you to say something false, you can never get out of it, even when the statement was coerced using tactics that are totally against USCIS regulations. I know of several others that this has happened to. The CO's use terrorist tactics on applicants that they want to deny. We have filed a complaint, but people are afraid to stand up to them.
  5. That's the problem. Unless she works somewhere where she can get health insurance through her employment, she is going to be in over her head. That is one reason I keep working at 67, so that I can carry my husband until he can get his own insurance.
  6. When I looked at the cost of medical insurance for my husband a year or so ago (Obamacare), the cost was right at $1,000.00 a month for a decent (not top) plan. That would not include co-pays and out-of-pocket. She would have to make quite a bit at work to cover that.
  7. Married: Oct. 2015 Filed 1st CR-1 Dec. 2015 Denied after appeal Filed 2nd CR-1 with receipt date of Aug. 7, 2017 Nebraska Service Center
  8. They said the same thing about my husband--that he was still married. He has been divorced for years, had all the papers saying such. They screamed at him, terrorized him, asked who we paid to get fake papers, made fun of my divorces, shouted Muslim prayers and insults him in his face. They look for something to reject you, then they tangle you up in it. No, they aren't stupid because people fall for their deception and are bullied into saying and doing things that are not true under true fear of retaliation. There is not always a "reason for it." They routinely try their terrorizing on people that they have decided should not have a visa (in their all-knowing view). Those people are treated like common criminals. Maybe "they" think you have been married too many times, maybe "they" think Muslims should not be be married to Christians, maybe "they" think somebody has too many children, maybe "they" think the entire town is involved in a fraudulent marriage along with you. They are basing their "decisions" on cultural standards that are hundreds of years in the past. I'm so happy that my husband is out of that country and working for people that appreciate him. That interview just about literally killed him---emotionally and physically. We won't give up! Just have to add, after seeing the letter this fellow received, I had to chuckle (in a sarcastic way) that he had been "coached." I wish I had coached my husband to look out for being attacked. He had no idea that they would go for his throat. Neither did I really, as he is in his 50's and I'm in my 60's, and we are both educated professionals. Do they really think my hubby would spend 8 years on a "fake" marriage? Again, what is "normal" in Pakistani culture doesn't necessarily apply to US couples. I mean, really, get a grip, CO's and catch up with the real world. I'm not stupid enough to think sham marriages don't happen BTW because I also know some of those.
  9. Exactly. I'm a teacher, and I teach my kids not to be "bystanders" when someone else is getting bullied. If I can't or won't do the same thing, how can I ask them to do it? Yeah, it's scary, BUT it's the right thing to do. I know we have a target on our backs, but at this point, I don't care. It's the right thing to do because what they are doing is wrong in every way, and somebody has to stand up and say "Enough!" Thanks for the encouragement!
  10. Freda, you know those are the ones they try to intimidate. You met my husband. Does he seem like the criminal type? lol That's what surprised him so and got him so rattled. He's never been in trouble, is never a hothead, and is a well-respected businessman. Again, he expected an interview, he got a verbal assault. I don't know if getting in your face and screaming is now an acceptable way to interview. Apparently from the comments here, it is. How about the man who was threatened with hanging? How about a man who gets his papers literally thrown in his face? How about being accused of paying for your papers and having religious insults screamed at you? You know the truth. I wonder what some of these other smug people would do in the same situation. You playing the race card? That's really a good one....
  11. Again, as long as someone is still under the immigration process (green card, removing of conditions, citizenship, etc.) they are afraid to say a word because it could come back to bite them. If you had gone through all of this and FINALLY got a visa, would you bother to go back and file a complaint? Some people are too lazy to do it...they got what they needed, move on, and don't worry about the rest of us. Some are so sick of it, they just try to forget it. How do we know how many complain? We never will because they sure aren't going to tell.
  12. These lawyers are my husband's friends and are not charging him for their services, so that shoots down your theory. You miss the point....The locals are better at screaming at them in their own language, basically using their religion against them to incite guilt for being divorced. The American CO sits there watching while the locals do the terrorizing. I'm officially giving up trying to explain to people what is going on. Now you see why. You are making excuses for this behavior, so you can see why people don't report it. People like you are the reason. Yeah, I'm making all this up...geeze....You should have to go through what other people have...then maybe you wouldn't be so quick to discredit the truth about what people have had to endure at these "interviews."
  13. If you wanted a second interview, would you complain? So are you saying I'm lying and this only happened to us? Ask yourself why they use the locals to harass the person? Don't you find it a little odd that it's never the Americans? At least, that is the way it has been to all of the people I have talked to. My husband's lawyers in Pakistan and the UK say this happens all the time to people at that embassy. Do you think you know more about it than they do? By the way, I find your attitude really offensive. If you had been treated that way, you wouldn't be so smug. The people I know are afraid to file complaints because they will be retaliated against, especially if they get a second interview.. When you complain, you get a pat answer basically saying too bad, go see your local office, where they will say the same thing. "Sorry, the CO has the final word. Nothing we can do about it." The people I know are afraid to file a complaint. Ask them why. Did you go through that embassy? The thing is, the person should have a civil interview, not a terrorizing "criminal" assault. The embassy's own guidelines state that they CO is to be respectful of the person, never attack nor harass. THAT's my point.
  14. You might find it difficult to believe, but they accuse people all the time of lying. You must not know a thing about the Pakistan Embassy. That is one of their most common tactics--accusing the person of lying about being married, being divorced, whatever lies they can come up with. They are arrogant and abusive. They terrorize people in a small room, screaming and yelling in their faces, throwing papers in their faces and screaming insults until they break them down. And btw, this is not my opinion, it's my husband and other's experiences. They hire locals to terrorize their own people in that little room. That way, the American CO's "keep their hands clean" while they watch the abuse. And, of course, they conveniently don't record interviews. Why would they not do that in this day and age? No evidence of their abuse. They nearly destroyed my husband's confidence, as he is a mild and meek kind of guy who is very respectful of others and has never been screamed at before. He is a well-respected businessman there (and still has 2 small businesses there), but moved to Dubai for a great job. Thank God, because he is finally regaining his physical health also. He was expecting an interview. What he got was a terrorist inquisition. If you think I am not telling the truth, I don't care. God knows the truth. I have heard way too many other stories of abuse from lots of other people. They are just too embarrassed to talk about it on here because people automatically assume there is something wrong with them. Those that have suffered through that know that these are not interviews, they are assaults on a person's character.
  15. Wow, you obviously have no experience with the Pakistan Embassy. It is/could be only "a breeze" if you are a Pakistani woman. It all depends on whether or not they have decided beforehand yes or no. If no, you'd better be ready for their insults. Many people don't want to post what happened to them at that embassy, but have talked to others offline about how they were treated.