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  1. When did you file? We filed two years ago in August, took almost a year to get to NVC.
  2. Yes. And our Senator's office talked to somebody official last week, who told them they weren't scheduling interviews yet. And that was before UAE closed everything. I'm not sure if he meant them, or all the embassies.
  3. We are in the same boat as you. NVC has our case, Abu Dhabi is the interview site. However, UAE just pretty much shut down the country a few days ago. We applied two years ago for the second time. We held off paying our fees to NVC because my husband has been waiting for a German work visa since last November, now the virus. So we finished with all the paperwork about a month ago, but have not heard anything more about an interview. Now everything is closed.
  4. As usual, our ####### luck continues. My husband has been waiting in Pakistan for his German visa to go work at the Marriott in Munich as a customer service manager. He has been waiting since last October, then the shutdown. After all that time with no work, he was allowed to fly back to his old job in Dubai 3 weeks ago (on his own dime, of course). After working two weeks with few customers, he found out yesterday, they are closing down UAE. We filed two years ago in August, 2018, and his interview is supposed to be in Abu Dhabi. We were waiting for him to get to Germany and change to their embassy for his interview because we were told that it would not take long for him to get a German visa. After waiting all that time and putting off finishing our paperwork, he went back to Dubai to work (since he hasn't had a paycheck since last Oct.), only to be told he has to go back to Pakistan and wait because they have no business at the Dubai Marriott. Of course, on his own dime again. He said the few employees left were crying and so upset to lose their jobs. Thank God he has a job waiting for him in Munich. In addition, he lost 3 relatives in one month, one to this horrible virus. If you get depressed, just think about our situation and you should feel better. We have been together 10 years. This is our second CR-1 application. I hope all of you have better luck than we have! I keep thinking things will improve, but they just keep getting worse.
  5. Ok, I changed them to zip files and downloaded them again.When I open a document, I am still getting the page that says, "CEAC page is not working," except NOW it is blinking off and on. So that is what CEAC will see when they open the file. I can see why people give up on immigration!
  6. I'm sorry I'm so stupid. How do I do that? I have them as just documents.
  7. Hi--Thanks for the reply. I made sure all of the documents were small enough. I divided them up so that none was over 2 pages. I had my husband look at the uploads on his computer. They come up the same "CEAC error page." Today, when I went back in to try to upload them again, those additional documents were not even listed. But the person I talked to on the phone said that the documents were there, but she couldn't open them (not allowed) so she could not tell me if they uploaded correctly. I am at wit's end with all of our immigration issues. Any other suggestions? I tried to upload them again today, but it still goes to an error page. It says "site can't be reached." How can we do what they ask when the site never works correctly?
  8. I was asked to submit some extra documents to NVC. I downloaded all the documents and labeled them. I checked them to make sure that they were downloaded correctly. However, when I downloaded them to the CEAC site, after the download, the site takes me to a page that says CEAC error page. My husband tried on his computer by opening the documents I downloaded, and they opened with this CEAC error page also. They appear to be downloaded when you submit them, but when you open them, this CEAC error page appears. On my computer, when I open them on my desktop, it IS the correct document. But the site is messing them up. I called and the woman said that the downloads were there, but she can't open them to see if they are the actual correct documents. She said I have to wait and see, and they would let me know if they were wrong. So there goes more wasted time. Does anybody have any idea what to do? That CEAC site seems to have lots of issues, but never seems to be fixed.
  9. Thank you for speaking up. I just don't understand why some people are so rude when you are just addressing their questions, and then call you a liar when you tell the truth. It makes me so sad. It seems too many people on this site are just plain rude for no reason.
  10. OMG, I can't believe you said that...lol. I am 69, was married the first time at 18. First two I was very young. The third lasted 23 years. He got "bored." The fourth was the Moroccan who was abusive. I took a long time investigating the current one and really had no plans to ever get married again. But that's the only way we can be together. So we have known each other 9.5 years now. I think I know him pretty well after daily talks and 12 visits. Anyway, the Islamabad embassy likes to use divorce to accuse people of being liars, etc. They often accuse people of paying for papers because of the huge amount of corruption there. I could tell you some stories, but you wouldn't believe it. So they went after him for daring to marry someone with 4 divorces. I'm not ashamed of it. What bugs me is that they judge our relationship on their beliefs. They kept screaming at my husband that he was still married to his first wife when he had the divorce papers right there. He was so traumatized that he forgot to tell them to look at the papers. He just kept saying he was divorced. They screamed Islamic prayers at him and told him he was a bad Muslim. They really have their act down pat. They actually had the false confession papers ready and laying on the table to tell him what to write. If you think I'm making this up, that's your privilege, although I don't know why anybody would make up this horrible situation. We know the truth and so does God. AND we will never give up. I can't move to be with him because my brother has MD and I have to be here to help him. I have an old dog who can't travel, own my own home, and need to keep working because I have to prove we can get my husband insurance (until he gets a job). I have several health issues that need monitoring. He is in management at the Marriott, so he's not an idiot. He is in his 50's, well-spoken, educated, and well-traveled. It's just sad that some old coot can decide how your life is going to be.
  11. One of them. He ended up being abusive, so we were only together (long) 2 years. Now he's in jail for the abuse of his Moroccan wife that he brought here.
  12. My husband's interview started out normally, which lulled my husband into thinking they were going to be nice to him. Then he was taken to a small room where they screamed, yelled and intimated him. They use Pakistani men to do their dirty work of intimidating and terrorizing people. They made fun of him because I have been divorced 4 times, called him a liar, asked who we paid for our papers. They told him he would never set foot in the USA. He was so upset he ended up writing a false "confession" that he was still married to his ex. His divorce papers were sitting there, but he felt the only way he could escape was writing what they dictated. He actually went blank. Whenever we talk about it, he gets sick to his stomach. There is no recording of these interviews, so you have no witnesses to this conduct. When we appealed, they said too bad. We did file a formal complaint, but they don't care. My husband is a kind, gentle guy who never even raises his voice. So tell your husband to be careful and DO NOT write down anything they tell you to say. If they try to make him write what they dictate, tell him to refuse. Don't let them intimidate him and stick to what you know is the truth. Our friends had their papers thrown in the husband's face while they called him a liar. I've had several other couples contact me privately with similar stories of harassment and terrorizing. At this embassy, they are experts at harassment and they break all of the rules of USCIS conduct for interviews, but nothing is done about it. If we had it to do over, he would have taken a lawyer with him. My husband's health has not been the same since. We have been together 9 years, had to restart the entire process. We have been married 4.5 years. His interview, if we get one, will be in Abu Dhabi this time. We had hoped for Germany, but he is still waiting for his German work visa (for 7 months). He is a customer service manager at the Marriott, so he is a professional educated guy. But it doesn't matter....BTW, I just turned 69, so time is running out for us sadly.
  13. They told me yesterday that they are working on February cases. Their electronic filing site stinks! Half the time parts of it are not working. I tried downloading my documents. When I opened them before submitting, it came up as CEAC error.
  14. They can see if the papers are there, but they can't open them to see if the download worked. When I opened mine to look, all I saw was a CEAC page saying there was an error. And contact CEAC. Nobody knows their butt from a hole in the ground.
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