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  1. UPDATE: My husband had his second interview in Abu Dhabi and was denied again. They were nice to him, at least. The senator's office said the Islamabad Embassy said we had a permanent band. We have never been told that and were never given a paper stating that. We have a lawyer filing an appeal. He doesn't understand why they would have given us another interview, etc., if we had a permanent band. We have spent the last several years with my husband being in and out of work due to covid, hotel shutdowns (he's in the hsopitality business), planes not flying etc. My husband developed PTSD since that Islamabad interview, has had a heart attack, and covid twice. His health is shot after that interview. He has continued to have bunches of stress symptoms that he did not have previously. But we continue to say we will not give up. He is now working in Abu Dhabi at a job he loves. I have just visited him for the first time in 2 years due to covid and health issues. We had set up 7 meetings, but they didn't pan out because of various reasons. We have now known each other for 11 years, married for 6.5 , and have suffered many health issues, many stress related. However, we are still together and have not given up. The sad part is we are both older and are suffering health issues.
  2. I haven't been on in a while, but our ####### luck continues. I'm not going to repeat our story, but suffice it to say we have known each other 10 years, married 5.5 years, applying for a second time after a horrendously abusive interview and denial at Islamabad 5 years ago. I left off our story when my husband was waiting for his German visa for over a year to go work with the Marriott, after everyone getting laid off in Dubai due to covid. He had worked at the Marriott in Dubai for more than a year, so he put Abu Dhabi as his interview place. So 5 months ago, he finally got his German visa and went there to work. They told him and his group and boss that they were sending them to Dubai to work. However, within a week in Germany, he was in the hospital with blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart problems (all developed after his interview in Islamabad). He stayed there 10 days, we got 1500 copay bill. All they did was give him meds. A few weeks later, he flew to Dubai to work. Within a month, he got covid at the hotel, as did most of his coworkers. After quarantining (and a 3500 copay), he went home to rest for a few weeks in Islamabad with his older kids. While there, he had a heart attack and was again in the hospital (another 1500 copay). He had to get a stint and a balloon for 2 blockages, which should have been found in Germany. He only got one month's salary in all this time. He was not able to attend the interview due to the covid. Anyway, he finally got his interview rescheduled for Abu Dhabi, but that was when he had the heart attack and he had to reschedule. Well, his interview was this past Tuesday. Guess what? While he was told (and his friend/lawyer was with him) that there was no quarantine for Pakistanis both on the phone and at the Pakistan airport, they are stuck at the hotel in Dubai waiting to get out of quarantine for 7 to 14 days. He tried to call the embassy in Abu Dhabi, but they don't answer the phone. He wrote an email telling them what had happened and received a generic answer. His friend/lawyer was going with him to his interview since I can't (back problems, quarantine issues, so I didn't get to go). However, he needs to get back to his office in Islamabad. So right now my husband is in the Dubai airport on day 6 of quarantine, waiting it to end, after which he will go to Abu Dhbai and plead his case to get another interview. I know this sounds unbelievable, but trust me, it's the awful truth. So when you get down in the dumps about your case, just think of our 5 years of waiting to get a second interview and you should feel lots better. The sad part is I am turning 70 this month, wasn't even 60 when we met. He's 54. Meanwhile, both of our health is going downhill. I am waiting to retire from teaching so I can put him on my health insurance if he gets here. It feels like our lives are wasting away waiting, praying, and hoping we will get to have some years together. I can't move as I have to help with my brother who has MS, need my doctor nearby, have an elderly dog who can't travel, and other life issues. We can only pray....Sorry for the long post....There have been a few people who doubted my story in the past, that's your issue. Nobody could or would make this stuff up. My point is don't give up if you really love each other.
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