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  1. I am a US citizen filled I130 for my sister(over 21of age) march 2012. parents became US citizen last year 2019 . is there anyway we can bring her sooner? any ideas?
  2. I am not able to find by country name. are you able to send me the link. thanks
  3. Priority date is 03/27/2012. any idea when the visa will be available.
  4. I am a US citizen filed for my sister who is over 21. I filled I130 on March 2012. but the thing is that my parents became US citizen this year. do you think that's going to make any difference to speed up the process? please let me know thank you
  5. you can fill the form online and just put the original signature in signature page. that's what I did and it was ok.
  6. Medical was done one week before the interview and next day you can collect the report.
  7. I need to pay Green card fee. its asking for A# and DOS case ID so is DOS case id and NVC case number the same.
  8. My wife will be arriving soon with CR1 visa. Right after she arrives we planning to go to Cancun , Mexico without getting actual green card. so from your experience will there be any issues entering Cancun and flying back to USA with CR1 visa.
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