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  1. Thank you so much! Yes after I called it took several hours and actually I got an email, and ALL my apps went off at about the same time around an hour ago...Showing our case was approved! So just hang in there and pray really hard coz it's coming soon!🙏
  2. Thanks so much! Hang in there yours will be coming soon!
  3. Yes a Glorious day indeed! My heart is still pounding, and bless Ren's heart, she just went to bed and is trying to sleep right now with all that adrenaline still rushing through her. I don't expect her to have a restful nights sleep but then again, the release of the stress may knock her right out! LOL
  4. I had her on Skype when I called USCIS and she saw my reaction when the lady told me, so I put the lady on speaker phone and had her to repeat it! Ren screamed and I know that blew out that lady's ears out...LOL
  5. We will be adding another Beautiful lady to these hills very soon! We just got our application approved today!
  6. Wahoooooooooo! I just called USCIS and we got approved today!!!!!!! God is GREAT!
  7. Been there and done that airport goodbye thing 3 times already! Yeppers that sucks. And yes and yes and yes! Nothing bad but yes!😊🤪
  8. Well, my plan was to go when Ren has her interview. But my patience are wearing thin so depending on how this political game plays out. If things happen soon I'll wait for the interview and if not I will make a trip before the end of the year.
  9. First thing in the morning! Thank you brother!😁
  10. Nothing yet, I called yesterday but didn’t speak to anyone on tier 2, I didn’t realize I could do that! I got a “yep we got it” answer. I politely expressed my concerns and and hung up. I don’t want to pull out my Ace just yet!😉
  11. Yeah that’s our plan as well! She scheduled hers a few weeks ago and will be attending it in a couple weeks. That’s just one more thing we don’t have to do before we leave to fly back here. Just run back by and get her stamp or sticker (whatever it is lol) and off we go!
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