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  1. Thanks! The officer asked how met, how my parents feel about me being in the US, then she asked me yes or no questions from form I-485 and confirmed some of our info and birth dates, we told her a little bit about our wedding day. Then she took and kept some photos of our wedding and asked us for our shared assets (we had our cars insurances with both our names on them, renters insurance and lease agreement) and that was it
  2. My husband and I had our interview yesterday at the San Antonio field office. It lasted less than 15 minutes and it was pretty nice, we have been approved! Funnily enough my EAD was approved two days before the interview. Check out my timeline for more detail and I hope it helps. This thread/forum has helped a lot through all the stressful waiting, thanks everyone for sharing your timelines and experiences on here!
  3. Hello there! Is having health insurance a requirement for the AOS interview or just one of the many ways to show a bona fide marriage?
  4. Hello everyone! I'm a May 2019 AOS filer too and, as many others over here, I've been waiting 69 days and did not receive any biometrics appointment letter. On June 28 (a little over a month after USCIS received our AOS papers) I called USCIS explaining my concern about not getting the appointment letter and the only thing they said they could do was submitting a service request, so they did that for me. Of course other 30 days had almost passed and I did not receive an answer so I decided to call again July 25. The guy over the phone said that nothing had been done after my service request (I think he meant that nobody has even looked at it) but he also explained that the reason why I am not receiving the appointment for biometrics could be that USCIS could use some of my old biometrics (I guess the ones they have on record from the consulate or maybe the POE?). So I'm just hoping that he's right but it's definitely super frustrating not knowing if the case is moving forward or not. I thought I'd share this for the ones of you that are in the same situation as me.
  5. Hi! Just a couple of days ago I sent my AOS papers to the Lockbox in Chicago, I followed the instructions on how to write the check and I think I wrote everything right on it apart from a little mistake, probably. I have no experience with writing checks whatsoever and in the part of the amount that is written in words I forgot to write "00/100" and just wrote the $1225 amount. Will USCIS accept the check anyway, since the number amount is right? Is it okay if I didn't write my A# anywhere on the check? (I just assumed that because it is in my name (the applicant) and it's sent attached to all the papers in my name and with my A number that is shouldn't be a problem). Did something similar happen to anyone here?
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