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  1. Hi, I’m thinking about wiring more than $10 K from Europe to the US. I read that I have to report this to the IRS? I only find documents for entrepreneurs, which I am not. Can someone help me out? Thank you!
  2. Hi, I got the notification this week that my green card was being produced. Such great news! When should I receive it the mail? I’m curious about the timing 🤓
  3. Hi, I am about to relocate to the US. How did you guys transfer money from a European bank account to a US one?
  4. Hello. Our interview at the embassy was cancelled the evening before the interview date. We were told we would receive a new date in August “in the coming week”. That was 15 days ago now. We emailed the embassy on Thursday to inquire about an update but have not heard back yet. Should we continue to wait for an email or should we give them a call this coming Thursday?
  5. Hi, Is there someone who used copies of the Affidavit of Support for their embassy interview? The probleme I have is that the postal service is taking a long time to deliver the “wet ink” ones 😑
  6. I have my interview the end of July. Do I need to bring the affidavit of support with the original (“ink”) signature? Or is a copy ok?
  7. No, we are still gathering the documents for the NVC.
  8. Hi, How or where can I find more information on the processing times of the NVC? Our I-130 just got approved. Thank you.
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