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  1. I understand! My question is, how can I decrease the withholdings? They are higher than the percentage in my state.
  2. Okay so lets say I put on my W-4 married filing jointly. But my tax withholdings are soooo high its not even normal. What should I do to decrease it?
  3. If I want my withholdings smaller, would I file separate?
  4. Hello! I got my green card through marriage last November and i just got a job! Should I be filling out my W-4 as married filing jointly or separate? Also, am I getting a higher tax withhold because I am married? Help!
  5. does my green card suffice?? or do i need like an actual paper from the dhs to show? thank you!!
  6. Hello! I had a social security card with an F-1 visa /OPT that said valid with DHS authorization only and once i received my green card i went to the social security office to get a new one that did not have that and they said it would take 2 weeks top to mail out. However, its been over a month and apparently my application has been under "investigation".... does anyone know what that means??? can i still get a job with my old social security card or do i have to get the new one?
  7. had our interview this morning in san antonio, the officer was super nice and we joked around and stuff. he asked really basic questions - nothing too crazy and then asked us to hand over anything that would prove a bona fide marriage (we had apartment lease, car insurance, joint bank account, wifi, electric bills and letters from friends) he then said that although he cannot approve on the spot, that our case did not have any red flags and everything should be okay. i assume my status will be updated later but good experience overall! married april 2019 filed may 2019 biometrics sept 2019 ead october 2019 interview november 2019
  8. im sure itll be a yes!!! that happens to a lot of couples on here and then there case gets approved a couple days later just be patient! and wait what. why did they take his EAD???? his new one or old one??? ahhhh im scared bc we have our interview on thursday but travel on saturday
  9. How was ur interview!!!! My lawyer told me the interview is supposed to be 30 mins long- confirm or deny that lol
  10. interview scheduled for november 21 in san antonio!!! got the notice online on october 16. happy about this because had made thankgiving plans w my wife!! yayyyyy
  11. lol same boat as you, let me know for when its scheduled!
  12. Interview scheduled today!! Local office San Antonio and PD May 17—- even tho I just got my EAD today. Will be anxiously waiting for the mail
  13. Ead in hand today pd May 17 biometrics sept 11 ead card produced oct 8 card in hand oct 16 no expedite
  14. Hello! I’ve noticed there really isn’t a place for LGBTQ+ couples to discuss their experience with AOS as they are different! If anyone has any experience with their AOS process and interview please put it down here so we know what to expect as a LGBTQ+ couples. (if u don’t have any experience/ don’t have anything nice to say please don’t say it—— this is a safe space)
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