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  1. Thanks for responding.I hope you get updated real soon.....Keep us informed.
  2. I originally sent the tax transcript only.I received a RFE generic letter so I didn't know what was wrong with the original submission.I decided to send more proof in my response to the RFE,didn't want to take any chances.Oh well,that's life.Thanks....
  3. Hello.I sent the 2018 transcript,3 months of bank statements,6 months copies of monthly retirement checks,credit union statements,deed to my house,last year's income tax with 1099's.
  4. I'm actually a 2019 AOS October filer instead of September but my case has been updated Jan 10 to interview ready to be scheduled.Houston......
  5. I've noticed that too.Oh well,I'm sending the documents today.We shall see what happens.......
  6. My NOA 10/18 Bio appointment 11/12 RFE 12/3 Sent me a generic letter stating I needed to provide initial evidence for the affidavit of support and that I needed a co-sponser.Mind you I provided everything in the original packet and I'm well above the income needed.Oh well......
  7. She's probably ok but that's just my opinion.My brazilian wife had her interview at the U.S.Embassy in Ireland and had no issues but every case is different.
  8. We are in Houston and had the bio appointment on November 12,2019......Just waiting like everyone else.Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!
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