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  1. Thank you. I don't think he cares about the refunds or timeline for it - he's pretty well off. He just wants a simpler process. And sounds to me like amending the returns later may be easier. Less paperwork and you stick to just waiting for wife. At this rate, no idea when she's even coming
  2. For a fact jointly will always be better in their case But I think what crazycat said might be better for now - which is just file it separate and amend it later. Then u can always get that difference back when u amend. Because if u are right that it is 6 months for ITIN - I think my friend will rather not file for a tax extension. They rather do it now and amend later, than try to extend filing till the ITIN gets here but I will give him his options and he and his accountant can figure it out
  3. Well then Sounds like if you file an ITIN, it can take forever (7ish weeks) Or file separate for now. I'll let them know. Thank you both!
  4. Hi all- A family friend recently married. Their spouse is still in their home country of Ghana. Friend has already filed IR-1/CR-1 since February. They're just waiting. Question: Clearly for taxes, friend will file "married, jointly" but how does he go about doing this? As in - wife is still out of the country. She has no SSN. Is there a special form he completes? Just want to make sure we have some education before he hires an accountant that will mess things up. lol *Disclaimer - I know this is not a tax forum. Just asking how people went about it because I read a while ago some horror stories with folks hiring accountants that are not well versed in immigration and things got complicated.
  5. That's so nice that you were able to watch her take such a big step in the immigration process. I was very upset that I was not even let in for the interview. And when he was approved, I asked if I could witness the oath (as they did it the same day within a few hours) and they said no. Am not sure if it was COVID protocols or something else. but alas- we're done. So I am thankful I don't have any more immigrations forms in my future. lol
  6. Thank you everyone He already has a passport application out. He is just waiting for it We will make sure we stay put until we have that As I think even moving around with hid valid Nigerian passport (which he has dual citizenship) will re-permit him entry. They did not let me into the building So I have NO idea what went down there. Hubby himself was confused a bit but it's all sorted out now. Thank you!
  7. Yes This is correct. He had an oath ceremony and got the certificate. Sorry for the confusion They indeed took the green card.
  8. Hi Everyone- Hubby went to his citizenship interview a month ago and passed. He's now a citizen. Yayy We don't yet have his passport but there's a family emergency and he wants to travel ASAP (The passport won't get here on time). My question - Is there an issue travelling with the green card when in theory, he's a citizen and should be travelling with his passport? They didn't take the green card away so am assuming it is still valid... though I really rather not screw anything up when we have waited so long to get to the end of the immigration line.
  9. Some folks shouldn’t Marry, or have kids. I think these 2 fall under that bucket. but alas…. thanks everyone. I’ll update if and when I hear anything about how the annulment pans out for anyone else that might find themselves in a similar boat-
  10. Yea I read about this one time on the forum- about folks getting their naturalizations revoked which is what led us down this rabbit hole. but as Beloved_dingo said, who knows what case she actually presents in annulment court and this whole thing can be thrown out.
  11. So I don’t know if the friend prefers an annulment vs divorce… I don’t know all the particulars and I don’t think fraud per se has been mentioned. I know they have had a very tumultuous marriage till this point. what I do know is that The wife is seeking an annulment and on the catholic end, is Going to succeed on the ground that my friend did not have intention to uphold the sanctity of marriage with children and other things with the church. And he blatantly lied about wanting all the things that he claimed he wanted- which he is not fulfilling- (my friend isn’t supporting the wife or their son or anything like that). Supposedly, the wife have heard from some priests that she has a very strong case. I don’t know how this plays in American annulment court so I suppose we wait and see if she files there? but I’ll let the friend know that so long as fraud isn’t involved, he should be okay on the immigration end? But seems best to get a divorce if he can?
  12. Hi everyone- Here's the situation - A friend just got his citizenship - under the three year rule. He immigrated from Sweden. His American wife just filed for an annulment- and from all indications, will be granted the annulment in a few shorts months. Question: Unlike a divorce, an annulment states that a marriage NEVER occurred. My friend from Sweden immigrated on the fiancé visa, based on marriage and received his citizenship based on marriage. If their marriage is annulled, is he on pace to be sent back to Sweden? Because by technicality, what he immigrated on (marriage), never exists? Or can he stay with the citizenship he just got?
  13. Thanks for the reply. no welcome email from NVC yet. Just getting NOA2 now. I know it takes a few days/weeks to get NVC case number and email. If I hear of any whatsapp groups, will be sure to share.
  14. Thank you so much! This was helpful. I already know how to bother NVC to get the case number so this narrows it out.
  15. Hi everyone, Would anyone that recently went through the IR/CR-1 process have some type of a guide/flowchart for the NVC process and steps to interview? I know the general get case number, do AOS and things like that but perhaps something more streamlined? All processes I came across on VJ seem to be from like 2014 and am a bit concerned they're outdated? Thanks!
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