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  1. Immigration officers as whole understand that unless one is from the country their spouse is in, joint financial documents will be non-existent. Don't so much as focus on those. Worry about other things that you DO have - If you are the U.S. Citizen, things such as proof of JOINT tax returns, and ITIN number for the foreign spouse goes a long way. Also, photos with family members is helpful (shows approval of wedding by both families), etc.
  2. I second many of what the above said. If nothing changes in your position, simple reapplying gets you nowhere. Also, too many Nigerians come to America for these so-called conferences and then stay. That's the unfortunate reality and that's why even if your conference is legit and intentions good, you have an upward hill to climb to convince the officer otherwise. Best of luck!
  3. If u specifically want Nigeria, then go here: https://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=Nigeria&cty=Lagos To the right shows you all recent/upcoming interviews
  4. I concur that issuance is the key But to me, I can't use that as my test case since the case was in the system prior to the ban- tho what you said might be correct as well. I more want to see someone go to interview after ban, get approved AND issued. That will confirm the K-1 situation. We hope for the best Tho I believe someone already brought up this issue if one comes to the U.S. on a K-1 visa, would they still be eligible for AOS? Or would they be disqualified... so many questions.
  5. I saw the issuance But OP mentioned that interview was before the ban so that should not have been affected. My question was anything after the ban. Thank you tho
  6. @missileman @dwheels76 Been trying to follow this long thread Have either of you seen any visas ISSUED? I've seen some saying approval (on K-1s) since the ban. Just trying to make sure I didn't miss anything :D
  7. Missileman already responded about your concerns One thing to keep in mind is what happens AFTER. If they are granted a visa and both of you come back to the U.S., what's the plan? Keep in mind that with K-1, fiance cannot work immediately until their work authorization or GC comes in, which is taking a few months right now. Am not sure how feasible it will be for you to get a job either. So please plan accordingly. If you are using a joint sponsor, they now have to have sufficient income to support you and fiance AOS is currently $1200+.
  8. I think many of us here got our GCs this year so there is much to celebrate- Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year in advance. Enjoy time with friends, family and loved ones. ❤️
  9. lol girl That immigration struggle. At least the worst is behind us!
  10. I think most ppl in this thread already got their GC So many are out for the 2 years waiting before their ROC
  11. AOS only cares that the marriage is legal. So long as a Self Uniting/Quaker marriage is a legal binding marriage, you're all good Not everyone has the time/finances/ability to do a big wedding ceremony. That in of itself is not a requirement. Your 60 page binder sounds sufficient to me
  12. Thank you both! @Paul & Mary, the annotation is there. Phew!
  13. @Greenbaum @missileman @Roel Guys-- if you don't know, would you please direct me to the person that knows. My friend just picked up his CR-1 visa at the embassy. Visa is in the passport correctly, but he was given no packet. I did the K-1 visa and my then fiance was given a packet that they left with the IO when they came in. My friend with the CR-1 was told that packet will be picked up in the U.S. when they arrive. Is this correct? I was under the assumption that everyone (regardless of visa status) picks up a packet in their home country that they leave with the IO at checkpoint when they enter the U.S. If a packet is not given, how are they supposed to get it?
  14. Am not quite sure who informed you that you cannot renew EAD-- that sounds really odd to me. but @LizM just applied for renewal. Maybe she can give you better guidance on what to do. But certainly, If I were you, I'll apply for your renewal. You cannot grantee your AOS timeline.
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