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  1. lol girl That immigration struggle. At least the worst is behind us!
  2. I think most ppl in this thread already got their GC So many are out for the 2 years waiting before their ROC
  3. AOS only cares that the marriage is legal. So long as a Self Uniting/Quaker marriage is a legal binding marriage, you're all good Not everyone has the time/finances/ability to do a big wedding ceremony. That in of itself is not a requirement. Your 60 page binder sounds sufficient to me
  4. Thank you both! @Paul & Mary, the annotation is there. Phew!
  5. @Greenbaum @missileman @Roel Guys-- if you don't know, would you please direct me to the person that knows. My friend just picked up his CR-1 visa at the embassy. Visa is in the passport correctly, but he was given no packet. I did the K-1 visa and my then fiance was given a packet that they left with the IO when they came in. My friend with the CR-1 was told that packet will be picked up in the U.S. when they arrive. Is this correct? I was under the assumption that everyone (regardless of visa status) picks up a packet in their home country that they leave with the IO at checkpoint when they enter the U.S. If a packet is not given, how are they supposed to get it?
  6. Am not quite sure who informed you that you cannot renew EAD-- that sounds really odd to me. but @LizM just applied for renewal. Maybe she can give you better guidance on what to do. But certainly, If I were you, I'll apply for your renewal. You cannot grantee your AOS timeline.
  8. Still keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you and Andy my dear Hopefully congress person knows what's up.
  9. Interviews are usually 4-5 weeks from the time you get the notification/letter that it has been scheduled. So y'all might be looking at July/August dates. Maybe a late June if they move fast. lol Well best of luck to you both!
  10. "ready to be schedule for interview" doesn't mean anything It basically means that NBC has checked the case and nothing is missing for it pending the IO at the interview who can request all sorts of things from you. NBC might still be waiting for the local office to request the file. To be more certain, you can call USCIS mainline directly. It normally tells you where your case is. If it says it's still at (NBC/Missouri), then it hasn't been sent to DC If the automated process doesn't find your case, it means it has been moved to D.C. Good luck on the move!
  11. The easiest thing will be to CHANGE your address with USCIS to the Denver office where you actually CAN get mail. You do not get put in the back of the line to a new office when you move. You get put with your file date (so long as NBC- the center processing the documents has not already sent your case files to DC) It's been mixed reviews regarding forwarding mail from USPS. Some are more successful than others but from what I have seen, that tends to create a bunch of hassle. If you're not living in DC, i don't really know how you can keep that address. that's going to cause you more headaches during the interview process- unless perhaps as someone already mentioned, you used a lawyer based in DC that can get mail for you.
  12. lol My sentiments exactly. I'll handle that when I finish immigration with citizenship... SSA is NOT a fun place to deal with. Have a fab weekend girl!
  13. Hi girl NO IDEA. I have yet to get ours changed. not really in a haste to do it since husband is busy M-F and SSA is only open M-F. Am not overly worried about it tho. The authorization to work IS the green card and so long as one has it, the SSN is fine. Once you show people the green card, I haven't really had issues with the SSN lately. If you do get yours changed, please let me know!
  14. Have not been following your story so I apologize in advance if am being repetitive- Have you called USCIS? sometimes you can get a Tier II individual that might be nice to you. Also, I know you said there's no buses in the area. Is there anything walking distance from you that you can apply for a job at? Sometimes ANY type of job offer and proof of financial difficulty can get your EAD expedited. Good luck!
  15. ALWAYS do your EAD/AP. It costs nothing and we have seen too many horror stories where someone thought they didn't need AP and their GC processing took too long and an emergency happened. Having one/both does not delay anything. EAD/AP has nothing to do with GC. The NBC processes ALL EAD/AP applications GC is processed at your local office.
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