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  1. No This will be his second visit They have been dating since 2018 He was supposed to visit in 2020 before his residency began but COVID happened so here he is. He's got a tight schedule with residency so hence the urgency in my question Because he's worried that if he also needs to make a stop at Ikoyi, he needs to figure out how to do it with his only 2 weeks visit time
  2. Thank you both for replying. Let me clarify a bit- the Catholic Church will issue him a valid certificate that is legal in Nigeria. It also will be registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The concern is that with Nigeria being a high fraud country, he's not sure if he also needs a civil marriage for immigration purposes but in the country, his Catholic marriage certificate will grant him all the rights of marriage as that certificate will be registered
  3. My Nigerian friends @dwheels76 and all others with advice- A friend is about to get married next month. He is an American citizen- going to Nigeria to get married. Question: He is getting married in the catholic church. He wants to know if the marriage certificate he is getting from the catholic church suffices to file for his wife when he returns to the States. Or would he have to go to the court in Ikoyi and get a marriage certificate there. Is his Catholic marriage certificate recognized for immigration? (I recall something saying no-- but I personally didn't do the CR-1 route and wouldn't want to give bad advice). Thanks!
  4. MSC seems to also be moving along slowly Only a few approvals https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b8qNTxz14bzeqOY0Pzk-F0NAWwB42Mr9ypfpwwgm1VU/edit#gid=0
  5. You're asking too many questions that only "patience" can answer. Sadly Moving your case tends to usually result in a positive news. Perhaps your current center is backed up and now that your RFE is replied to, they perhaps have all the info they need to adjudicate the case so you got moved You're already applying for N-400 so all of this is irrelevant. If it happens that you have no 10 year card by the time the N-400 rolls around, they just combine it into a dual interview. Happens all the time Immigration is not a fast or easy process. And let's not forget that COVID might still be making some centers worse than others. so try not to let it impact you too much.
  6. Congratulations! Happy to see progress for us November folks Don't forget to update our spreadsheet if you haven't' already to help those still waiting: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b8qNTxz14bzeqOY0Pzk-F0NAWwB42Mr9ypfpwwgm1VU/edit#gid=0
  7. @RCCC, thank you. That's reassuring @Sarah&Facundo they have health insurance and car insurance and joint bank account. That's about it I believe Both are under parent's phone plans and a host of other items. Thank you both!
  8. Thank you both We know they're weak. Just trying to gather as much as we can- and defer to these as needed.
  9. Hi there, A friend of mine is about to file ROC for her hubby in April. Here's the situation - She and hubby has been living with her parents to save money for a house (which hasn't happened) since hubby came in 2019 (CR-1). Now that they're filing ROC, she's realizing they don't have much together (no lease/mortgage, bills, etc.) since everything is in her parents' name. They have joint account and a few other things like health insurance. But I thought to myself that This is a situation where a sworn affidavit from the parents would help (tho we both know it is one of the weaker evidences) @JFH @payxibka @Lucky Cat and anyone else- I recall someone posting a sample affidavit template a while back. Can someone point me to that so I can send to friend? Thank you!
  10. Horrible horrible horrible Sad sad sad. Too many horror stories But VERY glad YOU took initiative and fingers crossed approval is right on the corner for you buddy. Let this be a lesson to us all- this is OUR lives and futures. do what you need to do to ensure things are where they need to be.
  11. I wouldn't think that I mean there's a bunch of SRC folks in like September where nothing is happening either. I think if you are one of those that recently had a JOINT interview in the states (K1, CR6, F1, etc), then an interview might never happen- and the delay is just that the person holding your files are processing other applications. They're moving cases around to navigate work load. Basically what am saying is no one knows what's happening. I wouldn't be discouraged and automatically think they "forgot" you or U will have an interview.
  12. Oooh That's good that H-1B folks are in there too but I have yet to see any CR-1s so thats a bummer... I have many friends in that group. I suppose the wait game will be serious And thank you!!!!!!!!! Although in like 8 months, we file citizenship. lol So Ready to be done with immigration FOR and EVER
  13. It's the horrible reality with immigration But these guys see fraud all the time- and the only way they can "mitigate" it is by essentially forcing everyone to have a skin in the game- i.e. finances We don't like it- but that's just the way it is. Because if your marriage is not real, you for SURE will not make someone your beneficiary to your life insurance or retirement accounts. Or have joint accounts where you're liable for their spending. The opposite is not true. I know lots of great LONG lasting marriages with NO comingled finances. Sigh- price of immigration. I certainly can never do this again, nor can I wait to be done with it. lol Also- don't be scared Immigration kinda sucks. Which IO you get decides your faith. OP here got a real big stickler. some literally let folks pass by with a couple of documents. It's unlikely you might get the same- but good for us all to prepare just in case
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