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  1. LOL - always better safe than sorry with immigration. I only made duplicate copies of like the I-94 but things like marriage certificate, I did one for the whole packet. I did do a cover page so hopefully they found all the stuff they needed. And yes- am a bit shocked she doesn't have the file. Like how exactly did she think she was gonna do that interview? lol That's the whole reason this process takes aeons! NBC was supposed to give it to local office. Unless someone misplaced it- smh Well either way- you wait again. Hopefully for a short short time
  2. SERIOUSLY??????? DARNNNNNNNNNNNNN Well am glad the interview itself went well buddy. Hang in there! Praying for your approval shortly
  3. Check with your local office Sometimes, offices undergo changes, sometimes weather delays things, etc The cancellation letter should be very detailed on IF they will reschedule, when, and If you need to do anything else I've seen cancellations due to storms and other things where the public office had to be closed. That might be it(?)
  4. "Normal" depends on the local office. Sometimes, keep in mind the websites/case status apps don't update appropriately/ never at all. It's possible they have everything they need but they can't move you to the next step because your local office (which we don't know) is backed up. (create a timeline, it will help us help you better down the road) If you're worried, call USCIS and just CONFIRM they have all the documents they need. I think it's more likely that they have it- but since they can't do anything with it right now, it's just sitting there until your local office is ready.
  5. If she does not have any other identification like a state license, the easiest thing is to make sure the ticket name matches the passport name. No, it does not matter if K1 visa is expired. We did the same thing too- and traveled many times on an expired K1 They don't check it. They only care that the person travelling domestically has an identification to match the flight. We just showed them a valid passport and went about our merry way
  6. Girl, the struggle continues! this is like the K1 process all over again Hang in there!!!
  7. oh so you actually got a letter then. Then I suppose all you have to do is wait. Give them their 120 days. Decision could some sooner than that It most likely means they have some more reviewing to do you on your file Your timeline says you came on a visiting visa and are adjusting based on that. They might be scrutinizing that a bit more and doing some more review/background checks so give them time. Good luck!
  8. @Northerndynasty if the lawyer has not sent your case, FIRE THEM 🤣 Like that's simply outrageous. It's simply awful how this works. I wish you all luck with this long-headache ahead
  9. This is the classic issue we're seeing with these lawyers and why many of us don't recommend them unless you got a complicated case They don't actually offer anything valuable to the process. In terms of your application, no lawyer should have sent such documents without USPS/UPS/FedEx tracking. which they should have. first step is confirmation that the package was delivered. That's the peace of mind many need. So long as you know your package is delivered, how quickly you get notification isn't all that important (although the nerves get all of us. lol). Since USCIS keeps things in order received for the most part, you don't have to worry about losing your place in line. I'll say the weather the past few weeks has simply been AWFUL and definitely delaying things more than necessary
  10. For clarity, did the status actually say "Initial review?" What did the IO say at the interview? Typically at the end, they say something like "Am going to approve this application." Or "I will approve the application pending review from my supervisor" etc If they approved it, they should have given you a letter instruction on how to remove conditions. Would you share more on what happened? That might help us decipher what your status actually means
  11. Biometrics appt is usually done 4-6 weeks from your NOA1 date Letter comes in the mail with about 2 weeks headsup. Travel doc is taking 4-7 months Bank on it taking you closer to 5. Anything faster than that is a blessing.
  12. attorneys really make this process more difficult than it is worth-- unless you got a case that really needs attorney's eyes Wishing y'all good luck! And some sanity. lol
  13. USCIS is all over the place with these notifications I believe it was September 2018 filers that many went more than a month with NOTHING. Keep in mind USCIS says to give them up to 60 days and they mean that. lol Stay patient and if you submitted the right form with the right check amount (Two reasons for rejected applications), then you're golden. You don't lose your place in line just for taking an additional week for your notification. Good luck y'all
  14. Unlikely that you will receive any texts from now on Don't overly worry about "notifications." That's a hit or miss with USCIS Always wait for paper copies. By the time they arrive, you will have PLENTY of time to plan for anything Also, for most- the biometrics appt arrives 5-7 days after the NOA1 copies come in the maik Good luck!
  15. Maxanne Yes- you have certainly been in the process for too long! This forum is for those starting the process like you did back in 2017 so they might not been able to better help you. That's why having a timeline can help so others in similar situations can help. I think a passport is always a good sign. Wishing you the best!