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  1. The said two digits are the passport series. The format in the Russian passport is XX_XXXXXX. I believe the full number should include nine digits without a space between them. However, if your wife's DS-160 was submitted with a short 7-digit number and K-1 visa was issued, I wouldn't worry at all and stick with it. USCIS uses A-number for identification purposes, not a passport number.
  2. Oh, for sure it's an applicant's responsibility to contact the embassy/consulate in a country where they want to have an interview and make sure they can be accommodated. That is why I referenced the Russian travel site because they always have the most up-to-date information from first hand experience. It's a credible source of information.
  3. @JayFromTexas I don't have much to add to what already has been said here, just want to encourage you a bit. As a middle-age Russian lady who was dating an American, did not have a job at that time, and whose daughter was enrolled into college in the US, I applied for B1/B2 visa and was completely honest at the interview about dating American and wanting to visit him. I told a CO that we were thinking about marriage but would do it in a proper way via fiancee visa. I had an extensive travel history, including almost all European and manySouth-East Asian countries. I also owned real estate in Russia but was never asked about it or how much savings I had. I got the visa, visited my boyfriend 7 times in the span of two years, we applied for K1/K2 (for daughter) and got married. We've been happily married for 5 years and I have my citizenship interview next month. Have your GF apply for a visa. Do not use visa agency, they do nothing but filling out the forms which shouldn't be an issue for your English speaking lady. It's a straight forward process with only obstacle of having to go to another country for an interview. No need to go to Warsaw which is quite busy, Russians as "homeless nation" can apply in other countries too. F.e. Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Cyprus, Serbia, Greece, etc. Have your lady read Форум Винского, https://forum.awd.ru/viewtopic.php?f=326&t=400571&start=460, the best Russian traveling site (think Russian TripAdvisor) for the most recent information related to US visas for citizens of Russia. Good luck with the visa and your relationship! I love my American husband to pieces and meeting him was the best thing that ever happened to me.
  4. When we needed our documents to be translated from Russian to English, we found company in Russia. They did everything quickly, professionally, and cheap. Like $10 or so per page. We dealt with them online, emailed them scans of the documents and they emailed us scans of certified translation. Latvian language is somewhat rare in the USA, however, it's very common in Latvia to translate from Latvian to English. I would just Google search Latvian translation companies and order from them. Brief search instantly led me to this: https://www.rigatulkojums.lv/en/prices-of-translation-services/
  5. Thanks for you reply. Funny enough, minutes after posting my question here my case status got updated to The Interview Was Scheduled! My interview is on March 5. I am still in shock and disbelief that it's happening...
  6. Hi @Qian, First of all, thank you so much for this incredibly helpful topic. I used your information as guidelines when assembling my citizenship application under INA 319(b) provisions. Second, I have run into some issue for which I could use your advice. My husband is a civilian contractor working for the US military abroad since August 2021. As soon as we had his orders in hand, June 2021, I submitted my N-400. We anticipated the process would take 6 months and by the end of 2021 I would have become a US citizen and move overseas with my husband. The reason why we chose for me to stay in the US for the time being was lack of employment opportunities if not a US citizen in the country of his assignment. Obviously, we did not want to loose a big chunk of our income. Well, it's been 8 months and no interview date in sight. At this point we decided that we can not continue the separation and I will be moving soon with the N-400 still pending. My question is how would this affect the process? Does it change something in my eligibility? I will notify the USCIS of the change of address. Is there anything else I should do? Can I request to change my field office? I picked Houston out of convenience since we live here but apparently it was a mistake due to huge backlogs. I had completed ROC and had 10-year GC before the N-400 application submission. Thanks in advance for your insight.
  7. I became aware of something that I believe may constitute an immigration fraud. My acquaintance, a Ukrainian woman, got married to a citizen of Israel in 2018. The marriage was registered in Cyprus. The marriage lasted only few months, the couple resided in Israel. After breaking up, the wife moved back to her country. The Israeli spouse filed for divorce and she was summoned to a court in Israel, to which she refused. At that time she argued that she did not inform her home country authorities of her marriage, thus she remained "unmarried" in Ukraine and did not need to go through the divorce procedures. In communication with friends she admitted that she tried to extort some "compensation" from the Israeli spouse in exchange to her appearance in a court. The husband rejected the claims and that's where their communication ceased. In 2020 the said lady met an American man on the Internet and visited him in the US. Then last summer she entered the country along with her minor child on B1/B2 visas with the intent to stay. I learned that they recently got married and plan to apply for AOS. When I confronted the lady regarding her previous marriage and whether she was going to disclose it in her I-485 application, she evaded and stopped communicating. I warned her that what she was doing considered illegal. I am not discussing the moral aspect of the story. I am not sure whether her US husband is aware of the previous marriage. I believe he may be not. Now I am facing a dilemma, do I have a legal/moral obligation to report her actions to USCIS? Please advise. P.S. Apologies if posting in a wrong forum.
  8. Your list is what I submitted with my ROC application back in October 2020. Minus utility bills (everything is under husband's name) and mutual pictures (I forgot to include), plus mortgage statements for the house we purchased together. The I-751 was approved without interview.
  9. Thank you, it gives me hope that my interview is coming. I applied under INA 319(b), don't think Houston gets those often. Wow, 3 years for I-751 is rough. You're on a home stretch. Very happy for you that your immigration journy is almost over.
  10. Your timeline is not completed, when did you submit N-400? I am also in Houston and have been waiting since June. Thank you.
  11. I second @Mike E and recommend at least to hold off on shipping for now. I moved to the US in 2017 and initially was planning to bring most of my wardrobe here, all those designer dresses, high heel shoes, purses.... Little did I know. Not only the weather conditions and my lifestyle turned out to be completely different then I imagined, but I felt very out of place in most situations compared to local women. So very soon, my sartorial preferences have completely changed. I brought 4 suitcases of clothes with me and within a year almost everything went to Goodwill. The stuff left behind that I planned to bring later, was donated to various relatives in Russia to their great joy. Should your wife insist on shipping her precious clothes nevertheless, Russian Post can be a solution. I'm not sure Meest ships from Russia. UPS/FedEx/DHL are exorbitantly expensive. Good luck with your wife transition and assimilation. To us, that time was anything but easy
  12. Took 8 days for me. 04/28 - Card is being produced, 05/06 - card arrived in the mail.
  13. Sending some more staff might be not as easy as it seems. Both countries are capped on the number of accredited staff. I believe it's some 450 currently. Russian nationals the US Embassy previously employed were mostly supportive staff -- secretaries, accountants, engineers, drivers, etc. In the 2010s the US Embassy in Moscow employed as many as up to 1000 Russians. With the new employment ban, the US is going to use its quota to bring electricians and plumbers to take care of the Embassy compound. Besides, I can expect Russians to drag their feet with issuing visas to Americans going to the Moscow assignment. The whole situation with bilateral relationship is just so depressing at this time ((( I sympathize with you and I am very sorry about what your family is going through. Wish you to reunite ASAP.
  14. Thanks a lot for your reply. I am not sure it applies to our case. My husband is not an active duty member, he will be employed as a civilian.
  15. Case status updated today for both K1/K2 to "New card is being produced". SRC - processing center. Filed - 10/16/2020 Received - 10/19/2020 NOA - 10/30/2020 Case transferred to NBC - 12/21/2020 New card is being produced - 04/28/2021
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