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  1. Took 8 days for me. 04/28 - Card is being produced, 05/06 - card arrived in the mail.
  2. Sending some more staff might be not as easy as it seems. Both countries are capped on the number of accredited staff. I believe it's some 450 currently. Russian nationals the US Embassy previously employed were mostly supportive staff -- secretaries, accountants, engineers, drivers, etc. In the 2010s the US Embassy in Moscow employed as many as up to 1000 Russians. With the new employment ban, the US is going to use its quota to bring electricians and plumbers to take care of the Embassy compound. Besides, I can expect Russians to drag their feet with issuing visas to Americans going to the Moscow assignment. The whole situation with bilateral relationship is just so depressing at this time ((( I sympathize with you and I am very sorry about what your family is going through. Wish you to reunite ASAP.
  3. Thanks a lot for your reply. I am not sure it applies to our case. My husband is not an active duty member, he will be employed as a civilian.
  4. Case status updated today for both K1/K2 to "New card is being produced". SRC - processing center. Filed - 10/16/2020 Received - 10/19/2020 NOA - 10/30/2020 Case transferred to NBC - 12/21/2020 New card is being produced - 04/28/2021
  5. I have. I was issued 1-year DL with pending I-485 application before I received EAD. I was able to renew DL after it's expiration with EAD, for 1 more year. When AOS finally was approved and I got a green card (it took good 19 months), I was issued full-term (6 year) DL. Unfortunately, many DPS employees are not closely familiar with regulations when it comes to immigrants. They prefer to interpret the rules the way that is convenient for them rather than figure things out. Asking to speak with supervisor may help. My DPS office was Rosenberg, Houston.
  6. My USC husband just accepted a job offer that requires moving abroad on government orders. He will work for the military as a civilian, on 2-year contract with an option to prolong. Apparently, I cannot go with him as I am not a citizen yet. Besides, I just recently started a new job myself, and am working towards obtaining a next level professional license that should take another 1,5 years. I have ROC application pending since October 2020. I don't expect an interview as we had one for AOS, however I am aware that it still may be the case. What will happen if we are summoned for the interview for I-751 and the husband is abroad and can't attend? Am I still eligible to apply for citizenship under 3-year rule when the husband is out of the country?
  7. Yes, she was. She was supposed to receive her own case number and separate extension letter. You're saying that USCIS never acknowledged that your step daughter was included in your wife's ROC petition? That's weird. I would have contact USCIS asap.
  8. Congratulations! SRC is so fast. Hopefully, we are the next
  9. Not yet. In facebook group, I'm seeing approvals of cases with very similar timelines this week -- same received date, same transfer date, etc. Sure, I would love to get my 10 year GC asap. But keep reminding myself not to get my hopes high and remain patient . AOS taught me a lesson. Praying for all of us.
  10. Congrats @zhelle, very happy for you! I was curious who would be the first one among October filers to post a good news I saw in facebook group a couple approvals today from October filers as well; one applied on 10/08 and another one on 10/19. Both were SRC cases, both were transferred to NBC in December. I am getting excited!
  11. If by the FSU you mean Former Soviet Union countries, then you are right. It used to be a common practice to include the information regarding minor children up to 6 yo in one of their parent's passport. The child was allowed to cross the border with that parent without having their own separate document. My daughter was listed in my passport. That changed in 2015 and now all children, regardless of age, are required to have their own passport for traveling abroad.
  12. Yes, I did get the second notification (K2 did not change). I believe, that might be a glitch of the system. I saw a few people in facebook group posted the same. Merry Christmas to everybody!
  13. Mine and my K2's cases have been transferred today as well. It appears, SRC moved a large batch of applications today. Let's hope it's a good news for all of us.
  14. I saw a couple of weeks ago in FB group someone who applied for ROC in the beginning of October received the same notification about the case being transferred. Then a week later, case status changed to Fingerprints Were Taken, and today they received their card. 2,5 months! Service center was SRC, transferred to NBC. Hopefully, you will get your 10-year card as a New Year present. Maybe we are being rewarded for our patience during AOS, lol? Good luck!
  15. Interesting, for us it's the other way around. While my case status changed yesterday to Fingerprints were taken, my K2's still remains in Case was received. I hope it's okay as well.
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