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  1. My case update is indicating 2 months for a decision to be made, I don't know how accurate this number is. How many months is it showing for you guys?
  2. I called for an appointment in the Passport office on the 25th Sept, got a date for the 4th October as I had booked a flight to Greece for the 6th and got my passport the same day (4th Oct). Now off to file for my mother to join me here.
  3. Starting a thread for October I-130 for parent. I filed for my mum online, she is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Filing date: 6th October 2023 Notice Date: 6th October 2023 Processing Office - Vermont Service Center.
  4. I had my citizenship interview today. 1. Arrived at 9:10 for a 9:30 appointment (big mistake as it was extremely busy) 2. Got through security at 9:25. 3. Was called into the interview room around 9:50 - Civic Test (my officer stopped after I answered 6 questions correctly). - I was asked to read a sentence. - I was asked to write a sentence. - Officer went through my application and added trips I made since my application. - Officer asked about Yes & No questions - She asked me if I had any questions and I used that opportunity to ask for a same day Oath which she granted. 4. I was escorted back to the waiting area at 10:06 to wait for my Oath ceremony at 11:30. 5. I was checked in for Oath Ceremony at 11:15 and my green card was taken away for good. 6. Oath Ceremony was completed and I got my certificate of citizenship. I will be applying for my passport and going to the social security office on Monday. Good luck to you all.
  5. Big congratulations to you. Did you have to take passport picture to your Oath Ceremony? What did they ask you to bring?
  6. Filed 3rd May 2023, based on 5 year rule (divorced). Bio Reused notification same day. Notice of Interview August 11th 2023 Interview September 23rd 2023 Office is Atlanta, GA
  7. That is fantastic news, case got moved really quickly. I applied based on 5 years rule... I'm assuming your biometrics for reused. Some folks that applied in April already have their interview scheduled, it'll be interesting to see how quickly cases in May move
  8. Hi everyone, I haven't seen a thread for May 2023 Filers so here's one 🙃 I just filed today 5/3/2023. My status changed to Biometrics reused and case being actively looked at on the same date. Got an IOE number and case is in NBC. I live in Atlanta. Hope you're all doing well, WE ARE NEARLY DONE WITH THIS THING! 🤗
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