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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, My wife and i are traveling to Canada in a month with my advance parole/employment card. When we approach the US/Canada border, what document do i provide to the border officer? And then what document do i provide the border officer when we leave Canada? Document meaning Canadian passport or employment/AP card. Is there anything extra I should bring with me in case? Thank you! Mike
  2. I arrived at Pearson at 3:00pm on Jan 3 2019. My original flight was at 7:40pm. I got their early because I thought that my clearance through Customs & Border Protection (CBP), might take a few hours and I also wanted to see if I can get on an earlier flight. Since I had an IR-1, I did not have to get a photo receipt at the Kiosk before approaching CBP. The line was a little long, not too bad, but slower than usual, perhaps the holidays may have affected that. Anyways, as I approached, I gave my the officer the Visa side on my passport and he just started asking me normal stuff, that they ask b4 they let u enter. Before answering the first question I told him that this was my first time crossing with an IR-1. He was surprised and then asked me about the packet. I told him it was all electronic now. He then took me to the secondary inspection room. In the room another officer asked me about the packet and I said the same thing. He asked if they gave me any documents and I showed him the Welcome to USA doc, he asked to borrow it and if I could write my intended address on the back. He was gone for quite a bit, but he didn't seem like he knew what to do, because he also mentioned to me, 'this electronic stuff is all new, I have to figure out what to do', and he asked his colleague and supervisor , "so what do we do exactly," I was amused. His colleague said that ur just gonna double check the info online and then admit her and then she's done. He then called me over to his booth, and said everything looks good, he explained how the visa is used in travel and how my green card might take 6-8 weeks to be delivered since they are experiencing backlog. After that he said congratulations, your good to go! Also, I was able to get on an earlier flight
  3. Not sure where to post this. I feel very blessed I was able to enter the US after a wait of 11 months during the spouse visa process this Friday through LAX. Today ive been going through my documents and realized my original wedding certificate is missing. The CO kept a couple of documents and said everything was going to be returned to me on the packet that was going to get to me along with passport with visa in it. The Immigration officer kept the whole packet and just now I realized I don’t have that essential legal document of the union of me and my husband. Has this ever happened to anyone? What to do? thank you in advance..
  4. Hello again forum! We are leaving the country for the holidays and are returning to the US in January, arriving home about 10 days before my husband's conditional greencard expires. We just filed our I-751 application to remove conditions and we were hoping to have the receipt with us when we return as proof that we have begun the renewal process. However, if we do not have this receipt in hand before we leave, we are concerned that the immigration officer would have discretion to deny entry or detain my husband. I spoke with the National Customer Service Center and they reassured me that as long as we enter the US before the greencard expires, we will not have any issues coming back into the country and that the immigration officer at the airport only goes by the date on the greencard. We both know people who have been turned away at immigration because they were returning just before their visa expired with no evidence that they were planning to leave before it expired or with evidence that they were renewing their visa. Granted, they were on a student visa, which is inherently temporary, but we are concerned nonetheless. Has anyone traveled under similar conditions and had issues? Or no issues? Thank you.
  5. I am a Canadian & was denied entry into the US; I signed a Withdrawal of Application for Admission - inadmissible under section 7A1 of the INA ~ how do I get back into the US now? They claim overstay & need proofs of ties to my country. What steps should I take? Do I need a waiver? Embassy? File something? They did not give me any time constraints etc. Thank you!
  6. My i-131 is extremely overdue; it has been pending for 6 months. I went to the local senator's office yesterday and the immigration counsellor told me she thought, as a Canadian in the US, I'm still able to cross that border at will. However, when I entered the US, the border officer told me I was not allowed to leave until my i-131 was completed. Do any Canadians have any experience with this? I've also got an infopass appointment for next week. I was told that I might be able to get a temporary advanced parole while waiting for my i-131 to be approved because it is all so overdue. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello, My spouse came here last month and we came across an issue where we needed to go to the a USCIS field office and speak with an immigration officer directly. The nearest USCIS office is in Chicago. The way to do that is go to the USCIS website and schedule an appointment. Given that this is the only field office serving Chicago (3rd most populous city in the USA) getting an appointment is extremely difficult. I kept getting a message that no appointments were available and to try back later. This was extremely frustrating as you get the exact same message every single time. So, here is what I did. I contacted the office of my congressman and they went to work on immediately. However, I happened to be up at 1:30am and out of the blue I decided to see if any info pass appointments were available. Lo and behold !!! They have not one but literally 10 available slots. I have the luxury of choosing a time that was convenient for me ! How about that ? It appears they update the available time slots at or around midnight. Though I don't know the US time zone. I am in Central. Also the earliest date you get will always be 14 days out. I hope this helps someone.