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  1. Hey. I hope you’re doing great! And hopefully you’ll get that notice soon as well. 😊
  2. Hello! Okay lang, ikaw? Hopefully you’ll get your EAD notice soon. That stressed me out bc I didn’t get a text!
  3. You’re welcome! I’m sorry but I’m honestly not sure. But I saw this (photo attached).
  4. I’m good! How about you? Hindi ako sure if may rule na dapat English lang dito 😅 I saw on a Facebook post that they’re closed until April 7th and might extend further (https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-response-coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19). Hopefully process will be smooth (and quick). I’m in WI. And thank you, it means a lot! If yours will get rescheduled, I hope it won’t take too long.
  5. Hoping to get my biometrics notice soon as well. With what’s happening, I’m expecting delays but hoping and praying it won’t be too delayed. Best of luck on yours! ♥️ I just noticed you’re from the 🇵🇭 too. 😅 Hope you’ll hear from them soon. If it helps, my received date was the date it was delivered. But my notice date is March 18. So I assume they’re just trying to go through everything submitted before the 24th.
  6. Hopefully you’ll get it soon! How long has it been since you received the first two?
  7. Thank you. I can finally relax somehow 😅 Hoping and praying you’ll hear from them soon as well!
  8. Sent my packet on 02/20 and finally got my NOA for all three today! Thank God! I was worried because I just received text notifications on 03/19 for I-131 at 23:20 and on 03/20 at 03:12 for I-485 but none for I-765. Stay safe, everyone. God bless us ♥️
  9. Hi. Just wondering if you got text notifications for I-485 and I-131 but not the I-765? Thank you!
  10. We mailed ours on the 20th too! And still nothing. Hopefully today 😅
  11. I figured. Thank you! Hopefully soon and hopefully no problems too. Best of luck on yours.
  12. I sent my AOS packet via USPS on 2/20 and it was delivered on 2/22. I haven’t heard anything yet. I’m worried, but it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one. And I think it won’t help calling USCIS since the check we sent wasn’t cashed yet? Best of luck to everyone though. God bless us! ♥️
  13. Hello! Have you received your receipt notice yet? Thank you
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