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  1. Had my interview today in Amsterdam and got approved! 🤩 Had to wait 2-2,5 hrs for an interview that barely lasted 5 minutes, but thank God we made it. Interview was very easy. Only questions were how I met my spouse and how our long distance relationship went.
  2. My interview is tomorrow! Excited and nervous at the same time, can't believe after such a long time it's finally coming to an end 😊
  3. Hi all! We received our interview letter! DQ May 11, interview August 4th in Amsterdam 🥰
  4. We're DQ may 11 and still waiting for Amsterdam 🙃 I've heard about a few interviews being scheduled, so hopefully it won't be long anymore. I guess the only good thing about this extra wait is that we're married for 2 years in 2 weeks, so we'll become IR1..
  5. Thanks. Do you know if there are any requirements for the extra 30 days?
  6. Thanks all. Adjustment of status has crossed our mind, but I thought I read on a .gov website that even due to covid 19, AOS was not allowed for anyone on an ESTA. I've also always thought doing that was not allowed, and I'm one of those people who really likes to follow the rules lol. So if I understand correctly, the process for AOS would be at least about 6-8 months now?
  7. Hi everyone! Little backgroundstory before my actual question: I am Dutch, my husband is a USC. We filed CR1 in oktober 2018 and are now at NVC, waiting for 1 more document to be approved and my interview at some point. My current problem: Februari 13th I came to the USA on an ESTA, to visit my husband. Due to COVID19 I'm still here. I can stay for 90 days which would be May 13th. My ESTA expires May 11th. I have a return flight, which we changed to May 4th now. I would like to know if there is a possibility for me to extend my stay here? In my home country I live with my parents, waiting for my visa to get approved. My dad is 70 and has asthma and has not been doing well lately. I don't want to put him at risk, but I also have no clue where else to go. Staying with my husband in the USA would be the easiest and safest option. I have read that as the spouse of a USC, it's forgiven to stay in the USA illegally as long as you don't stay longer than 180 days in total. I just can't figure out if this is true or not, and I don't want to put my current visa process at risk. Does anyone have information about this? Or know what my options are? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance
  8. Ah thank you so much. We were already considering him not officially quitting and going back to the same company later this year. Glad to read that you basically said the same thing we were already talking about. Is the NVC stage completely online now? Or do we still need to send in an actual package?
  9. Hi everone, Me and my partner just received our NOA2 in the mail today. We can't wait to start with this new chapter, but we have a little situation that I'm worried about. Some background information - my partner is the USC, I'm Dutch. My partner has a visa for NL that's still valid and allows him to live and work here. 2 Weeks from now I will visit my partner in the USA with my family. In August I'll go back to my home country. Since my birthday is in September, our plans were that my partner would visit me for a week or 2 in my country again around that time. Since we are (just like everyone else) over not being together, my partner wants to come to the Netherlands in August, but stay longer than originally planned and also work here again for some time. Let's say he'll be here from August to December. (we don't know for sure yet, but this is what we've been more or less talking about) To not delay the process, we still want to continue with the entire NVC part. I have no clue what to do now. - Do we need to change his address somewhere, if he actually lives with me for some time? His current address is his mom's and she'll still be there, so there is someone to receive his mail. If we have to change it, it will be to my address in the Netherlands. - His income over 2018 was enough to meet the requirements for a household of 2. If he lives with me and quits his current job, would we need a sponsor? - If he doesn't officially quit, but lets say take a few month 'vacation', could his company sign something that shows he can come back when he's in the USA again? Would that be good for NVC? Or would we still need a sponsor? - If he doesn't quit and goes back to the same company after going back to the USA do we even have to let NVC know anything at all? He has left and came back to the same company before (for example when he lived with me for multiple months in 2017). Also, currently he lives with his mom and some family members. We do not plan on living with them. He petitioned for just me, we don't have any kids. In this situation, what would be our household? Just us 2, or us and everyone who he lives with now? Any other tips are very much welcome. Thanks in advance
  10. Our I-130 got approved! Received NOA2 in the mail today. Texas Service Centre NOA1 received on October 15, 2018 NOA2 received on July 5, 2019 No RFEs.
  11. I'm pd october 3rd and still waiting.. I really want to continue already
  12. Hi everyone! My question is kind of the other way around. I'm wondering if we should file I-130 before or during visiting. Me and my partner didn't start our CR1 yet. We got married last week when I was in the USA. I'm back in my home country (the Netherlands) now and we're waiting to receive the marriage certificate. Now I'm preparing to file I-130. I will be visiting my partner again in september. I would prefer to file our I-130 as soon as possible. I'm just wondering what would be smarter to do: File before I visit, or file when I'm actually there? If I file before, how early would be smart so I can show NOA? (I've read in this topic that that's advised?) Not sure if neccesary but some extra information: Previous visits on ESTA, visits no longer than 3-4 weeks each: - 2016 2x -2017 0x, my partner lived with me for most of the year - 2018 2x so far, 3rd time in september Never missed a flight or anything special. I always buy a round trip so I can always show my return ticket. TIA!
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