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  1. Hello all! Just had our Charlotte, NC adjustment of status interview! We were approved! Good luck to all those still waiting!
  2. Oh wow!!!!! Good luck! Maybe we will run into each other! With luck our interviews will not be as stressful as the wait for the interview!
  3. Yes! Good luck for all of us!
  4. Ours, as well! Too bad we will miss each other!
  5. Just an update..... last Wednesday, I received text message that an update to my I-485. I checked the case tracker, and indeed an interview had been scheduled. The secured tracker still has no updated information. The letter came today, showing our interview on June 25. Fingers crossed for everyone still waiting....
  6. Oh wow! NC is where we are living... which office is hosting your interview?
  7. Hello all! Just wanted to update.... We received our approval on 4/24. Received notification of Approval on 4/28. Today, informed delivery showed only and ad. When opening the mailbox, we discovered the EAD in the mailbox! 🤡😫 To all those still waiting, it will come soon. This process is draining, and I appreciate the help/support on this forum for all who have done this. No one else can comprehend it, until they have gone through it. I eagerly wait for those still waiting for their approvals/cards.... ❤
  8. Thank you so very much! I agree, it was too long!
  9. Hello all! Just an update... On the USCIS tracker, it still shows as card being produced, but on DHS tracker, it updated the next morning on 25th to card being produced, and last night it read (only on the DHS tracker) that action was taken, and when I logged in, it shows case approved on the 25th April. Also, wanted to say we did no service requests, after reading some horrible waiting times for those who did, we were wondering if they put it at the bottom of the pile....Hang in there, for all still waiting.... I check regularly for approvals from the ones still waiting..... congrats @Rmsean!
  10. Oh, by the way it took 124 days.... don't give up to those still waiting! 😊
  11. Hello! Just checked the tracker app, and it said card being produced! The secured one has not updated, however. We did not apply for AP, so now we wait for the mail. Luckily, we have informed delivery!
  12. Same here.... no word.....