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  1. Thank you for making this post. I really resonate with this. I just had to split up from my ex-husband from who had the same traits... I am waiting on USCIS to let me know if I can remove myself from his i-751 petition that we filed about a year ago. I've felt so bad for the last few weeks but reading this is helpful... and thank you @Jeanne Adil for saying that we shouldn't feel embarrassed to have loved someone. He gave me unbearable stress, and panic attacks, all while he mentally manipulated me so he didn't have to work and thought I would support everything for the rest of his life. It was awful and i'm just glad I can move on. AFAIK he is in his home country and hasn't tried to come back to the US. It was a major loss on his part and I'm blessed to be able to have a support system around me and be able to move on and make my life better, and get back to who I was.
  2. Update: we were documentarily qualified a few days ago We are now in waiting for an interview date at the embassy in SJ
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