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  1. Same here. Been having issues for a couple days now. Sometimes it works, most the time it doesn't.
  2. Should be we concerned that we have not received a P3 email from the embassy yet? They received our case on December 12th. We actually have a copy from friends who recently went through this so already have everything we need, DS160 submitted, interview scheduled for January 15, and he's having his medical tomorrow.
  3. Just got an email from USCIS that our case status changed and that on November 1, our case was approved. Thanks for the notice USCIS! Only 45 days too late.
  4. Yea, I haven't found any reference yet either 🙂 Hopefully today!
  5. I can't get this to work though. Maybe it's too soon? It just changed to in transit this morning.
  6. When I last visited my fiancé, I thought I'd be clever and pre-date multiple intent to marry letters and the signature page of the i134 so I wouldn't have to mail him any. Unfortunately, the latest I dated was 12/1/18 but his interview is 1/15/19. Is 45 days too old where I'll need to send new versions anyway or is 45 days acceptable? Our NOA2 was 10/30/18 and NVC assigned our NVC case number on 12/4. If I have to send newer dated versions, do they have to be wet signature or can I email him scanned versions to print in country? Thanks! Alan
  7. I called them. I try to call as early as possible. For me, that's usually around 8AM ET and I only have to wait a few minutes.
  8. We actually already have it! We have some friends who passed El Salvador's packet 3 to us as they just went through the same process so I sent it to @Greenbaum to help others in the future 😄
  9. http://ustraveldocs.com/ which sent us to El Salvador's embassy website. After creating an account there, it tells us the earliest available appointment interview.
  10. I think so! Earliest available at the moment is January 15 so I think it's safe to do so. Hopefully it'll get shipped out next week.
  11. Can someone point me in the direction of what to do next now that I have a case number? I remember reading about some csac site or something like that to track case status but I'm not finding it now. Likely have the acronym wrong. Thanks!
  12. Got our case number today! I don't know about you guys but I find the NVC customer support people to be some of the nicest people I've talked to. Always so sweet. Anyway, she said they were actively entering our stuff into the system so call back in an hour or so to get the status but she still gave me the case and invoice number.
  13. Thanks! I did submit my email through askNVC.gov as soon as we received our NOA2. I received a response about a week later just saying they hadn't received our petition yet. Does that mean they now have my email associated or should I submit another inquiry now that they definitely have our petition? (I did not get an email they received the petition but found out by calling 🙂 )
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