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  1. Good news and bad news from me. Good is that they have suddenly scheduled the GC interview. Haven't got the letter yet but based on others I expect late December. That wasn't forecast to happen in Dallas until 14 months after our March 2019 application, so next May. But the BAD news is that I am currently in Europe on my Advance Parole .... and my AP card was stolen. Its a new nightmare. USCIS say contact the embassy. Two different Embassies say they only deal with Legal Residents and Citizens. The USCIS page says there is no process for lost AP docs (https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-11-part-a-chapter-3) and to contact the European Field office in Rome. Rome have responded to my email saying to file a new I-131 with expedited request. As usual, the main source of comfort are threads on here from others in the same situation. Seems like Customs-Border-Patrol will accept me with evidence of my problem (police report etc). But I have to persuade the airline to let me fly - when they are at risk of a big fine if I was rejected by CBP. Threads I have read: I will provide more updates when I have resolved the issue.
  2. Hi, I am in the same situation. I put my EAD/AP in my phone as I was worried my wallet might be stolen. Phone was stolen in Madrid yesterday! USCIS advised we contact the Embassy in Madrid. They refused to assist as Im not a Lawful Permanent Resident. My return flight is on Dec 11th and we just got notice that the Green Card interview will be in December. I have to get back. @Nadya Wong how did you resolve? US Immigration do a pre-clearance at Dublin airport. So I wonder if an airline flying from Dublin would be subject to less fines and therefore more willing to accept me as a traveller. I also saw other suggestions about entering via a land border eg Canada. Has anyone tried that?
  3. And I wanna go book flights, so the standard question that I haven't been paying attention to answers: How many days from the Oct 23rd "your card is being produced" before I get the card in my fist? It does seem like a rush of approvals recently, best of luck to those still waiting.
  4. So finally, after 6 months, 215 days, today in mail I got notification that EAD and AP were approved last Wed 23rd Oct. I had missed my October rugby trip, and there had been no response to my Sept 5th service request, so I'd given up tracking and posting. It was a nice surprise to find it in the mailbox today.
  5. I got $200 per month, a short-term policy. ASPEN or something. Message me if you want more details.
  6. It is also contradictory to the evidence we see on this site, where some who have applied for EAD after March 22nd have already been approved. I guess they generate a response that they think sounds plausible. My inquiry went in Sept 12th, response deadline October 4th. Fingers crossed.
  7. I spoke to tier 1 today who said that my original March 22nd date stands, that my AP/EAD is out of normal processing time and that I can submit a case enquiry. I will have my lawyer submit that today.
  8. Wow. That is worrying evidence for my case and others with RFEs.
  9. Wow! Thanks for posting this. I had an RFIE on the underlying Greencard 485, and as best I can guess, it was processed on 16th July. So if I understand this message correctly, the processing start-date for my AP/EAD gets reset to July 16th from the original March 22nd. Is anyone else in this situation!! OMG, the RFIE was a mistake that the lawyer made on the 485 application, and now its going to cause me to be unable to travel in October, and unable to see family until next year!
  10. I submitted a missing doc RFIE in June and then case went to "Ready to be scheduled for intevrview" on Juy 16th. I took that as an indication that they had received the requested doc and are happy with it.
  11. EAD processing inquiry date now 16th March, just for info. Case status website currently down.
  12. Ive now setup my informed delivery on USPS. Its free but they have to validate your address. If the address for your mobile number matches your address they can do it instantly. But in my case it doesn't so they had to send me an invitation code in the mail, which took 4 days to arrive. During setup, when the website first took me to the "by mail" validation, it crashed so I had to fiddle about a bit to get them to mail me the code. It seems to me that lots of USA IT is older 1st generation - and thus a little primitive/flaky compared to the European sites I am familiar with.
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