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  1. email notifications seem to have resumed for me today.
  2. In my case the medical team sent all my medical details, including the CD, direct to the Embassy. The embassy just handed me the CD and kept the other details of the medical. So I think they have no interest in it. But you could just bring it anyhow.
  3. the system has stopped sending me email notifications of messages and timeline updates. Seems to have happened around 20th Dec. This happen to anyone else?
  4. Visa in hand!! Will arrive SFO in mid-Jan.
  5. No response by the Embassy to my query. But when I was at my interview they accepted the Garda cert I provided without any comment or query.
  6. Its been a week since this post. Been really busy so didn't get a chance to respond, but meanwhile GreenBaum gave a wise response which was appreciated. But been thinking alot about this. Wanted to make a public comment. Its all very natural to share and celebrate the uptimes online, but there can be down times too. They happen for all of us, and are rarely the things we want to post about. So online personas are only a small slice of real life, and we shouldn't forget that. We don't know what people are going through. I was reminded of this when I heard a radio debate about teenagers driven to using steroids, triggered by a need to match the "achievers" instagram profiles. As for long distance relationships, the distance itself creates problems that would not occur if we were together. In my case, we have had our moments of difficulty over the past 2 years., times when I (and he) wondered if we should keep trying. Thankfully resolved ... but that takes work.
  7. The gang over on the Nov thread have detected "in transit" status updates started about 2 hrs ago. They are now fussing about the DHL page not working
  8. Approved today too! Meanwhile best of luck to those cases getting shipped to the Embassy this week.
  9. Good idea, I've emailed the Embassy to ask if they accept the cert issued in Dublin to cover all my Irish residences.
  10. Hi, Our Packet3 from the Dublin Embassy says "if the applicant has lived at a different part of their country [from where they are currently living]" then they need "a police cert from the police authorities of that locality.". Im currently living in Dublin but previously lived in Munster. I've got a cert from Gardai in Dublin that refers to all my residences, including Munster. All the Garda divisions use the one computer system, I think. But has anyone seen the Embassy reject a cert from Dublin when covering an address eleswhere in the country?
  11. I've been thinking back on all the questions I saw since I joined this forum. I wrote a summary of my time, and it became a rhyme! I wanted to somewhere to share, and only you lot would care. Helps to read it aloud. So, my interview’s booked, im leaving this fo-rum my questions are done, got no more 'em 129 no more, No DS 160, No 134 No NOA, no WAC No NVC, no RFE Just embassy twas a lucky find with people like me lurker, petitioner, ben – ific -iar - y friends for the journey forums and threads on procedures and progress profiles, big smiles happy face, timeline estimate, for the wait …boo US CIS Check the new site Check the old site Check the txt and check the app check the email check your post refresh, refresh, refresh …. Igors list, Harvey solano Refresh, refresh, refresh … whats the number? should i call? too soon to call? tier 1, tier 2, tiers of frustration! "within the timescale" last month, next month, this month, our month, days tick by average days to wait? stats for my day? this is OUR day joining the 200 day club 225 days, escalate, hyperventilate! call the congress don't call Trump he's busy on Twitter im still waiting, this is awful. we’re approved, im crying with joy .. but IM still waiting, they've lost my case for what is your RFE? what is an IMB? should I sign it? did they get it? how long do they take? got that, now what? what to do with the NVC? 8 weeks, are they for real? vaccination, medical whens the next batch, DHL for @Greenbaum a personal verse. A virtual father, and consoler, the elder, scary face. now please send to me the packet three Reposting information disseminating patience purveyor of common sense … and the occasional slap "your mileage may vary" "meanwhile read these" To the Port of Entry I’ll be taking a flight from VisaJourney to the rest of my life From Facetime to fullTime then ... marriage registrar Adjustment of status Green card permit to travel permit to work .... oh noe .... another question hey @Greenbaum how do I .. … ever leave this site. You didn't!
  12. Its been a good week for a swathe of the members on this thread as many cases got shipped to the Embassies. Thinking too of the disappointed ones now waiting for the next shipment in 2 weeks time, hope you get an Xmas gift from NVC! More certainty of dates from now, and hopefully no issues. So I'll be doing less visits here, but Im following many timelines and looking forward to updates with interview approval and marriages. Lots of coverage today admiring President Bush 73 long years of marriage. He married at age 20, younger than all of us here I assume, so we can only strive for that record! But we have the same goals as he and Barbara did, and I wish everyone a happy future. I'm way older and for most of my life didn't think it would even be possible, so its a dream come true. @JuniorMints (great username!) - do keep posting any questions. We are all here to help and be helped, no no matter how silly, insenitive or tetchy some posts are.
  13. I saw on DHL that the Dublin shipment arrived East Midlands airport Thurs 10pm, same time as London shipment. It went to on to Dublin airport Friday 7am, and at the Embassy by 10:30am. Less delivery items than London, I expect, but impressive none the less. Hope we all get P3 emails on Monday.
  14. yes. but thats changed now also. Now at New York and estimated delivery is Friday.
  15. DHL tracker working for me now - for yesterdays "in transit".