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  1. Was in my email box this am and surprisingly saw an email from USCIS. New card is being produced ! :) My PD is Dec 3,2020 New Card Produced April 7,2021. MSC Location. Thanks be to the almighty God. Will see USCIS when I apply for citizenship in a few years.1
  2. Can somebody post the link to the bulletin for Dec ROC please !
  3. Wow congrats !!!! That’s fast!!! What all did you send with your packet?
  4. Just saw on my informed delivery that I have mail from USCIS. My guess is that it’s the letter.
  5. Sorry for late reply. I actually didn’t get mail. I got an email in my inbox saying action has been taken on case and checked my status and it said biometrics were reused. Never got a letter in the nail and I’ve been checking my informed delivery.
  6. Wow what status did you have before did she enter on CR1 or K1? Did you already have an interview before?
  7. Packaged was delivered Dec 03 via USPS. Saw on my credit card account that USCIS charged my card yesterday Jan 15. Didn’t get any text or notification though.
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