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  1. Hi, Got my GC and Went to the Social security office to remove the restrictions the same day I received it. Lady typed my name in the system (My old SS card didn't have Jr on it and I added the Jr to my last name on my GC so requested it be on my new SS card, idk if this has anything to do with it) and said she couldn't verify me right there. She said she had to send off my stuff for a 2nd verification or something like that to Dept of Homeland Security. Just curious if any one has ever heard of this or dealt with it. She gave me a letter saying it can take up to 4 weeks to verify it and they will either send me the new card or tell me why they couldn't send me the card.
  2. killadocg23

    In a deep depression

    Can you guys just say a prayer for me. I have gone into a deep depression. I have to take sleeping pills or drink alcohol just to go sleep. My AOS is in 3 weeks and I am a WRECK.Havent eaten or slept in a week. I pray my interview goes well.
  3. Congrats on your interview ! I have a quick question ! I sent you a PM!
  4. Hi thanks can you check your PM
  5. Congrats ! I sent you a PM in regards to the San Antonio office. If you would kindly reply it would be appreciated.
  6. Gotcha but I meant straightforward . No claim to be a citizen, no use of anybody's social or anything.
  7. Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody has heard of some ones i485 being denied at the interview for unauthorized work (when married to a USC)? Either recently or in the past?
  8. Hi, Had anybody had their interview at the San Antonio field office recently ? How was it ? What were some of the questions asked?
  9. Thanks. Will call them tomorrow and ask. Thanks. I sent you a PM !
  10. Hi,) I dont have any shot records. So I would need the vaccines I assume. we do have medical insurance through my wifes job (she is a federal employee). My interview has been scheduled so I am trying to get my medical out the way. Just curious of what all I needed to do for the I693.
  11. Hi, Can someone point me in the direction of what vaccines are needed for the I693. The doctors offices charges an extra 400 for the vaccines and am sure I can get them done alot cheaper. Thanks
  12. Thank you guys. Also, can some one point me in the direction of a guide on whats needed for the interview? Like what all shoudl we bring. Ive tried to use the search function but it seemed to have changed for some reason. Thanks
  13. Hi, Will this affect my interview. My Interview was scheduled and is probably 3-4 weeks out not sure yet. But wife is furloughed. Does this affect application? Do I need to find another joint sponsor?
  14. I expedited my EAD after 6 months of waiting and got it approved in ONE day because it was outside normal processing time but didnt get my AP yet. Called USICS today and the officer told me it wont be a combo card. So still waiting for my AP. 6 months and counting now.
  15. What is secondary inspection and what does it entail?