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    We met over 3 years ago and got married almost a year ago. Laziness has prevented us from filing for CR-1 sooner and it will likely be an IR-1 when it is all said and done, but soon our journey as one in the United States will begin!

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  1. I married my spouse while he was visiting me in the USA on an existing tourist visa, he returned home a month later (which was still a month before his 6-month I-94 expired). He has visited me again one more time since then on his tourist visa after we had filed for the CR-1. We have not seen each other in person since due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Our I-130 petition has since been recently approved and we are at the NVC stage. While we are eager to complete this step, we are not rushing too much considering we likely wont get an interview anytime soon. If we complete it by the end of the summer we are still good. In all likelihood, he will likely be entering the USA with his immigrant visa after our 2nd wedding anniversary, in which case it will be an IR-1 visa and he will get a 10-year green card (thereby avoiding $600 to remove conditions). I went on a big tangent, sorry ... to answer your question: NO, it is not illegal to do what you are planning, many of us have done it and in the long run it is cheaper that way.
  2. GET MARRIED ALREADY! LOL Seriously, when you do get married, get married somewhere that you get an ENGLISH marriage certificate, that way you wont have to get it translated
  3. Hello, I am a US citizen sponsoring my Venezuelan citizen spouse for an immigrant visa. Our I-130 petition was recently approved and we are now at the beginning of the NVC stage. Since the US Embassy in Caracas has been closed for over a year, I understand that the immigrant visa interviews are being conducted in Colombia. I would love to have some insight into the process of a Venezuelan traveling to Colombia for the final interview, and anyone that has been through this process personally is someone I would love to hear from. In the interest of planning ahead, I have several questions: 1) Is the US Embassy in Bogota even open right now due to COVID-19? Are interviews on hold? 2) How much advanced notice is given for the interview date (to plan for travel to Colombia from Venezuela and from the USA since I intend on going to be there to support my spouse even if I cannot attend the interview)? 3) Must the medical exam appointment be made and completed in Colombia? 4) Must Spanish documents be translated to English even though Colombia is a Spanish-speaking country (I ask because I read conflicting information online)? 5) How long after the interview is the immigrant visa issued and what options are there for receiving back the passport with the visa in it (return to embassy, DHL)? I may have other questions which I will ask later, but these are the most pressing. Thanks in advance!
  4. I HAVE BEEN APPROVED!! 🎉 💃 😝 6 months of waiting is over! I’m the one who started this thread and now I can finally give everyone here HOPE! I-130 for IR-1 NOA1 - 11/15/2019 Texas 02/23/2020 Transferred to Vermont Date Changes: 02/23/2020, 05/01/2020, 05/12/2020 NOA2 - Approved 05/12/2020 Vermont (NO I-129 filed for K-3) Those of you transferred from TX to VT, don’t be worried - apparently your TEXAS timeline is still kept intact! I am over the hill happy right now, now I know what an approval feels like 😆 GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WAITING! As you can see, it’s coming!! 💙
  5. Another date change on my account of May 1, 2020 😳 .... still waiting! 🤞🏽
  6. Did you confirm that you weren’t transferred? No one was notified and you pretty much have the same update date as everyone who was transferred.
  7. Did you get transferred to CSC? I have not followed up with USCIS to find out whether I’m still in Vermont. I just am too lazy to find out.
  8. Congratulations to all approved! I-130 for CR1/IR1 - USC petitioner PD 11/15/2019 TSC transferred to VSC on 2/23/2020 Did not file for K-3 No other updates at this time. Still waiting … any insights from similar filers?
  9. I have been following the I-130 groups on Facebook, I’ve seen a lot of September 2019 filers getting approvals this month despite the fact that their cases were transferred from Texas to Vermont. Seems to be following the same timeline as Texas, so I remain hopeful for June! 😬
  10. My last update is still 23 Feb 2020, transferred from TX to VT.
  11. They better fix this s*** soon before I have a coronary!!! 😫 as I am a Texas to Vermont transfer too! 😡
  12. So I have also been following I-130 updates on immigration pages on Facebook. That February 23, 2020 date seems to have some significance. Turns out many cases were moved to other service centers that day. This is apparently in an effort to equalize the load on each service center in order to expedite approvals. I am not sure how true that is, but I did initiate an online chat with USCIS this morning and they confirmed with my case # that my case was transferred from Texas to Vermont. I don’t know what to think about this move, because when I went to check the processing times for Vermont I was not happy 😡 . I hope I’m jumping the gun, but we will have to wait and see. I updated my timeline on here with respect to the transfer, and my tentative approval date range hasn’t changed from when it was in Texas. So I am remaining hopeful! Anyone else have a similar update?
  13. Oh, that is the most amazing news to hear today! Congratulations! What a way to be lifted off your chest I’m sure! So happy for you!
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