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  1. No,I did not upgrade category during the process.I have sent several mails to Lagos and NVC and it comes back with the same feedback each time with CoVid 19 excuses.
  2. Bored and tired of waiting for interview letter from US consulate Lagos since 3/12/2020.(IR1)
  3. The process for interview letters from US consulate Lagos is very slow.I got Dqd on 3/12/2020.
  4. I got Dqd 3/12/2020 IR1.I noticed that the process for interviews by Embassies are very slow more especially in sub Saharan Africa.
  5. They have actually left CR1 and IR1 untouched since March or there about. my DQ date is 3 of December 2020.
  6. I got DQ on the 3 of December 2020.Five months gone without any information from NVC or the Embassy.It is really frustrating.
  7. You just got documentarily qualified, you have joined the queues of those waiting to be called for an interview. Congratulation and Goodluck!
  8. It came rather too fast but do not forget that we have new administration with new immigration policies in place. congratulation anyway!
  9. Mine took two weeks for an acknowledgement e mail and one month for a decision.
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