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  1. Thanks for the timely response but you need to know that when I said copies,I mean an electronically saved copy of my visa which I was able to retrieve from my mail .
  2. Please,do you if copies of my IR1 visa stamp and i90 receipt enough to get a job while I await the permanent resident card replacement which I guess will take 8 months to a year. Thanks..
  3. Thanks,I am doing my best to get a prove of residency.I am also trying to explore other options available. I will keep pushing, it’s frustrating,though.
  4. I went back to Bessemer police today to get a copy of the report and police officers accompanied me back to to the place but she still denied me entry to pick my things,claiming that I never lived there,unfortunately, I had no copy of mails to prove that because everything that would have been a proof is inside the house.Right now the case has been assigned to a detective who will be in the position to charge her for felony. please,I really need to know steps to take for new documents like permanent resident card,social security etc.and if I90 receipt will be enough to be used to get a job.That is,in any event, I fail to retrieve my docs from her. Note**She is in the process of leaving the state of Alabama for somewhere else.
  5. I am very strong brother.I live in Bessemer part of Alabama but I am being harbored in Leeds area.Please,I need your number so that we can talk.I do not have a phone but I will find a way to call you.
  6. Police came to the scene, and there has been a number assigned to the case, the officer said he needed warrant to get her arrested but it was already late and it was on a Friday evening.I am doing my best.I was honestly frustrated when he said they could not do anything for me to retrieve what rightfully belonged to me.
  7. Thank you very much.I will do that tomorrow,The Good Samaritan that harbored me has volunteered to speak to her too.
  8. Thanks very much, She used my card to do the purchase because she knows my PIN code.I have called the bank to put a temporary lock on the debit and credit cards.I do not know how the law works here but they said it is a civil case except for the threat to life and destruction of my belongings.
  9. Thanks very much.I am in Alabama,I guess the police could not do anything because I am an immigrant.I was very much surprised that I could not get help from them.
  10. I meant that my personal belongings including my international passport permanent resident card, ,bank cards,different certificates from previous institutions I have attended are all in her possession.From a call to my bank shows that she used $152 to purchase tems from Walmart using my debit card. I have my social security number by heart. Thanks
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