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  1. streanor

    K 1 visa help please

    If I remember correctly it was non-immigrant visa I clicked on when making my appointment for interview. I got an email pretty soon after with link to pay the fee. I would send an email to the embassy and let them know. I had questions for them along the way too regarding my interview and they were sometimes slow to respond but when they did they were very helpful. Good luck!!
  2. I'm sure the time varies slightly depending on the location but generally it seems to be very quick. I was in and out in 30 mins. You have to fill out a simple form, from what I can remember it asks you your name, date of birth, height, weight, hair color. Then they will take your finger prints.
  3. It too 3 weeks from the day we married to receive our marriage cert. Hang in there, it'll arrive soon!
  4. Hi folks, I have a question... My Bank of America just sent me a W-9 form regarding the savings account I opened with them stating it is required by the IRS for me to submit a W-9. It also states that this form is required only if you are defined as a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident alien. So my question is... • Would I be defined as a U.S. resident alien? • And even though I'm obviously not working and won't be until probably February do I have to submit a tax return next year?
  5. Like @AshMarty said there's a lot of people here who have been through similar frustrations as you. If you can get a tourist visa try to see it as a time you can continue to grow your relationship and discover if this might be someone you want to be together forever. Try not to stress about THEN WHAT too much. If you moving to the US is a possible goal I would avoid VISA fraud as you could be in danger of a ban. From my personal experience I would suggest talking to your partner openly about these things, make sure you both understand and are on the same page about the possible options ahead, and what sacrifices can be made to make things easier along the way. Like what are his options for coming to live with you or stay with you for an extended period.. Ultimately I would advise continuing to work on your relationship and be together as often as you can until you feel you're ready to make the step towards marriage and then go for the K1 or CR1.
  6. Same thing happened to me with my EAD receipt number while my I-485 and I-131 receipt numbers work fine. I was hoping it would resolve itself thinking they might be having technical issues but it's been over a week now and still comes up as an error... Grrr
  7. Wait until you get your hard copy NOA receipt notice for your I-485 in the mail. Make a copy of it and send with your EAD and Advanced Parole forms. Maybe also include a cover letter explaining you have sent I-485 and to see attach receipt notice.
  8. You should be able to open a bank account before you get your EAD. I know some people have had issues trying to open one but I had no problem with Bank of America.
  9. Wow that's great progress!!! Congrats!
  10. I attached a copy to each. The table of contents for my supporting documents for each form was as follows... FORM I-485 - 2 Passport Photos - Copy of Passport - Copy of Birth Certificate - I-94 - Copy of K1 Visa in Passport with entry stamp - Copy of I-797 Approval notice (from K1 process) - Certified copy of Marriage License - Copy of DS-3025 FORM I-864 - Copy of sponsor’s Birth Certificate - 2017 Tax Return (with W-2) FORM I-765 - I-94 - Copy of Passport - 2 Passport Photos - Copy of DS-3025 - Copy of K1 Visa in Passport with entry stamp - Copy of I-797 Approval notice (from K1 process) Form I-131- Copy of Passport with biographical page - Copy of K1 Visa from Passport and entry stamp - Copy of I-797 Approval notice (from K1 process) - I-94 - 2 Passport Photos
  11. WOOP! Got Receipt Notice email and text last night, I presume it's for my EAD. The receipt number is coming up as invalid on Case Status Online though... I wonder is it just not added to their online system yet.
  12. Got letter for biometrics appointment in the mail today too!!! October 1st