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  1. Got ya, that seems to be a trickier 🙁 It's something that might be a problem for me next year too so I'm getting concerned. Hope it all works out for you, good luck!!!
  2. According to this article he should be able to continue working as long as the renewal is pending.. https://legalservicesincorporated.com/my-green-card-application-is-pending-and-my-ead-card-and-advance-parole-are-about-to-expire-do-i-have-to-renew-them-do-i-have-to-pay-for-the-renewals/ "Do you have to stop working until you receive your new EAD card? That could take several months (currently around 4-6 months). The answer is no: As long as the USCIS receives your EAD card application on or before the date your current EAD expires, your work authorization will be automatically extended for up to 180 days. This extension begins on the date your current EAD card expires and continues for up to 180 days unless your new EAD card application is denied. You should note that this automatic 180 extension of the Employment authorization only applies to certain categories and adjustment of status applications is one of these categories."
  3. I did that about 3 years ago to visit my then boyfriend. I didn't have very strong ties to home at the time. I was questioned extensively and was completely honest and they let me through. I know someone who is on their second long period trip within this year and he didn't get questioned at all. It's completely up to the discretion of the officer you get at customs. If you have any evidence of ties - lease, appointments to come back to, etc. I would bring them just in case. Also have a print out of your bank statement to prove you have enough money to support yourself on your trip. GOOD LUCK!
  4. For anyone whose interested.. I finally got my travel document today!! WOHOO!!! It took 4 months after approval. I had to make 2 inquiries and a lot of phone calls to USCIS. Persistence paid off!!
  5. I'm afraid not from my experience, I had a previous J-1 and O-1 visa and was on the slower side of average waiting for my K-1 visa. Good Luck!
  6. This is my gut feeling too.. I'm going to keep on top of it as best I can. Thanks @Naes I really appreciate your reply!
  7. Half ranting half asking! Should I get a lawyer involved? I'm now having nightmares about never getting my travel doc and missing both my best friends and brothers weddings in early Oct and Nov. I know I have time but so far everything has worked at snail pace with USCIS. My husband wants to get a lawyer involved. Is there any point?! I've just heard so many times their input doesn't help. Our congressman says he can't do anything for us because there's no major emergency to travel. I'm just so angry because I did everything right, the only reason why I don't have AP document is because of a mistake made by USCIS. Here's my backstory: My AP was approved in March but my EAD wasn't approved until May. I expected to receive a combo card for work and travel but I received employment authorisation card with "Not Valid For AP" printed on it. Calling USCIS they said I should have gotten a travel doc within 30 days of AP approval but there records show it was never sent. Put in an inquiry, the 30 days passed last week, I got speaking to Tier 2 and they said they have contacted my office and said I should have a reply within 2 weeks... it's been 1 week, I'm not feeling confidant. Every time I make an inquiry they have never replied in the time they say they will!!
  8. My AP was approved 2 months ago, I expected my EAD to be approved the same time or soon after but it wasn't. I never received any travel doc and was told on the USCIS helpline that when my EAD was finally approved I would get a combo card... but I didn't. I called USCIS yesterday and the guy I was speaking to said I should have got a travel doc within 30 days of AP approval but according to their records it was never sent. So clearly a mix up! I've submitted an inquiry to get my travel doc. Thanks, I've given up on stressing, over the worst of the wait now!!
  9. My EAD arrived in the mail yesterday, but came with another bump in the road.. they didn't give me Combo Card with Advance Parol. I guess because they took 2 months after approving my AP to approve my EAD they mixed things up..UGH! I have made an inquiry to get my travel doc. Lucky I don't need to travel until later this year. No end to the drama with USCIS!! Here's hoping all my luck is being saved for my job hunting 😄
  10. Aw thank you so much! I'm delighted!!!! Now to job hunt EEEEK
  11. The sooner you marry and adjust, the sooner you get your application in for EAD. Some people are lucky and only have to wait 4/5 months to work but I was one of the unlucky ones... my EAD just got approved last week after after 8 months. I'm ready with resume and portfolio to dive straight into job hunting but chances are I could be waiting another month or so until I have a job, bringing me to 9 months without work. Not trying to completely horrify you. I just want to ask you to weigh your options. Hope for best case scenario but be prepared for worst case scenario regarding EAD. BEST OF LUCK!
  12. EAD APPROVED!!!!! WOHOOOOOOOO!!!! After 8 bloody months I cannot describe the relief!! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!!
  13. EAD APPROVED!!!!! WOHOOOOOOOO!!!! After 8 bloody months I cannot describe the relief!! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!!
  14. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst... the average is around 5 months. I'm one of the unlucky ones hitting 8 months waiting this week 🙄
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