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  1. great so i can include those too then! also as weird as it is, we share the same phone number haha. Would documents we have signed using the same number count as any type of evidence that we live together? I think this might be a good one perhaps
  2. Also, we have lived in 3 different apartments since we got married. Should I include just the last one or all 3 leases? I feel like they are looking for a "story" of our time together so this might help with our evidence thank you
  3. yea I'm trying to see if i can call our doctors to have the emergency contact info sent to me . that's my next step. thinking about the affidavits too but i feel like they might work against it actually since I am low on evidence and they mind find it fake-ish? unfortunetely don't have POAs and wills
  4. so far: -lease agreement -2019 and 2020 taxes filed jointly -10 photos (cut it down to 10) -copy of marriage cert -e-tickets of our trip to his home country from 2019 (both ways) with both our names in it -e-tickets of our trip to his home country from 2020 (one way, cant seem to find the ones for the way back) im doing some more digging to see what we can find
  5. yes the lease is actually very detailed, with what is required of us to pay, amount, what is provided in the apartment etc. has both of our names on it and the date it went effective.
  6. thanks guys for all the help, even though I haven't had the time to reply to it all, it has been really helpful. So far i was able to get a lease agreement from my brother. Asked him about it and he already had one ready in file! Together with the lease agreement should I put in a letter of explanation that we live in his property? or the lease typed out by my brother is enough? ty
  7. thank you for the advice. should i include the letters of affidavit from friends / family?
  8. how many photos should i go for? is it ok if its separate documents with our address? or we need one document that has both our names and addresses? currently don't have a 401k i thought travel and reservations are a good indication that we are together? since we traveled together both times
  9. Currently not employed due to the covid setback. We were also overseas for about 6 months not long ago so that delayed the jobs finding. Neither of us drive and we keep our credit carts separate. can i just add him to mine now? or is it too late?
  10. Hello everyone, we are getting ready to file my husbands i-751. I have the packet ready and was wondering if you guys can help me with figuring out if it looks complete or if I need to include more evidence etc. Here's what it looks like so far: -Money orders for biometrics and filing fee. (we have yet to do this, do we need 2 separate money orders? or add them up into 1?) -cover letter -i-751 completed and signed -2 passport style photos (do we need these?) -copy of his conditional gc front and back Evidence: -2019 and 2020 taxes filed jointly -36 photos with my husband and I spanning between when we first met until this x-mas -copy of marriage cert -e-tickets of our trip to his home country from 2019 (both ways) with both our names in it -e-tickets of our trip to his home country from 2020 (one way, cant seem to find the ones for the way back) This is all we have so far for evidence. We live in a rented apartment that's owned by my brother so we don't really have official leasing etc. and don't own a car. We don't really have any join accounts either. I read that some people include affidavits from friends/family regarding the relationship. Do you think we need to do this? Is what I have so far enough evidence? Or do we need to do more digging?
  11. I'm August 3 filer and wondering if any other August filers are on a security check. They told me my case is being adjudicated but on hold for security. But ive heard nothing from other aug filers here. I've been stuck on "security check" since the 8th of Jan and I have no criminal/traffic tickets or anything.
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