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  1. Should I try to get an emergency appointment with them? Like it says in their Covid-19 announcement to request an extension?
  2. Hi guys, we were going to submit our RFE documents per our deadline on April 9. They requested a new sponsor or more documents such as taxes so since I have more documentations and we didn't have luck finding a co-sponsor I was reapplying my information as my husbands cosponsor.. However today I was laid off. Please help, not sure what I can do in this situation.
  3. Hi guys, I have a couple of questions regarding my most latest RFE for my husbands AOS. I hope some of you can help me out. First and foremost we went through an extremely hard time from December of last year and then now what is happening has really gotten us behind with replying to this RFE. The deadline is April 9 and before I send of the documents I wanted to ask a few questions. Short story and RFE history: -March of last year we applied for AOS. We received IRFE as I didn't have enough employment history to be a sponsor for my husband (3 month pay stubs only). We were asked to get a sponsor. We did and submitted the package. -On October we had our interview, the interviewer told us he would approve us on the spot except the overseas cs had filled out my husbands medical form incorrectly so he gave us an RFE and asked us to re-make it. At this point our co sponsor had lost their job so they withdrew their application. We also let the interviewer know that since now a few months had passed and I had a valid amount of employment, I would like to be the sponsor. He said "yes it is fine" and when I offered him my updated Affidavit he said he didn't need it and just wrote a note. We re-did my husbands medical and submitted the package. -January we received our 3rd RFE. It is saying that the CoSponsor has withdrawn their application and asking for a new co sponsor and/or a petitioning sponsor. Our deadline is April 9. Here are my questions: 1. I saw USCIS has extended RFE's due to covid-19 by 60 days. Does this apply to cases with a deadline during this time (March-May)? Or only brand new issued RFE's? https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-expands-flexibility-responding-uscis-requests 2. For last year I didn't have any taxes to submit, so I didn't. I sent in my PayStubs, letter from employer, and letter of explanation why I hadn't filed taxes. This got me the first RFE. Now I have been employed with a new employer since Last Month. Last year I made above USCIS poverty guidelines and I have my taxes from 2019 to submit for this. Do I need to include PayStubs from my new job? Is it a problem that I have only been in the new job for 1 month? 4. I just noticed that my Passport expires this April 20... As a petitioning sponsor I will need to provide proof of US Citizenship but since I was not born here I do not have something else. Is a fast approaching Passport expiration a problem? 5. Lastly do you think we can get this approved with me as the only sponsor? I can provide w-2 and tax documents from 2019. I can provide the paystubs from the past month and also a letter from the employer. Do you think this will be good enough for approval? What else should I include in my packet. 6. Additionally I am afraid that since this is the 3rd RFE they might deny us if we miss out some information or they don't approve me as the sponsor again. In that situation, would they re-issue a new RFE or just deny the case? Thanks for your time and I hope everyone is well. Cheers.
  4. Here is a link to my RFIE. I am really panicking as my co sponsor called out last minute and I’m working with a new one. They ask to reply within 87 days from the notice and that is June 6. Help guys can anyone please tell me what documents will get me safe and how to get them? I need to forward the details to the new sponsor... Also does that mean they need it to be in their hand by 87 days or just mailed out? Please help anyone that has some information or knows how to complete this RFIE properly. I am panicking...
  5. Hello guys, so we did end up getting a Request for Initial Evidence regarding our AOS application. I will attach photos of what they are asking for. Please can you help me what I should include in my response? I just want to be extra careful with this so decided to post for extra help. Also on the same day we received the Biometics appointment letter. We should attend this normally, right? The RFEI is giving us 87 days to respond, should we respond before our Bio appointment on the 29th of March? Additionally, does this delay our AOS or does it delay our EAD and AP as well? Here is what I included on my Affidavit already: -affidavit -proof of citizenship -letter of explanation on why i wasn't required to file taxes -letter from employer -job offer letter -pay stubs of only 2 months (the reason why I probably got RFIEd)
  6. Hi guys, just a quick question. USCIS sent me a letter mail requesting additional information for my expedite request. I am overseas and it is so poor here they don't have fax. One office that did said that they cannot fax to US. So I am left with 3 options. 1-Travel to another city until I find a fax service 2-Have someone from the US fax the additional information for me 3-or try an electronic faxing service? Anyone have any experience with this option? What do you think is best for me to do? Thank you.
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