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  1. Apparently, they already intended to apply a surcharge of 10% to application fees. No idea what the status is regarding this. All up to congress. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/u-s-immigration-agency-could-furlough-10000-employees-without-emergency-coronavirus-funds/
  2. Op, I believe when you go through the IRS verification process, at the end it gives you the option to request a code/pin through the mail to use to activate your account. So in your case, even though you won't get instant verification, you can wait a week or two to get this code in the mail. I might not be getting my fact here exactly, but I know the option to get a code in the mail exist; look into it.
  3. As others have already pointed out your children (under 18) automatically becomes citizens when you became a citizen. All you need to do is get them a US passport. https://www.uscis.gov/us-citizenship/citizenship-through-parents Children of U.S. Citizens Residing in the United States Children who were born outside the U.S. but now live in the U.S. may acquire citizenship under Section 320 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). A child born outside of the United States automatically becomes a U.S. citizen when all of the following conditions have been met on or after Feb. 27, 2001: · The child has at least one parent, including an adoptive parent, who is a U.S. citizen by birth or through naturalization; · The child is under 18 years of age; · The child is a lawful permanent resident (LPR); and · The child is residing in the United States in the legal and physical custody of the U.S. citizen parent. Now, filing form N-600 is not really necessary but you have the money and also want additional document proving his citizenship, then go for it. If child is at least 14 years then they may be required to appear for an oath of allegiance ceremony just like 'naturalization' oath ceremony.
  4. You can't switch from K1 to K3; there's no such thing. However, you can get married and file for CR1 by completing I-130. Once I-I30 receipt is received you may optionally file for K3; though you should note that K3 is essentially obsolete.
  5. @GecHomeboy, it seems to me that financially you guys started on a good note and I can tell you marriage finances is one of the major things that breaks a marriage. So I'm dumbfounded that snoring will be the issue that's breaking your marriage; I will advice you discuss with your wife regarding marriage counseling as others have suggested before you go the divorce route. However, don't force her against her will if refuses to. Good luck; remember marriage is a difficult journey and if anybody tells you their marriage is perfect they are lying to you.
  6. Wow. This is lightening speed in terms of US immigration. This is very rare. Congrats.
  7. The whole US immigration process can sometimes be grueling. Nonetheless, interviews that have been cancelled does not mean they won't be re-scheduled. The USEM certainly understands what's happening in the world right now which resulted in the interview cancellation. I'm sure when the current situation gets better all cancelled interviews will be re-scheduled accordingly even if the window for your interview has expired. Keep being hopeful.
  8. USCIS or NVC or USEM doesn't care who pays the fees as long as it's paid and it doesn't bounce. Every relationship has it's own dynamics so how one goes about the payment of fees should be based on proper communication and trust.
  9. It's the same old dance. The moves of the dance. 1. Trump implements/signs/says something about immigration 2. A lawsuit ensues 3. It goes through the various courts until it gets to the supreme court 4. The supreme courts rules against or in favor of Trump; mostly in favor of Trump. In this particular instance, I think Trump might prevail based on past precedents.
  10. That's not entirely correct. The children will have up to the next May (1 year) to follow.
  11. Either is applicable but go with option A, based on 5 year rule. That will the better option in terms of of the overall application process.
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