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  1. Finally, they are making it official official. Seems the piloted this in a few States especially Florida. Step in the right direction to save people a trip to the field office.
  2. You haven't received a receipt yet for the application? The priority date is on the receipt.
  3. By default, the category is automatically upgraded to F1 category. However, the law allows daughter to maintain category F2B if it's to her advantage. If she chooses to maintain category F2B she'll have to contact NVC (if NVC has her case). What's the priority date?
  4. Hmm, maybe they are becoming strict about it but I'm still confident he should be ok. Give it a shot. I'm surprised you actually got to speak with someone over the phone at the GH consulate in NY; they never seem to ever answer that phone or call anybody back. That's a first.
  5. You are definitely reading it correctly but they won't be strict about it because husby doesn't have relatives in the US. As I said just use two relatives in GH and you should be fine, and consulate will understand. I have done so before. Oh, and another thing - the witness section will require the witness official stamp or seal and the application will list only certain people or officials who can act as a witness. Also ignore this. Husby can ask any Ghanaian to act as witness. And shouldn't even stress himself with the stupid stamp or seal being requested. I'm not sure you guys are located but I will recommend the consulate in NY. Remember it's biometric so husband will physically have to go into the consulate. You might be skeptical with what I'm saying but come back and thank me later.
  6. Absolutely, the guarantors and witness section are required. The guarantors don't have to be living in the US. Your husband can just use two guarantors living in Ghana. If you are concerned about signatures, husband can complete the application email to the guarantors and let them sign it and mail it back using DHL or EMS or similar couriers. If you husby is tech savvy he could even have the relatives e-sign the application and email it back. However, what husband doesn't want to do is go back to GH just because of passport renewal or have the immigration officer or whoever send it by mail. I say it's dangerous to mail your passport from Ghana. And top of that it's a hustle to get your passport on time in Ghana without greasing some palms. Less hustle and pretty straightforward if he renews in the US and sleep worry free.
  7. Op, you made a $465 mistake. File form I-824 and pay that fee.
  8. Op, ask spouse to file I-130 now and let the process run it's course.
  9. Op, I assumed she filed online? The receipt with the service center might be under the document section online. As of today, you'll be waiting 8+ years for your immigrant visa number to be current.
  10. Knowledge is power. Sharing is caring. DIY saves money. So I learn and share just as you are beginning to do, all thanks to VJ community.
  11. Very serious. Even your own status is not valid. Lawyer time.
  12. Op, your SSN card probably has "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION" or similar wording indicated on it. That's why you'll need EAD or Greencard.
  13. @Lotus95, when you receive your document kindly post a readcted picture here like HarryWL did so we have more proof this urban myth is actually true. 😀
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