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  1. That's not entirely correct. The children will have up to the next May (1 year) to follow.
  2. Either is applicable but go with option A, based on 5 year rule. That will the better option in terms of of the overall application process.
  3. It seems recently paper applications or some are being digitized; a friend I helped file his I-130 got IOE receipt in the mail to my surprise. I thought it was strange at the time and quickly realized it's a change that's happening. My gut feeling is they will eventually just cease paper submissions in the near future.
  4. Hmm; it's Lagos. I'll bet my stars that your friend is in some deep trouble. The consulate has seen it all; they'll catch the deception in 2018.
  5. Your endorsed/stamped immigrant visa is a valid travel document because it acts as a temporary I-551. It says it right on the visa. BTW, my spouse used it to travel twice before she received the physical card in the mail. No problem at all.
  6. Also, keep in mind that her stamped visa in the passport acts as a permanent resident status for a year so she can use that to travel etc.
  7. OP, basically whatever you guys do, just make sure your folks don't overstay any status in the US until their visa number becomes current in 15+ years. Good luck.
  8. You have lots of reading and research to do but you'll grasp everything in no time. Read the guides on this site on how to sponsor relatives using Form I-130.
  9. This could work though it will still be at the discretion of the consular officer based on the totality of your circumstance just as before. However, I think will be on good footing this time around. Good luck.
  10. She can use it again but you have to be mindful that still final entry is always at the discretion of the immigration officer at port of entry.
  11. @Op; just don't do it. Just wait and send it within 90 days. USCIS doesn't play games so you'll be disappointed when they mail you application right back to you.
  12. No, they wouldn't need any such certificate.
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