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  1. I just got an update two days ago that my "interview has been scheduled" after initially filing I485 in October of 2019. Can someone please tell me what documents they took along as proof of marriage? Is it really necessary to include 2020 tax returns? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your prompt response. I appreciate your time and assistance. If you don't mind me asking, how did the interview go? Did you take your child with you? Also, do you think it's necessary to take our 2020 tax returns? We haven't filed yet. Again, thank you.
  3. Hi, Congrats on your interview being scheduled and good luck! I too just got an update two days ago that my "interview has been scheduled". Can you please tell me how long it took to receive your letter in the mail from the time you got an update on your case, and how long from the update and/or the interview notice was the interviewer scheduled for? My husband had a trip planned for the end of this month, so it'd be really helpful if I had an estimate ahead of time to make appropriate adjustments. I'm in NY as well and based on my location, I'm sure my interview still be at the NYC office. Thanks
  4. Congrats! Have you received your notice yet? My status just changed to "interview was scheduled" yesterday. I'm wondering how long it's gonna take to arrive?
  5. Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it. Do you mind telling me how you went about informing your congressperson about your whole predicament, like the process you went through?
  6. Hi, Congrats on your approval. How long after your case status said "case is ready to be scheduled for interview ", did you wait before contacting your Congress man's office? I have been waiting since 12/2019, but each time I check the website it says that my "case is within normal processing time", so I'm reluctant to contact my Congress woman because of that. Thanks, and I appreciate you replying me.
  7. Hi, I have been waiting with my case status stuck at case is ready to be scheduled for an interview since 12/2019, I filed 10/2019. My life has been on hold ever since, can't go to school or anything important. Your question posted got me curious though, were you a co signer on your mortgage with your partner? My husband and I have been thinking about getting a house in my name, but because I don't have a green card yet, we are think I am not qualified. Can u kindly expand on your mortgage application process, like who is the main applicant and who is the cosigner, what immigration paper did they ask for? We really want to get our kids out our apartment and get a house where they can grow up as normal kids with space to play, pets and all that. I can't wait on that green card for that anymore. The wait is way too brutal. I appreciate you replying me on this matter. Thanks.
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