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  1. Thanks, I will call them within this week as 120 days are up then go to their office near me if thing doesnt get thru.
  2. Yes, I came with digital visa packet. my service center is Potomac in Washington DC.
  3. I have also waiting for actual GC, I paid on Dec-31 2018 and entered the US on Jane-18 2019 till now its almost 12 weeks passed since I paid for the GC. called, sent inquiry and tracked GC delivery but just got answer to wait 12 weeks. I cant get any job coz they keep asking for GC even I explained them I have stamp on my passport and permitted to get any job within one year until getting GC. I'm bored of this to stay home with nothing to do. sight !!!
  4. I got SSN and i551 stamped on my passport with letter from border protection officer said the stamp on my passport is temporary GC for one year; it's either used for employment as well. is it ok for getting a job ?
  5. I also haven't received Greed Card yet, paid on 12/30/2018 and POE on 01/18/2019. its almost 7 weeks now.
  6. I’m here for 6 weeks with no green card to me yet, SSN got in the first week. Any idea ?
  7. Minnesota is too cold as my wife said, I'm flying there on 17-Jan-19. hehehe I will stuck in the house with the heat.
  8. Hi everyone, my visa is approved. get the visa and passport back on Dec 28, 2018. thanks for everyone here in VJ and @Abies @NikLR for helped, assisted and guided. God Bless you all - Interview date Dec 17, 2018 at 7:30am - Security guy let me in at 7:20am, gave my passport, all documents then scanned - at 7:30am, passed another security check. gave all document then scanned again - at 7:40am to window-7 for waiting number assign. got the number and wait they call - at 8:00am, i was called to window-5 and asked to give, Passport, Birth cert, Marriage cert, Police cert and all marriage/relationship evidence photo, email, money transferred - Back the the seat and wait they call again. - at 8:40am, I was called again to the window-5 and asked for swear, fingers scanned then CO started to interview - What is ur wife's name? - Who petitioned you ? - Where did your marriage take place ? - What is your wife's date of birth ? - How many people joined the wedding ? - Did your wife's parents came to join the wedding ? - Where her parents live ? - Have you ever marriage before ? - Who does you wife live with ? - When did you start to know each other ? - Did you use Facebook to communicate ? - Who introduced her to you ? - What is date of your marriage ? - At 8:50am done interviewing, it took 10mn - CO said all right ur visa is granted, please come back to get your visa and passport on 28-Dec-2018 after Christmas. have a good day ! - At 9am, got all documents back excepted the Passport they kept to proceed making visa, and left the embassy All questions are very basic. answer the truth, everything will be fine. I do wish and pray for all if you to get the visa !!! ***Apologize any of my ENG mistake.
  9. Hi everyone, need your help one this question: - when/where did you meet your spouse ? we started to chat on Facebook messenger first, then she cam to my country, we met at the airport. so should I answer the day we started chat or the day we met at the airport ? thanks
  10. Congrats !!! one month for me to get interview appointment letter from NVC. Best of luck
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