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  1. Hi. Does the NOA letter, which shows the Eligibility Category, serve as the automatic extention for another 180 days for EAD?
  2. That’s good! Just curious: did they ask us to do anything in the mail? I just got a notification saying they received my renewal documents too and asked me to wait for mail.
  3. Oh.. did you try following timeline of ppl within your state? Maybe it depends on state.
  4. I think he got scheduled for the interview in April, but of course because of the pandemic, interview got cancelled. I figured that might be one of the reasons why they waived his interview.
  5. When were your "Ready to schedule for an interview" and the "Scheduled for an interview"? Because mine was 10/30/2019 "Ready to schedule for an interview", and no more update ever since. Was going to extend my EAD because its going to expire in December. But if Saint Paul Office is moving forward now, I am wondering if thats a necessary move.
  6. Congrats! I notice we are at the same Office. Is your interview waived?
  7. Thats totally normal. That happened to my case status too! You can start looking for jobs now since EAD will come in mail in about a week or two!
  8. Congrats! Looks like we have very similar timeline. Hopefully I will get my update soon!
  9. Congrats! I'm waiting for that status too. BTW, I thought EAD/ AP is processed at NBC? Does it have anything to do with state? Just curious.
  10. Congrats! How long did it take from EAD approved to new card being produced for you?
  11. Actually, I went to dmv to get ID card when my I-94 was still effective. Not sure if that was why they gave me the card.
  12. My AP just approved too! I know usually EAD and AP come as a combo card, but is it because the approval of my expedited EAD that my AP got approved too?
  13. On Dec 5 today my work permit status changed to "New card is being produced"!
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