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  1. I see your point. Right now I’m not going to replace my SS as SSA only accepts mail-in for that type of update on the card, meaning I have to mail in my SSN and GC and there’s no way to track when it’ll be done. I think I’ll wait.
  2. From what I under, green card can work as the DHS authorization. So we don’t really have to have that restriction removed/ get a new card with same number without that restriction. Is that right?
  3. Hi all. I got my social security card before marriage. And I changed my last name after marriage. So I went to SSA and updated my last name, but was told that they would update my name in their system, but the last name on my physical card remains maiden name. Now that I have got my green card, should I make another trip to SSA and have the "Work only with DHS authorization" removed and get a card with updated name? I've been researching here about the topic and got different answers. Just want to make sure whether I should go or not?
  4. Same lol I got my approval letter today! Did you get you GC yet? I think I saw someone earlier than us got the GC the next day they got the approval mail.
  5. Congratulations! I’m still waiting for mine. I’m one day later than your interview.
  6. Yes, but it was more of a friendly conversation, questions casually asked. We even got this question: was there resistance from my family? As it turns out, the officer's wife is also from my country so he was curious about that lol
  7. Had my interview yesterday. It was a very pleasant experience at the local office. Was expecting to see new status update today, but nothing so far. Also, I was a bit worried about my former CCP membership issue, but looks like my officer was very understanding for my situation.
  8. Wow that took a long time for you to get it in hand. Now I'm starting to worry a little bit. My interview went really well despite my previous CCP issue. I'm concerned if that issue is going to take extra time for reviewing...
  9. Wow that’s fast! Good for you! But did you get any update on your case status online after the interview?
  10. Good afternoon! Just came back from the interview. Just like you said, it was like a friend meeting! Officer was super nice and we shared a bit about both our own relationship and his wife and stuff, which made the whole experience friendly and easy. We’re approved at the spot but it’s not official yet. Will be waiting for the official notice, hopefully in a week or so!
  11. Yes! Wonder if they will do video interview. Let me know how it goes! Thanks in advance and good luck to you!
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