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  1. Received NOA1 on July 10 from Nebraska Service Center (LIN). 😄 Filed: 5/12 Returned to me 5/27 with errors (whoops) Filed again 5/28 Receipt Date: 5/29 Notice Date: 7/1 Received NOA: 7/10
  2. Timeline entries are not allowing for long processing times, even if they're within 8 weeks: Those dates are within 6 weeks, however you get the error: Moving the date closer, the error resolves (ie: if I choose June 11 instead of July 11). With that said though, even if it is 8 weeks, considering current timelines are not going to fall typically within the "max" time due to world events, this limit should be extended or temporarily removed in any case.
  3. Originally filed my ROC on 5/12 Received it back on 5/27 stating it was an expired form (my bad for using an old one found on my PC) Sent the updated ROC off 5/28 Received 6/3 with the check cashed the same day - received a text message with my receipt number (case number I assume) Now the waiting begins....
  4. As another update, they rejected my request with a green-colored notice letter, but this was entirely my fault! Reason for rejection was that I used an old copy of the I-751 form, even though I had downloaded several new copies. I suppose I must have found one saved on my computer YEARS ago by accident. No wonder they hadn't been cashing my check. Receipt notice shows May 12th delivery, processed May 15th. Received the rejection notice in the mail May 27th. So, I lost 2 weeks worth of processing time because of this. Whoops. Notice allows me to resubmit the file with fees completely returned. This is not an RFE or flat out rejection. On the bright side, I can now submit a G-1145 that I forgot the first time. Going to run to the post office today and get this sent out before I need to consider myself a June filer 😅
  5. No status update for me yet. Package was received to UPS facility, Lewisville, on May 12. Check is still not cashed and still no receipt number. I’ve heard several people in this thread calling and getting case numbers, so I’ll give that a try tomorrow. A bit worrying that others in the thread sent laster than me and had their check cashed, but as always patience is key.
  6. I felt I was a little slim on my utility-type bills too, but hopefully showing that I have a mortgage with both of our names holds much more weight.... As for a marriage certificate, it's not at all required as it doesn't show the marriage is on-going, only that it happened, which they already know. The only reason at all I sent mine in at all, was because my brother signed as a witness and I hoped to show that family attended and were aware of the event, etc. EDIT: I could share a bit of an update on my status too. Filed May 11. Delivered with receipt on May 12 to Lewisville UPS location. Check not yet cashed, and of course like everyone else, no NOA yet, but also not expected yet.
  7. Be sure to also do a change of address (redirect) with USPS. I filed an AR-11 form 2 years ago, and the USCIS still sends mail to the wrong address, so a redirect with USPS is your absolute fail safe. 😋
  8. Had a bit of a delay getting all the information together - I decided that getting 2 affidavits, though not entirely necessary, would be a great idea anyway, and with current world events, getting signatures from other family members took more time than I imagined. Either way - sending off the form today. I also read on https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-response-covid-19 today that they're reusing our biometrics from our initial USCIS location if we meet conditions, which I believe most I-751 filers should. An interesting change that affects all filters at least until September according to their info.
  9. Apologies for the double post, but can't edit due to time. Found that this is actually directly related to the Covid-19 response. You can find info on https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-response-covid-19 The conditions are listed on the page linked above.
  10. Honestly it would make sense for most biometrics to be reused if you ask me. How often do a person's verified fingerprints change, anyway? It would be nice if this is the new norm.
  11. Ugh... my bank is now doing another annoying thing. Each month takes around 5 pages because they have a bunch of customer info at the front that I can't cut out, and because it's our primary account with tons of purchases, plus where our paychecks are deposited. I've opted to include several months from this year, and then the last month of each following year, so for example: 2019 - Jan - Apr 2018 - Dec 2017 - Dec That's 35 pages in this bundle right there, and that's only ONE of the accounts we have. If they want more than that, they'll have to RFE me 😅
  12. Building my package today, and will hopefully send it out this week. Can I just add that banks, insurance agencies, and even utility companies make it very difficult to get a statement that shows ALL users on their accounts? Frustrating! My bank, for example, also only allows me to print one month of statements at a time, and each month is a whopping 5 pages of transactions and info. If I were to print a few years worth, it would eat up my printer. Another bank I have, conveniently only shows ONE NAME on the documents depending on who you login to the account for. 😄 The struggle is one only a green card holder can feel.
  13. Benefits received in a foreign country aren't considered. There's no practical way for the US government to track these benefits either way. Even a person's credit is completely separate from what they eventually obtain in the US. However, some time ago I read that if the US government does find out that the beneficiary is bankrupt, has debts or bad credit, or is on benefits, this may be scrutinized to ensure that they aren't fleeing their country due to having those financial obligations. That said, I've never once read a thread here of someone affected by it or concerned about it whatsoever. I suppose in that sense, it depends what the nature of the benefits were.
  14. The most important documents to bring actual copies of would be divorce / death certificates as copies don't prove their validity. You can usually obtain an authenticated copy with a raised stamp/seal on them for relatively cheap. All other documents can be copies unless the embassy requires different.
  15. If you can't get in touch with someone at the USCIS who knows anything, call your house rep / congressman and they will be able to obtain information on your behalf.
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