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  1. Green Card arrived today (AOS approved 5/14/2021)! Will be filing to remove conditions 90 days before expiry in about 2 years! We made it!!!
  2. We had our interview yesterday in Detroit. They said we should have an update in a few weeks. Status check this morning (following email notice) showed that they approved the Green Card yesterday and it's now being produced!!! Two-year card for us as we are married just under 2 years. Woo woo!!! Soooo happy!!! Looking to hear good news from the rest of you...hang tight!!!
  3. We finally have our GC interview scheduled for 5/14/2021 in Detroit!!! PD is 5/27/2020.
  4. Saw your message so checked our status and our case was updated this morning as well to show Interview was Scheduled!!!! Detroit is moving! Our PD is May 27, 2020. Sooooo excited!!!! Will let you know when letter arrives and the actual date of our interview. I'm surprised they don't post that on the USCIS website with the update. Hang tight everyone....good things are coming!
  5. EAD card arrived last Saturday. Got SSN card today! Woo woo! Now for that interview....
  6. Definitely agree! Contact your congressman to help push. Turns out a notice was created for EAD on 3/15/21 (just received that yesterday in the mail), while our case for expedited EAD was denied on 3/15/2021 (we expedited through our congressman). So we may have in fact got an expedite without the paper trail...or it was simply time to approve the EAD?!? We'll take it either way! Long wait from biometrics (1/8/21) and even longer wait from PD (5/27/20). BUT, at least we are making headway. Hopefully the Social Security Number comes quickly (we requested they send it to us rather than doing a separate appointment to get on our own). Keep pushing folks and keep the faith! We'll get there!
  7. So our expedite for EAD (our PD is 5/27/2020) through our Senator's office was denied on 3/15/2021. Then got a message on 3/17/2021 that the EAD card has been mailed! Makes me wonder if anyone really knows what's going on! We are very happy nonetheless to be moving in the right direction!
  8. Yes, let's keep updated! I post all my updates here as soon as they happen. Fingers crossed...come on EAD!!! To expedite, you need to meet the criteria (such as severe financial hardship or emergency situation)) and then you can request your senator (try Gary Peters' office since you've got the Detroit office...he has an assistant that has direction communication with USCIS; look up his website and fill out the form so they can reach out on your behalf), or submit to USCIS directly yourself. I figured since the senator's office has a direct contact, maybe that would help more. It's crazy how varied the timelines are! I see people getting fingerprinted who have a later PD that ours, and then get their EAD almost right after, followed by an interview within a few weeks. Not sure if it's NBC or Detroit office (or both!), but *crickets* with getting anything moving here. Keeping the faith!
  9. I haven't seen or heard anything on our local Detroit office. We still haven't even got EAD (biometrics early Jan of this year). Put in an expedite request about a week ago...will see what happens with that. No update on interview. Our process is coming up to the 10 month mark as well (PD 5/27/20). Some good news for both of us would be great right about now!!!
  10. We'll keep you posted! No update since fingerprints taken on 1/8/21 at Detroit AOS. We requested an expedite for EAD yesterday due to severe financial loss through our congressman. Fingers crossed!
  11. Glad you were able to get your EAD and SSN. We are still waiting on both. Not sure why some folks get a notice a week or so after biometric appointment, and others are waiting weeks or months. We put in an enquiry on our EAD and were told our application was still pending. We may have to look at expediting if no word, as it's been 6.5 weeks since biometrics. You'd think with immigration having been reduced last year that we'd be moving faster in Detroit. Here's hoping we both get awesome news asap!
  12. Glad to hear people are getting not only their EAD cards, but also interviews with successful outcomes!!! Still no EAD card here after biometrics on 1/8/21 (with PD of 5/27/20), but hopefully soon! We are waiting for our interview to be scheduled as well (AOS is Detroit). I'm glad people are getting good news!!! Look forward to sharing our good news when it comes!
  13. Question: Where are the EAD and Social Security cards mailed from once they are produced? Do they come from NBC or local ASC office (Detroit, in our case)? We are still waiting on cards. No update other than ready to be scheduled for an interview. I know mail has been super slow in our area...taking letters more than 4 weeks when turnaround is usually 2. Yes, we are learning to master patience every step of the way
  14. Yep...we are waiting for AOS in Detroit. PD of 5/27/21. Biometrics completed 1/8/21. Waiting on EAD and SSN (no update saying card has been produced or mailed as of yet). Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview....hoping for that appointment soon! Here's hoping we get our interviews soon!!!
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