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  1. I'm in basically the exact same situation as the person asking this question. Visa interview March 30th. Are you saying that nothing will change as far as joint sponsors? Or that these changes could have a major effect on the way sponsors are considered for spousal visas?
  2. Thanks for the reply - I guess it's all speculation anyways, but in the case of it going through on March 17th, would they possibly not apply it to our case, due to the dates? Just seems like a crazy thing to expect us to have everything prepared when they just changed the law less than 2 weeks from our interview date.
  3. Thanks, I did read those two threads, but the latest posts were from October, I didn't know if any new info was available. Is it possible that this goes into effect on March 17th, less than 2 weeks form our visa interview? I'm unsure if that would be enough time to get all of our ducks in a row.
  4. My wife and I are midway through the process of doing Direct Consular Filing, applying from Mexico where we are both residents, neither of us being Mexican. As I understand this, we will not be subjected ot this change at all, since we are applying form outside the US? If it matters at all, we submitted the I-130 on October 29th 2019 and our immigrant visa interview is scheduled for March 30 2020.
  5. Does anyone know if this affects people applying within the US, outside the US or both? Previously the public charge ruling was a little different for both. For outside the US things are handled by DOS but applicants in the US go through DHS. It's unclear who this new ruling affects.
  6. Thanks, I figured that would be the case, just wanted to be 100% sure since things are apparently getting stricter - don't want to risk being non-compliant. A follow-up question - would there be any issue if we did not make a driver's license or state ID for her until after we had settled in NYC ~6 months after originally entering the US? Not sure if it's a requirement to have one or if she can just use her passport and green card for most things in the mean time.
  7. Hi, My wife and I are most of the way through the process to obtain her Green Card. Far enough so that we are beginning to plan the first few months in the US. We will be doing a lot of travel immediately after arriving and want to make sure we are compliant with updating our address with USCIS, when it actually constitutes as changed. I feel a lot of our travel will not constitute as a change of address. Here's a general overview of our plan: Beginning August: Arrive in US to our intended address in FL which we put on our DS-260 Few days after: 1-month long road trip around the US to celebrate our new life September: 1 month in NYC in either a hotel or Airbnb - either way will definitely be temporary accommodation October/November: 2 months abroad to visit my wife's family before we settle down (we will be coming from a third country, not my wife's country on the way into the US) December: Return to US via NYC and spend a few days and then visit family in New England for the holidays January: Return to NYC for another month and again stay in Airbnb while looking for longer term accommodation February: Move into long term apartment in NYC Am I correct to assume that we would not need to update our address with USCIS until February when we actually rent an apartment? I'm assuming they aren't concerned with our Airbnb address for a month. We used a relative's address as our intended address on the DS260, and will stay there the first few nights in the US and can receive mail there. I am also on the lease agreement there, however my wife is not. We plan to use this as a landing pad and to receive mail, and can head back there if our plans in NYC don't work out. Having no address in NYC though, we did not want to use it as our intended address. Is there anything wrong with our plan?
  8. My wife has an appointment for her visa interview on a Monday at 8:45am for her IR1 immigrant visa. The only good flights out of Juarez to our destination leave at 1:45pm. I know there's no way to know for sure, but would this generally be enough time to make our flight on the same day? This allows for about 3.5 hours in the consulate, plus travel time back to the airport. We would have no bags to check in. Really want to avoid spending an additional night in Juarez if at all possible. Additionally, in the event that they request more information from her, would that be something we would take care of on the spot, in Juarez directly? Or would we just send it in, so even if they requested more info there is nothing else to keep us there that day?
  9. Thanks for the reassurance. Having made use of the foreign earned income exclusion for the past decade, I'm no stranger to tracking how many days I've been in the US in a given year. No issues there.
  10. Thanks for the reassurance. On my wife's DS-260 there were a couple questions at the very end about the social security number, so I think it will happen as a part of of the process and we won't need to visit SSA as a separate visit.
  11. I understand this. I just couldn't find any info on whether or not there is any weight placed on how short of a time she had been a permanent resident before spending 2 months out. Thanks everyone for the reassurance.
  12. Hi, My wife and I are almost finished with the process of obtaining her green card. We understand that she will receive her immigrant visa first, and her green card will come in the mail once we enter the US. My wife and I both live in Mexico, which is neither of our home countries, but we are residents here. We are doing the whole process here in Mexico. Upon receiving her immigrant visa, we plan to spend 2 months in the US traveling around, before heading to my wife's home country for two months. She wants to do an extended visit to see family before starting our lives in the US, plus get some of her belongings from her home country that she will need for our new life in the US. On the way back from her home country, we will fly back to the US, spend a few days, then head to Mexico for about a week to visit friends and collect the rest of our belongings - so we don't need to take them all over the place in the meantime. I know that generally green card holders aren't at risk of losing their green cards until they have been out of the US for more than 180 days. Do things change at all though so close to just starting permanent residency? Of her first 4 months of permanent residency, she will be in the US for the first 2 and out for the second 2. I feel like we can easily explain our plans to visit her home country and get belongings, especially having gone through the green card process in a third country. Was just curious if there's any holes or risks in my plan.
  13. Thanks for the tips. We have our police certificate already. Thought I had all my documents in place for the I-864 but may end up needing a joint sponsor. I make more than enough, but it's technically foreign earned. I have a non-US corporation I run my business through (in order to make use of the foreign earned income exclusion), which I will be dissolving and operating directly through my US company when we move back. I have a lawyer helping us with the document preparation who has told us they have seen recently about 50% of the foreign earned income applicants be requested to produce a joint sponsor. So just trying to be proactive there. Luckily since we are in CDMX we can do the medical and biometric right within walking distance of our apartment, and likely only need to spend 1 night in Juarez, and fly back to the city the afternoon after the interview. I believe I have read somewhere here on VJ though that there is some sort of check-in process we need to go through the day before our appointment? Or something we need to do in Juarez at the consulate before being allowed in for our appointment? Does that ring any bells? Will be sure to pass the info along to my wife about where she will need to pay. Thanks again for the info!
  14. Calendar finally opened up today after close to two weeks of multiple times daily checking. Got an appointment for end of March, right when we wanted. Thanks for all the input!
  15. That's my current situation - been over a week and nothing available, full blocks of appointments or cancellations. Checking 5+ times per day. I'm hoping to be able to book something at least a couple months before our intended move in August, and then keep checking back for cancellations, but the situation seems bleak at this point.
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