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  1. You say you didn’t see her anymore until today. Where did you see her? Why didn’t you ask her about the divorce then?
  2. I’m curious. What zip code do you have? We live in the very upper part of north Georgia and our field office is Atlanta.
  3. The paper you have is the proof. Pretty simple.
  4. So, are you eligible to apply 90 days before your 3 year marriage anniversary and after filing for ROC? Thanks.
  5. I think we would have a lot less misunderstandings if everyone would read through all the posts and throughly read the post before offering advice. We don’t need to get upset with each other. We are all here to help one another. Thank you. 🇺🇸
  6. OP, you seem like an intelligent man. Why didn’t you file the AOS paperwork? We’re here to help!
  7. The OP knew this well before today. In all likelihood the airline will deny a boarding pass. Otherwise, they will be heavily penalized and fined.
  8. Aren’t they going to appear too married already having a child together and living together? Just my opinion.
  9. I would recommend getting her social security number ASAP. That will help in a lot of matters as well. Congratulations! 🥳
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