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  1. Can you tell me how you made an appointment for your wife? We need to get a stamp in my husband’s passport in order to extend his DL here in Georgia. When I went online, it states that you can no longer make an appointment online and you must call. Was that the case with you? Also, I can’t find a number for a specific USCIS office (Atlanta) and only see a general number. Thanks for any help.
  2. How long did the process take for your 10 year card? Congratulations!
  3. You got a 10 year Green Card on Adjustment of Status?
  4. Can I get an idea of people still waiting for their 10 year GC that filed in June 2020? Our 24 month extension is about to expire in early September. Thanks!
  5. Our visa journey has ended, Elvie and kids have their citizenship.  Good luck to you both, be patient.  

  6. Not to take away from OP’s question, but we have been waiting for 26 months for ROC. Have you attempted to contact them and find out anything? My husband’s DL expires 9/2022 here in Georgia and we’ve already used 2 extension letters to renew the license. I did send in an inquiry a couple of weeks ago to USCIS, but heard nothing. Thanks, @Crazy Cat You can send me a private message if my question is out of place.
  7. We are in the exact same situation. We sent in the form almost 2 weeks ago. Nothing yet! I can’t wait for this 2+ year part of the journey to be complete. I hope you hear something soon.
  8. This issue comes up quite a bit. Filing too early, even by a few hours. This would not be a problem if the filing date was a day or two later. What difference does a couple of days make when we’ve been on this journey for so long?
  9. My husband received an 18 month extension when we first filed ROC. Then he received a 24 month extension in March of this year as the 18 month was expiring.
  10. Congratulations! Hopefully, it will be soon for us as well.
  11. My husband got his license replaced just last week with his I-797 (notice of action) that extended his green card. This was in Georgia and his license was expired. They did not ask him for his green card. It’s worth a try. We’ve been waiting almost 2 years for his 10 year card. It’s such a pain to have to keep renewing his DL. Good luck.
  12. That’s great news! Maybe, we’re not too far behind. Congratulations! What state are you in?
  13. Just wondering you’ve heard anything else on your case. Hopefully, you have. Here, we’ve heard nothing!
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