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  1. There is no extension for I-94. You need to send out AOS as soon as possible. Once you have your NOA1 you are authorized to stay.
  2. Well this means that the evidence you sent is enough. Prepare yourself for the interview.
  3. I don't think you can tell me what to say and what not. I'm allowed to say my personal opinion on here. If you don't like it scroll down.
  4. How do we know that this was all spontaneous and not planned at all? We all know that people don't like the fact that they technically have to apply for a CR1 visa and leave the country. Sorry, I don't support people who get married on a tourist visa, adjust status and stay. Do it the legal way!
  5. I think intention is the exact word. We all had to wait and were separated from our spouse and guess what, we all survived. Just because you want to do it your way doesn't mean USCIS agrees with this. You have you play by the rules USCIS tells you. Good luck with your journey.
  6. Thanks for the input. I was hoping for a morning appointment...
  7. Hello, My biometrics appointment for my Removal of Conditions is scheduled for 11/14 in the afternoon. Does anyone know if the office offer walk-ins? I don't want to miss 3.5 hours at work...
  8. Received my Biometrics letter in the mail today. I'm in Atlanta. SCR service Center. Biometrics scheduled for 11/14.
  9. Has any August 2019 filer received a biometric note by chance or are we all still waiting?
  10. When do people with Texas Service Center do get usually their biometric appointment?
  11. I haven't received any update at all. Still waiting for a Biometrics appointment or waiver.
  12. Another one from Atlanta here. I haven't heard anything yet...
  13. I didn't catch that until now. 😂 OP, is the friend you are talking about your girlfriend?
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