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  1. Oh man it sucks I know I’m here waiting for my waiver to come back also however I did my asvab already and just waiting to go back and do the physical/medical and enlist this week gona make the 2nd week I already received a call from the captain who signed off on the waiver so let’s hope it’s all working on time for us
  2. Good luck with everything on the asvab be calm and get the job done and remember to come and share your experience here......🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
  3. 🙏🏾🙏🏾👏🏽 Awesome thanks a lot I sure will definitely choose something I’ll enjoy doing
  4. I go back this week to choose a job and I don’t know how the enlistment part is gonna go. I’m hearing that the Delayed entry program is no longer those long months I’m not quite sure
  5. You’re absolutely right after checking I went to meps a few days ago and my recruiter just told me there’s a mos available and they going in January 4th basic training MO
  6. Is it for national guard the background check takes that long or is it the fact that the job you choose isn’t open until that time? im just asking because of other individuals saying their jobs are open and it’s about 4 months
  7. Take the advice and just start the process as mentioned above it will definitely go up if anything legal doesn’t pass to stop it the new prices are horrendous to look at but we gotta prepare
  8. Just hang in there give them between 8and 10 days or so you’ll see some movements
  9. Let us know I was gonna open the inquiry from the 5th too but I just hang on for a little
  10. Last night I was about to open an inquiry but I followed my gut feeling in just waiting 1 more day and here I have another mail I'm almost certain this is the 18 months NOA I already got my NOA for biometrics update Potomac service centre Good morning guys
  11. That’s awesome you got yours I’m YSC too they received mine the 5th of June no Extension letter but I’m not worried I’m not traveling anywhere soon not that I know of though lol and my license is not expiring in the next 7 years
  12. Oh man that really sucks to be honest I know some states have strict policy in their data base as it relates to immigrants, im just hoping all of us can receive that extension letter
  13. I have absolutely no idea how comes but that’s what’s on it for sure and I only have the conditional residency card 🤷🏽‍♂️ I saw some people that says they only got it for 2 years but I didn’t really know why maybe it’s the county but hey we’re gonna be fine I 100 percent believe so
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