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  1. Thank you all or your kind words! I pray and hope so all of us can reunite with our loved ones as soon as possible.
  2. Want to share with you good news I woke up to this morning. Both cases were approved yesterday! God is good! PD: July 10 Approved: October 21 CR1 and CR2 Nebraska service center Petitioner is a US sitizen We tried to expedite back in August but the request was denied
  3. Thank you for the link. Yes, it's true, spouses have the right to entry Ukraine. But there is a high risk of cancelled flights too. The only hope is that my husband has layover in Amsterdam. Currently 4 different airlines fly to Ukraine from there so maybe it will be possible for him to come. We will see. Time will tell
  4. Yes. But we have a reason for that. I have a child from my first marriage and it was really hard to get a permission from my ex so our son can leave Ukraine. Posting what I posted I don't mean just our forced separation but I do feel sad for everyone who goes through this and we really don't know what to expect and how those increased processing times will look like
  5. Yes, you are right. They do prioritize spousal visas for now. I am talking about to the future so people don't wait for years to be together. Agree about K-1 visa....
  6. Bittersweet news...we all we happy they cancelled the furloughs and will have opportunity to work on backlog. But they find the way to slow down things anyway... Reading news today and seems like many countries are starting to cancel flights again. At least Poland and Ukraine. I think in this time of uncertainity they should prioritize spousal visas. It's so unhumane the governments play with our lives. Sorry for my mood. Have been apart with my beloved husband for 9 months already. He has tickets for September 25 but Ukraine forbid entry of foreigners starting August 27😑 I know many people here have a story to tell... Hope the situation will improve soon and we all can reunite with our loved ones ❤️
  7. It's possible to get married in Ukraine very fast but requires some preparations. Since 2016 there is a special option here that allows to get marriage certificate within a day. It's for citizens. If foreigners are included it takes several days or weeks. You need to pay about 200$ taxes for this service. In our case, we applied on Tuesday and paper work was ready on Thursday. Everything need to be translated into Ukrainian and the foreigners should proove they are staying in Ukraine legally.
  8. Thank you everyone for taking your time to share your story! I believe it will be helpful not just for me but to others as well. We will send everything what we have for now and will be working on getting more in case USCIS requested RFE. VisaJourney is a blessing for all of us. This website is like a lighthouse that helps us navigate in the sea called Immigration)
  9. Yes, we would like to. And we certainly would do it but with this coronavirus restrictions, cancelled flights we can't wait so long. I know we are not alone in this. Patience and love to all of us ❤️
  10. I know this is off topic but without joint bank accounts and other financial proof how some people are able to file the petition I-130 so fast.
  11. Thank you very for your help and support. We got written affidavits from family members and friends. Some of them notarised, some are not. Not sure how important it is. Our friends wrote them during lockdown and notary offices were closed.
  12. Thank you so much for your reply! I had tears in my eyes. I agree with you 💯% about agencies. My husband works long hours and we decided to use their help to avoid possible RFE. We provided few written affidavits from friends, many pictures, screenshots of chats, plane tickets from our trips together, many receipts. We don't have joint bank account but I am using my husband credit card here in Ukraine. He provided that document from bank. Today he will call the insurance company again. The last time he asked they wanted my SSN which I don't have...
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