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  1. Thank you everyone for taking your time to reply. We went to a different office of the same company and they said they can't help us. I need to have ITIN to change previous years. But I only have ssn. They offered MFS which according to their words wouldn't be beneficial for us. . My husband paid them a lot of money, including insurance so they can fix it for free.
  2. Hello all. Thank you for this wonderful group and great support that many people get here. My question is about taxes. We got married in 2019. My husband filed as single that year because I didn't have SSN. Same for 2020. With reading topics here I learned about ITIN but we were to close to our interview and didn't want to send passports. Me and our son successfully passed the interview. Got to the US in March. Got our SSNs week later. On this forum and on Facebook groups people were mentioning amending tax returns after getting SSN. So we got an appointment with the company that did my husband's taxes. They say it's impossible to change anything but from now and on my husband can add us to his taxes. I don't trust them very much because since 2019 they never told my husband about ITIN which we could easily prepare before 2020 tax season. So he filed as Single both previous year? Can he amend the tax returns if we got SSN in 2021? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. Congratulations for getting your interview date! There are two clinics that are accepted by the embassy in Kyiv, Medikom and IOM. You need to contact them to get an appointment date. It's good to do your medical like 2 weeks before the interview.
  4. Our CR1 and CR2 were in administrative processing since the day of our interview on February 19 at the US embassy in Ukraine. We got DQ by NVC and thought we have no problems. At the interview the CO told me we need separate affidavit of support for CR2 and gave me a yellow form 221(g). I uploaded the affidavit on February 22 and they updated the dates. The status was showing Refused. I was contacting the embassy twice since I uploaded the documents and was getting a standard answer. Yesterday they updated the cases from Refused to Administrative processing. Today it finally have changed to Issued. I could not be happier! It was really difficult to wait.
  5. Thank you Lana! 🙂

  6. I would suggest you to do both, bring the new documents to your interview and upload them to CEAC. I had my interview today and 2 days ago the embassy sent me an email to upload another police certificate that has all my previous last names. I did upload to CEAC all financial documents too.
  7. Hello! I am sorry you have not heard anything from NVC. I know it's very stressful when you don't understand what is going on. For consulates in Europe the process is faster compared to other countries. According to VisaJourney people from France have interviews. I would suggest you to call them again and talk to a real person. From our own experience. We did not see any movement for our case since we got DQ. We sent an expedite, no reply. Then my husband called NVC and spent about 2 hours on the phone with the agent. The next day we got our interview letter. Again, we were looking at Ukrainian members' timelines not other countries. Wishing you good luck 🍀 and keep us updated
  8. They are working with reduced staff and processing a very limited amount of visas. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html Here you can find data for December 2020. Several CR-1/IR1 were issued then. That means they didn't halt the process completely. I am having my interview in 2 weeks.
  9. Yes, I agree, passport control is not very strict here in Ukraine. But you should make some preparations. All travelers should have insurance that covers covid-19 and you need to do testing upon arrival ( there is a laboratory at Boryspil airport) https://visitukraine.today/ Our government created this website for tourists. Very helpful. You can also buy your insurance here.
  10. It depends on many things. How fast you will be able to pay fees. In our case my husband paid IV for CR2 with no problems, for CR1 it kept changing from "in process" to "pay now" for almost weeks. My husband contacted NVC and the problem was solved. But we have delay for two weeks because of it... After you get approved it's good time to prepare all your civil documents. Request police clearance, scan your documents into pdf file each ( no separate pages of one document), compress them so each document is not more than 2 mb. Also it depends on the country where the interview will take place. Some embassies have more cases to work on, some aren't backloged
  11. I am sorry you have been waiting for so long to get your interview. The embassy website says that they can not provide specific date for resuming routine visa service. My guess is that it might happen in February. Amount of new cases has dropped, lockdown will be over. But again, these are only my assumptions.
  12. You are welcome, Melissa. When doing your ds-260 ( at NVC stage) you will be asked if you would like to get SSN with your green card. It will be mailed to you.
  13. Hello. According to the official websites and VisaJourney when you apply for cr-1 no adjustment of status required. You just send i-130, go through NVC stage and go to your interview where you get your visa. Then at the port of entry they stamp your passport and you should get SSN and EAD within a few weeks. No more paperwork needed except Removing condition 90 days before your 2nd anniversary. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/86-removing-conditions-on-residency-general-discussion/ Have a nice day
  14. Yes, I agree with you, in 2019 Nebraska was slow. Even though online filing was available this year we did paper. My husband does not like paperwork so we trusted one company to do it instead. Got approved by USCIS in a little bit more than 3 months so I think this fast approvals has to do with covid-19 and less applications. Our case is stuck at NVC. It's not even in transit. Online case would be sent to ghe embassy faster. With papers we will have to wait longer. Planning to send an expedite request next week. To anyone who is planning to file I-130. Do it right, file online.
  15. You can use timeline search on this website and browse specifically CR1 visa or even more specifically CR1 from India🙂 Each case is different. Some are processed faster, some take longer. Last year Nebraska was fast. Good luck 🙂
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